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  1. So since July it has been a off and on battle with what I assume is Dinos again. I had it knocked out for awhile until January when it came back strong. Chemi clean has not worked, 4 day blackout did not affect it, even completely changed the sand bed to no avail.
  2. Thanks SilentNight1793 for going out of your way to drop off the frag so i could participate.
  3. Unfortunately this will be another meeting I will not be able to attend.
  4. Interesting! I would love to participate if able to.
  5. Took a two week vacation, had family tank sit. Got home to an Acan and my aussie gold torch looking bad. Couldn't save them and lost both.
  6. Been awhile since the last tank update. I have developed a small leak near the top rim of the tank 😠. So first I am going to try and reseal the top by just lowering the water level to prolong the life until i can get a replacement.
  7. Keep us posted on the progress!
  8. 3d printing, RC aircraft, electronics, and boardgames are a few of mine
  9. Noticed my 24k Lepto turning white on its tips/points. It that normal? Currently it is on the sand bed lower light lower flow. Ill try and get a photo
  10. Thanks alot that does help greatly. I do have a follow up question. If the level is lower closer to the bottom of the neck, how does the skimmate make it into the cup?
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