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  1. Saveafishreef

    Calling Basement sump people

    First time ever I can put the sump in a basement. I need help. Humidity stays at 60% I can keep it at 50% with a dehumidifier.. size 80' x 55' with 9' ceiling. I do want to finish it out too, the house has 8" walls and ceiling and is very air tight as it runs on Geo therm.. problems I see humidity raising down there. skimmer not having enough O2 for exchange and decreasing over time. what are other problems you ran into in and how was it fixed? what pre-cautioned measures did you take?
  2. Saveafishreef

    Acrylic glue guy

    I'm looking for a guy that is good at gluing acrylic. One than be bartered and traded with. O just right out be bought cheap. Like beer food or scrap acrylic.
  3. Saveafishreef

    Where I say Hello, I think

    Hello back Club mom.. I'll say it once so you all catch it but the ones that miss it LOL LMAO. That tin foil hat was last summer during the eclipse.
  4. Saveafishreef

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    This is the 36" x 96" space I want to put the display
  5. Saveafishreef

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    Mixing station. Tanks are on order from Kentucky tank out of Louisville KY. I ordered 2 @ 150 g vertical. I got them with out bulkheads. That way I can use 1" or 1.5" They will go here in my cubby hole. Yes I painted the pipes and the pump. I was bored.
  6. Saveafishreef

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    Bracing and sump table. 48 x48x96 table. 9' foot basement ceilings.
  7. Saveafishreef

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    Started with ro/di hook up. The line runes 108 ft to the water storage and mixing station. Our city water runs at 76psi at 80TDS it pushes it over nicely. While I was at it, I added a water softener and wash basin. I have it draining to my sump pump. This sump pumps it out to the road. I will also drain the the old tank water to this as well. I'm on septic and don't want to flood it out.
  8. I'm starting ground zero. I'm thinking the display will be 400 maybe bigger with lots of sump. This might reach over 1000g total. Advice and help along the way. Here are some simple pics. I'll add in a minute.
  9. Saveafishreef

    Where I say Hello, I think

    Dmits41 Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm in Jasper Indiana. I'll start posting pics tonight. Not sure in what section to do so. I'm still finding my way around here. Reefnewby82 Thank you as well. It's great to get such a warm welcome here. Yes so many new things has changed. Some things I see is the same but some things I'm like oh wow I need to learn a lot. I'm hoping to pick a lot of brains here.
  10. Saveafishreef

    Where I say Hello, I think

    I'm Jeremy, I'm new to indmas. I been reeling for a few years. I got my first tank in 1990 The cool under gravel filter style with bubble pipes that made salt creep look like a mountain of salt. Back in 2000 started a aquaculture facility out in Brazil Indiana. 2006 sold out and moved on with life. Now I'm in southern Indiana and slowly, very slowly building 400+ basement sump reef. So I need help and hope I can add some as wel go. Any who Hello reefers...