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  1. SuP3rMaN0814

    The beginning of a pair of Interruptus Angels!

    That’s really cool!!
  2. SuP3rMaN0814

    Vermetid Snail

    Yeah that’s what I did lol
  3. SuP3rMaN0814

    Vermetid Snail

    So I’m fairly confident this guy is a vermetid snail...should I leave it alone or take it out? If I take it out what is the best method? Thanks for your help!!
  4. SuP3rMaN0814

    Chalice taking a deuce?

    I came home and checked out the tank and saw my chalice (at least I think that’s what it is) with brown stuff coming out of the individual mouths. Reading online I’m guessing it’s dropping a deuce? Let me know what you think!
  5. SuP3rMaN0814

    SuP3rMaNs 10 gal reef

    Pictures of my 10 gallon reef!
  6. SuP3rMaN0814

    Bristle worms...good or bad?

    I have seen about 4 different ones. Everything I had read said this type was ok but I figured I should check with the INDMAS experts 😁
  7. SuP3rMaN0814

    Bristle worms...good or bad?

    Found a couple of these guys in my tank. I know they are bristle worms but are they good or not so much? 1BFC96F7-74F5-43C8-BACA-38919203C546.MOV
  8. SuP3rMaN0814

    Future Reefer?

    Love it!
  9. SuP3rMaN0814


    So I went ahead and did the micmol from premium. I am assuming that to run it lower I would take the values they have recommended in the manual and cut them in half? Also is it better for the coral to run 15k or 20k? Thanks again for everyone’s help and suggestions!
  10. SuP3rMaN0814


    I looked at that one too. I reached out to premium and they said it would be a good one. I thought about the Kessil a80 too but then it’s another $100 for the controller lol.
  11. SuP3rMaN0814


    So I have a WiFi timer that I can control from my phone. I really just want something that will do a dawn to dusk type setting. I may wait a bit and see if I can’t find a used AI prime down the road. I would bite the bullet and just do that one just not sure I want to spend $250 on a light lol.
  12. SuP3rMaN0814


    So I am thinking about upgrading to the Current USA 18-24in Orbit Marine Loop fixture. Any thoughts or ideas on these lights?
  13. SuP3rMaN0814


    I talked to him about the pendants already. He agreed that they would be overkill lol. Everything seems to be doing well so I will probably let it be for now. My alk and mag are high and my calcium is low (been dosing with ESV B-Ionic but stopped since the alk was high) so I’m trying to figure that situation out too lol. Trying not the be the new guy that asks too many questions lol.
  14. SuP3rMaN0814


    So I am running a Hipargero Aqua Knight on my 10 gal. I am wondering if I should upgrade it to one that will follow a light cycle. I have it on a timer to turn on and off but it won’t let me turn the blue and white channels separately. If I should upgrade what is a good light that is under $150?
  15. SuP3rMaN0814

    SuP3rMaN’s 10 gal. Nano Reef

    Little night feeding to calm down after Purdue’s loss lol