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  1. Thanks! Update coming soon. I have an idol through QT that is in a conditioning tank, as well as 2 femininus Wrasse. So once I get them to my display I will have to take pics and update!
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  3. Hey Guys! I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself! My Name is Kyle Delello and I have been in the Hobby for a couple years. I run a Red Sea 750XXL and I am a major fish nerd. I have some soft coral and LPS, but my tank is dedicated to the fish! I don't have a good excuse as to why it took me so long to join here, other than I spend tons of time on Reef2Reef as I am a moderator there. 3fordfamily is a very good friend of mine, I HOPE THAT DOESNT COUNT AGAINST ME I also have 6 QT's in my basement as I am a major fish disease nerd and I am constantly trying new methods for treatment for the betterment of our hobby. Look forward to meeting some local hobbyists!!!
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