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  1. I ghost fed the tank over the weekend and noticed the food was traveling too fast haha. I replaced the MJ-900 to a MJ-400. I think the 400 is better fit for this tank. It wasn't hard at all. The only thing I disliked was the mount for the switches. It's made out of some type of plastic that is pliable after being dipped in hot water. I instead used suction feeding clamps i picked up at Modern Aquatix for $3. Fits over the nut that is screwed on the switches perfectly. Wiring was simple and all that was needed was a screwdriver and wire crimp/cutter. Here's an informative video on how to set it up:
  2. They're going to take them off clearance! If not for you tank they make great use for the home. That's what I enjoy about this wifi controlled stuff, the uses are endless.
  3. Thanks! The strips were definitely the right move.
  4. I would stick with the same brand. Doing so will keep them all on the same app. Adding additional strips/plugs won’t be an issue. Each strip acts as a hub that can be named uniquely. Within each strip you can rename the individual outlets. This particular switch can be voice controlled through Alexa and Google, but not Siri (which is what all of my automation is controlled through). Just make sure the WiFi strip you buy has an app for your phone. Let’s say you add two extra strips, they would fill in where I drew boxes 2 and 3. When you open one of the strips there will be outlets that can be turned on or off manually or set to a schedule. If you use voice control it will control your outlets based on how you name it. It’s pretty much a clap on clap off haha. Also, I picked these up at fedex off of 31 on the southside for $25 which is a steal.
  5. Smart home tech not only for homes but aquariums too! 4 total outlets and 2 usb's with individual on/off and scheduling. This will come in handy for maintenance or feeding as I can easily whip out my phone or tell Alexa to turn off my return pump. Main light is also attached to this and scheduled. I also hooked up my ATO pump to it and set 2 10 minute timers just in case my backup switch fails.
  6. Thanks, Ryan! Shelves were attached with some epoxy. I went to 3 separate stores to get my rocks and then donated my leftovers to uncle bills since they were still open.
  7. Hello INDMAS community, I am new to the group but not new to reefing. I once had a 3 year old Oceanic Biocube 14G that was torn down when I moved out of my apartment. That was 7 years ago... 8 days ago I was getting dog food at Petco and noticed an AIO AGA 3.7G tank and thought that would look cool, Elfab Picotope cool (nano-reef). I checked online and Petco had it for $37 on the web instead of $50 at the store. With no real intent to start a tank I went home with dog food and a new tank! Several days later here we are, cycling a tank. We are currently on day 2 (01/29/18). Here is my current setup: - 3.7G Imagitarium tank - MJ-900 powerhead (overkill?) - Removed media trays and replaced with poly fiber pad - Cobalt 50w heater (plastic model) - 4lbs LR - 3/4 inch live sand - 30w Hipargero LED - Stock light is currently sitting on top of the Hipargero and used as a moonlight (may turn into fuge light) - BRS DIY ATO - Red Sea Coral Pro salt mix - Hitchhiker Emerald Crab (seems to be doing ok) Post Cycle Plans: - Center chamber to host chaeto - Rear fuge light - GFO? - Chemipure Blue? - Purigen? I am getting back into all of this and still have a lot to learn. I used Chemipure and purigen in my old Biocube and it did quite well with 2 clowns and soft coral. I Have never had chaeto and don't know if this combination does well together. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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