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  1. Eric's 60 cube

    So the tank is completely full and operational. Yesterday I got my salinity dialed in to 1.026 and temperature to around 78. After this I Dosed Dr Tim's Ammonium chloride till the ammonia read out at 2ppm. I then added the Bacteria and started the cycle. Also I will post more pictures after school today.
  2. Fish Room Build for my 475 Gallon Reef

    When Did my plumbing @PetesFolly, I got my colored pvc from Bulk Reef Supply. Here is a link https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/pumps-plumbing/plumbing/pipe-tubing.html
  3. Eric's 60 cube

  4. Eric's 60 cube

    Thanks guys, also I have started the fill and the sand and rock is in the tank. Here is a picture.
  5. Eric's 60 cube

    So, I got the light, its a Kessil A360E Wide angle. I am currently working on the aquascape so here is a picture of that and let me know what you think of it. Oh and I am hopefully going to start filling the tank Sunday or Monday.
  6. New tank

    Man that sucks! Hopefully you can either get that stand fixed or back for new one.
  7. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I'll be there! +1
  8. Input help

    I got my membership this year because I want to show people the steps i'm going through setting up my 60 gallon cube. I also joined so i can participate in meetings and eventually buy/sell goods and live stock. I also to like to support my local clubs.
  9. Eric's 60 cube

    Thanks guys!
  10. Eric's 60 cube

    Woohoo! Got my plumbing finished! Well almost, still have to complete the drain line, but anyway here is a picture.
  11. Which Heater Should I Use?

    Ok, Thanks for the fast responses.
  12. So my tank is almost ready for water and one of the final things I need is a heater. I have looked at a lot of different options, but still can't decide. So i thought I'd ask you guys; what heater do you think I should use on my 60 gallon cube?
  13. My 180 New Adventure!

    Wow, those fish are beautiful!
  14. Eric's 60 cube

    Ok thanks.
  15. Eric's 60 cube

    Oh and we moved the tank onto the stand!