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  1. A couple days ago I saw my Flame Angel picking at one of my new Acans, I started feeding him a bit more and I haven't seen him do it again. What do you guys think I should do?
  2. EricReefer05

    February Meeting

    Thanks for coming out everyone! The meeting was huge successes!
  3. EricReefer05

    February Meeting

    I'm excited for the meeting this weekend. Hope for a great turnout. The meeting doesn't need to be adult beverage free. My mom said she is buying beer. We will have lots of food. All are welcome!
  4. EricReefer05

    Small crack in tank

    So i noticed a small crack in tank most likely caused by one of the glass coasters for drinks next to my tank. What should I do next.
  5. EricReefer05

    Small crack in tank

    Sorry guys for the super late update on this but long story short I contacted deep blue and they said the chip is probably fine because it only goes a 1/3 of the way through the silicone. I might try putting a bit of silicone over the chip just so it doesn't fall out this spring but according to deep blue it is ok and the tank does not need replaced.
  6. EricReefer05

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    My mom and I can do Saturday morning if needed.
  7. EricReefer05

    January 2019 Meeting

    Sorry i wasn't able to make the meeting today, my mom didn't want to drive in the weather.
  8. EricReefer05

    Angel picking at Acans

    Yeah, he was picking at the even when it was deflated. I really like acans so i am probably going to trade him or get rid of him.
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    Eric's 60 cube

    So, Its been a while since i've updated this thread, I got really busy with school and finals. Now that is over though I can finally have some to work on the tank and all is going well. I have got some new coral pieces and a new fish (flame Angle). Almost all my algae is gone, but I still have a bit of Cyano. Here are some pictures: (I Haven't taken any of the coral, but i will take some soon and post them here.)
  10. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

    So, I'm new to this whole reefing scene and recently made the investment in a 60g gallon cube. Now that I am getting closer to actually setting it up, I thought why not make a build thread. So, here are my specs. -Deep Blue 60 rimless cube - Maxspect Gyre xf230 -Trigger Systems 20 Ruby sump -Reef Octopus 152s skimmer -Reef Octopus Varios 4 return pump I still have to buy some things (lights, ca alk solution, ect), but let me know what you think and I will post updates as this build progresses. Here are some pics.
  11. EricReefer05

    January 2019 Meeting

    I will be there, +1.
  12. EricReefer05

    Small crack in tank

    the chip is still in there and has not fallen out
  13. I recently bought more cheato as my previous bunch had died during the early stages of the tank. I have tried to get it to grow, but it stayed the exact same since i bought it. I have a Kessil H80 and I run it for 10 hours at 25% intensity.
  14. EricReefer05

    Help, I can't get my cheato to grow

    My nitrates are around 10 and my phosphates are at around .07. I have three fish. The cheato is tumbling from my reactor returns.
  15. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

    Tank update: The tank is doing well, I still have traces of cyano but everything is going well. I also got a Coral Beauty.
  16. EricReefer05

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    He guys something came up today and I am actually not going to be able to make this meeting.
  17. EricReefer05

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I will be there +1.
  18. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

    So when I came back from vacation I saw that my sand bed and rock been covered in some type of algae. What I need help with is identifying the algae so i can treat it. Here are pictures, \
  19. We have 4 people for the behind the scenes but my family has a membership.
  20. EricReefer05

    120G Flow Revival

    I have a xf230 gyre and it has been amazing for the 3 mouths its been running. It does make a bit of noise, but it does go away as soon as the pump has been running in saltwater for a bit. Overall it is a great pump and my corals love it.
  21. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  22. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Update on this: My other clown was still alive after I came back from vacation in he is showing no signs of any disease and is eating like a pig. So my plan from here on out is to not add anymore fish for about a mouth and when I do add another fish I will watch it carefully.