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  1. EricReefer05

    Help, I can't get my cheato to grow

    My nitrates are around 10 and my phosphates are at around .07. I have three fish. The cheato is tumbling from my reactor returns.
  2. I recently bought more cheato as my previous bunch had died during the early stages of the tank. I have tried to get it to grow, but it stayed the exact same since i bought it. I have a Kessil H80 and I run it for 10 hours at 25% intensity.
  3. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

    Tank update: The tank is doing well, I still have traces of cyano but everything is going well. I also got a Coral Beauty.
  4. EricReefer05

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    He guys something came up today and I am actually not going to be able to make this meeting.
  5. EricReefer05

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I will be there +1.
  6. We have 4 people for the behind the scenes but my family has a membership.
  7. EricReefer05

    120G Flow Revival

    I have a xf230 gyre and it has been amazing for the 3 mouths its been running. It does make a bit of noise, but it does go away as soon as the pump has been running in saltwater for a bit. Overall it is a great pump and my corals love it.
  8. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  9. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  10. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  11. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

    So when I came back from vacation I saw that my sand bed and rock been covered in some type of algae. What I need help with is identifying the algae so i can treat it. Here are pictures, \
  12. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Update on this: My other clown was still alive after I came back from vacation in he is showing no signs of any disease and is eating like a pig. So my plan from here on out is to not add anymore fish for about a mouth and when I do add another fish I will watch it carefully.
  13. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Ok thanks my plan is just to watch them closely, but I am going to Colorado for a week tomorrow and I am having a neighbor watch the tank😬
  14. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Update on this: This fish passed away yesterday as his conditioned declined. I am now just trying to keep my other fish healthy by keeping them well feed.