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  1. I just put in my first dose of Re-Fresh. I have a good crop of both Cyano and green algae so fingers crossed.
  2. I just ordered mine. We'll see how it goes.
  3. The pink stuff on the rocks is coraline algae, and it's good; part of the biological filter system. Cyanobacteria forms on pretty much everything, sand; glass, etc. It starts out looking like little spots of coraline, but not where coraline would normally grow. Once it takes off it starts to form a slime that covers the sand and glass. Not hard to remove, but not easy to kill. CyanoRX and/or darkness will get rid of it.
  4. I’m very grateful to Luis for all of his help. We’ll see what happens with the tank. I didn’t know Cyano was a phase. If so I’ve been intermittently in and out of it for about a year. Not sure how to get past that particular phase.
  5. So strange; I replied to this a week ago but it’s not here... Yes, Gonzo620 kindly adopted my fish. He also provided an assessment of my setup and believes that I simply got a disease in the tank which needs to be cleaned up. His prescription is to leave the tank fallow and let whatever’s in it to run it’s course, then step back in gradually. I’m torn because I do want to keep fish but am so tired of the process. I am going to give it another chance though. We’ll see what the fall brings.
  6. Thank you, I will go for at least 76, probably round up and go for 3 months. Any and all advice for success the next time around is welcome.
  7. Many thanks to Gonzo620 for coming today to rescue my fish today. I hope they will recover and live healthy fishy lives under his care. I also got some good advice and counseling so I’m not going to take down the tank. Instead I’m going to leave it empty of fish to hopefully stabilize and give whatever germs may be in there time to die out for lack of a host. The recommendation was two months and that sounds fine. I’ll probably black it out for at least half of that time to eradicate any cyano and algae that are hanging around, then if things look ok I’ll start again with a few fish and work up. Thanks again for the help.
  8. I have been struggling to get my tank to a sustainable condition and it has been a losing battle. After slow progression it has been one battle after another; cyano, algae, water chemistry, and now over the past few months I’ve lost probably a half dozen fish and am now down to a single clown fish, a hawk fish, a beautiful red striped shrimp who’s over two inches long, and a starfish. (Late update: I just saw the Foxface he’s still with us.) They need a home Immediately. I’m exiting the hobby but I need someone to provide a foster home to my remaining critters. They show no signs of disease but quarantine is strongly recommended just to be sure. I want nothing for them except to know that they have a shot at living somewhere. I will deliver within a reasonable area, though I live south of Columbus so it may be a drive no matter what. Please take my fish. Please. john dot freas at gmail dot com
  9. I’ve doubled down on this more than once already. I believed that it was easier than it is and even if the tank was healthy I can’t keep it that way with more than a few fish. What was intended to be a slowly growing population in a FOWLER tank has turned out to be a large box of wet rocks with a very few things swimming around, occasionally disappearing into the rock pile never to be seen again. I’m just over it. I’m exhausted and I just want it to be over, but I owe it to my survivors to find them a safe place. I don’t know what happened to the others as it occurred slowly over weeks and months. Heck I don’t know if I’ve just not fed them enough! They get fed daily, LRS Fish Frenzy, about a small fingernail sized piece and that spreads around enough that it seems like more than enough. The shrimp hasn’t had any trouble, he’s tripled in size since I got him a year or so ago. Certainly quarantine is advised for anyone taking in unfamiliar fish, but I honestly don’t know whether this is a disease or something else; there are no outward symptoms except they suddenly go into hiding and die. I never found the foxface, he’s deep in the rocks somewhere, but the water has become a little cloudy and I suspect it’s because of him. I have no desire to go on with this. I’ve had zero success after hours and hours, and thousands of dollars. I need to be done. I just want to find a home for these fish. Heck I’ll pay you to take them.
  10. Thank you. She didn’t have any symptoms except that she stopped coming out for food. She didn’t hide, but would stay in her corner. I’ve slowly lost other fish since then, most recent was the foxface. He had been introduced about a week or two before I lost the clown. The tank is slowly dying and I’ve had enough. I want to try to save the few creatures I have left. PLEASE COME TAKE MY FISH! 1 Oscelaris clown 1 Hawkfish 1 beautiful 2” red and white striped shrimp who is completely awesome 1 African starfish possible conch and snails plus a large pile of live rock covered with coralline algae. I have to caution that I’ve struggled with Cyanobacteria and it’s back. Everything in the tank is free to a good home. The rest is selling at best offer to carry away and will be listed in a separate post. I just want to get my survivors to safety. Please come and take them! email: John dot Freas at gmail dot com phone eight one two, three five zero, six six four three.
