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  1. I forgot we had her grandfathers birthday on Saturday so I will not be there
  2. cgfeelit

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I’m in will be at the meeting as well
  3. I’ll be there probably with a +1
  4. Great trip. Thanks for getting this set up we both enjoyed it and learned some things
  5. We will have 2 for the 1pm tour. Buying tickets now
  6. Have we figured out the time for the tour yet? If it’s AM we won’t be able to make it but if it is PM then we will have 2
  7. Will be there +1 as long as no baseball games get rescheduled
  8. cgfeelit

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I will be there possibly +1
  9. New member here thought I'd share our tank with all you. We have a 150 tall reef set up and a 60 Fowlr tank as well that I'll post some pics of once I fix the rock work the eel knocked down. In the next year or so we plan on upgrading the reef tank to a 200+ and moving the 60 into the 150. In the reef tank our livestock includes Flame angel, flame hawk, coral beauty angel, bicolor angel, 2 mocha clowns, unsure type clown, Lawnmower Blenny, Stary Blenny, Diamond Watchman Goby, Chromis, Yellow Tang, Arrow crab, sally Lightfoot crab, Rose Bubbletip Anemones, Flower anemones, Emerald crabs, hermits, snails, conch, brittlestar, cleaner shrimp and a zebra batfish in the mail. Corals are GSP, Zoas, Torch, Cabbage Leather, Duncan, Toadstool Leather, mushrooms, Hollywood Stunner Chalice in the 60 we have a Zebra Eel, Huma Trigger, Blue Spotted Puffer with a Clown Trigger and Porcupine Puffer in the mail
  10. cgfeelit

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    New member here I plan on coming with possibility a +1