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  1. One word of be careful. If you have a power head shorting and you put your hand in the water on a floating ground. IT will light you up like a glow stick. You'll think Jaws reached up and done bit you.
  2. That's done to make a floating ground. Labs use them and other places that sparks can make a very bad thing happen. Firework makers use it too. That's why the have grounding plates in the floor or on the wall you touch before interning. But a house, very odd. Some electronics are uber sensitive to electric discharge. Look at the breaker box to see if there is a while wire and copper wire on the ground rail.
  3. Saveafishreef

    PO4 challenge.

    Its very hard to see but here is a test I did.
  4. Saveafishreef

    PO4 challenge.

    Here is a tetra brand that shows they add it. The next to last shows it clearly. But a lot if not most wont show it.
  5. Saveafishreef

    PO4 challenge.

    I have and it was surprising. I cut out a lot of pellet foods due to it. A dry food comes out and its all about try it. Do we really know what's in it. What was the food source washed in? What is the adding binders. What did the products eat as a diet befor ground up?
  6. Saveafishreef

    PO4 challenge.

    We all know PO4 can play havoc on our reef tanks. But do you know what your really adding to the tank. Here is a PO4 challenge you all should take. 1/4 Tsp of your dry foods your feeding your fish. To 1 cup of RO/DI water. Put in a blender for 2 min on high. Let set 15min Blend for one more min. After settling take a sample and do a PO4 test. Remember livestock that eats this food will also poop it out. If there is even a trace of PO4 it will be pooped out and build up. EX. 1/4Tsp of flake. 1/4 Tsp of pellet 1 cup of RoDi water blend and test as above Take the reeding divide by16 Than divide by the gallons you have. Than Xs by the Times you feed in a 7 day week. This will give you the amount of PO4 your adding with out knowing.
  7. Saveafishreef

    LED Vs. MH

    Exactly the convo Ive had with Bob Gomens a few yrs ago with. VHO came in, was posta be cheaper and better color. Than after a few years we kept adding lights to where we was running the same if not more power. Than PC came in and we added more power to make it bright. Than T5. We did the same to where we was running 432 watts on a 90g in place of 500w of MH. Now comes the LEDs. To where we put 330watts..2 x 165 black boxes. of led on a 75. Than a year later add more or switch to MH saying its dim looking. I see more and more returning back to MH. I'm really glad you said that.
  8. Saveafishreef

    LED Vs. MH

    Maybe one of these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/24-96-DSunY-Dimmable-LED-Aquarium-Light-Programmable-Coral-Reef-SPS-LPS-Marine/332396313414?hash=item4d645d3b46:m:miJD5kyNi-FdzrOPYSJXCGA&var=541411034972 And 4 of these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Growers-Choice-Horticultural-Lighting-315W-CMH-Kit-CERAMIC-METAL-HALIDE/282938632401?var=582828782338&hash=item41e074e8d1%3Am%3Am634vSj1oEWVay3cSmLydRg&_sop=16&_sacat=0&_nkw=315W+Ceramic+Metal+Halide&_from=R40&rt=nc I'll get the 10K bulbs. I love the ceramic over the quartz. They last longer and have less color swing. Plus they are dimmable. And over driveable. Quartz, its hard on them to dim and to over drive. Plus they only last about a year. Ceramic last almost 2yrs befor color swing and has a different fire off.
  9. Wet and dry skimming. I know there is a lot of talk on wet vs. dry. Let's get geeky and in depth on this. Proteins weigh different, lighter proteins attract to the negative charged air bubble easier do to one pos charged polarizing pull. While other proteins need to break down further. This is in order on pics the protein model. The more complexity of the molecular structure the heavier it is. As it breaks down before it is removed does it raise Nitrates??? Does wet skimming raise the heavier proteins to the top easier??? Fish beef plant.
  10. Saveafishreef

    LED Vs. MH

    So I'm at a crossroad. Ive been looking at LEDs or MH. Here is my hang ups on this. LEDs Big up front money. Most I've seen has to replace them after 5yrs anyway. LEDs You really can have fun playing with them. Low electric. Low heat ( touch this one in a bit) MH Plug and play and makes heat. Most corals love them not much on issues with burning corals. If I go LEDs I wont have much heat and I need heat. My basement runs 67 deg year round. ( geo-Thermal heating cooling) If I run MH it will help heat the tank as well. If I go LEDs ill be heating 1000g 10deg. 1000x10 divided by .25% That's about 2500W in heaters. If you didnt worry about elect bill or heat would you go LED or MH. Why.
  11. Saveafishreef

    RODI Issues

    I'll add to this. My water coming in is at 60-70TDS. Its at 9 on the hardness. I added a water softener. My TDS coming out of the softener is about 80-90 TDS. It coming out of the softener is in salt solution ( easier for the membrane) Pre-filters and carbon wont pull out lime or calcium in the water. That's the membranes job. TDS coming out of the membrane should be about 98% lower than the TDS going into it. EX if TDS going in the membrane is 100, it should be 2 TDS coming out. Do a cal test on the water supply coming in. Mine was high and causing it to plug and I found a used softener and plumed it to it. Your membrane should last years if pre treatment is done. Here is a pic.
  12. Saveafishreef

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    The sub is a PSI level 4 or 5. I forget. It's 100lbs just it. Shipping was 115lbs lol. Bad thing I did a L slot port. And at 26hz it feels like it going to rip the house apart. The center channel has 9 4" mids. 2 are rear firing and 4 tweets. 2 are side firing.
  13. Saveafishreef

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    Here is my entertainment center I built. I even built the cross overs and the speaker cabinets. Running 3600 watts RMS off a cerwin vega pro audio amp to the 18" sub. 1200w to the rest of the speakers. Total movie experience 4800 watts of ear drum busting sound.
  14. Saveafishreef

    Calling Basement sump people

    First time ever I can put the sump in a basement. I need help. Humidity stays at 60% I can keep it at 50% with a dehumidifier.. size 80' x 55' with 9' ceiling. I do want to finish it out too, the house has 8" walls and ceiling and is very air tight as it runs on Geo therm.. problems I see humidity raising down there. skimmer not having enough O2 for exchange and decreasing over time. what are other problems you ran into in and how was it fixed? what pre-cautioned measures did you take?