  11. She died today. Not surprising given her condition, but I’m pretty bummed. I notice that her gills are red, though I don’t know how to interpret that. I’ve just dosed the tank with PraziPro. It says to do a big water change first but I don’t have water made up and it takes time to produce fifty gallons of RO salt water and I don’t want to wait. I figure I’ll start with this, then do a water change as soon as practical and then dose a second time. I lost a Firefish a week ago without warning. I didn’t make a connection until now but I’m afraid something got into the tank. I’ve attached a photo for any post mortem that you might want to do. I’m always open to advice especially since I don’t know what I’m dealing with.
  12. It wasn’t We’re thinking about dosing the tank with PraziPro if I can get my hands on some.
  13. I just checked parameters. Ammonia and Nitrites are zero, nitrates are around 10 according to Salifert. API looks like 10-20 and we’re due for a water change so that’s the highest they’ve been in a couple of weeks. PH is above 8 but it always is, as that’s what comes out of the tap. Flow is unchanged from when we got them a year or so ago. We added the vertex around six months ago and it’s been running fast enough to be annoying to the fish. She’s pale and breathing heavily. She’s swimming but weak.
  14. I’m seriously worried about my pair of clownfish. I got them a little over a year ago when the tank was new. For that time they were always active, especially at dinner time. The feeding routine hasn’t changed, nor has the food (LRS Fish Frenzy). Up until now the male would always come over and eagerly take food from my fingers. About a week ago the female stopped coming to the feeding area and now the male has too. I’ve been worried but hoped that they were eating food floating by, as their appetites have always been good. Today I found the female stuck to the bottom of my Vertex fan, still alive. I freed her, but she looks weak and I’m terribly afraid that there’s something wrong and the pair are going to die. The only thing that changed recently was the addition of a Foxface to the tank. He leaves them alone though and I can’t think of any other reason that they would be behaving this way. Any ideas are welcome. These fish are the family favorites and losing them would be awful, especially to something like starvation. What do you all think? What should I do?
  15. OK, you guys did great ID-ing the pineapple sponges. Who wants to tell me what this is?
  16. OK here’s a long overdue follow up... I’ve had to re-dose the CyanoRX a couple of times when the purple came back even a little. Finally, at the recommendation of an expert I vacuumed the sand, blacked out the tank for three days, didn’t feed and dosed with CyanoRX. That knocked it down really well, and followed by a large-ish water change it stayed clean for a couple of weeks before the pink started to come back. The theory is that I have a water quality issue. I have since increased my water changes in both volume and frequency, and have been paying closer attention to nitrates. Phosphates have been just about zero, but as we know that might just mean that they’re being bound up elsewhere. I have a new (better) RO/DI unit and today (a week after my last water change) the nitrates were 25. We’ll see how they look after a change tomorrow. Thanks for the support.
  17. It’s still gone for now. I hate skipping feedings, they always seem so hungry, We’re on vacation this week, so they’re on flakes from an automatic feeder. I put socks back in the sump to catch the excess, but who knows what I’ll come back to.
  18. Awesome! I can use all of the help that I can get with nutrient removal. Thanks for helping to ID these guys.
  19. Cool. Thanks. Does anything eat them? I assume I don’t want them in the display tank.
  20. These little white things have been growing in my sump. Anybody recognize them? They aren’t in the display tank AFAIK, and appear to be harmless other than the fact that they are multiplying slowly. Cause for concern? Celebration? What the heck are they.
  21. Well, they’re baaaaack... Actually they were back. I hit them with the CyanoR/X and knocked them down again. That was last week. I’m afraid that my nutrient removal is inadequate. I don’t think I feed them too much (once per day, a 1/4x1/2x1/8” chunk of LRS Fish Frenzy) but my skimmer doesn’t seem to be removing anything. It doesn’t seem to want to produce foam. It’ll make wet bubbles but the result is almost completely clear. I can catch stuff in filter socks which I can return to, but that defeats the purpose of the skimmer, no? Even those don’t seem to stop the cyano. As promised I took a picture this time. I didn’t want to let it get too far so this isn’t nearly as purple as it got the last time.
  22. LOL, it never occurred to me to post a picture of clean sand I didn't take a "before" picture. I'll try to remember for future threads, though I hope I don't have to repeat this process any time soon.
  23. Just a follow up. It’s been a few weeks and the tank is still looking great. No problems with livestock. Chems are all looking fine. Thanks again to all for the advice.
  24. Good to hear. Does anyone here know why the water change right after treatment is called for? Obviously the antibiotic isn't harmful to the occupants of the tank, and it kills the Cyanobacteria, yet what I've read says to do a large water change right after the treatment. Just wondering why.
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