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  1. We have 4 people for the behind the scenes but my family has a membership.
  2. EricReefer05

    120G Flow Revival

    I have a xf230 gyre and it has been amazing for the 3 mouths its been running. It does make a bit of noise, but it does go away as soon as the pump has been running in saltwater for a bit. Overall it is a great pump and my corals love it.
  3. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  4. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  5. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

  6. EricReefer05

    Algae Identification

    So when I came back from vacation I saw that my sand bed and rock been covered in some type of algae. What I need help with is identifying the algae so i can treat it. Here are pictures, \
  7. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Update on this: My other clown was still alive after I came back from vacation in he is showing no signs of any disease and is eating like a pig. So my plan from here on out is to not add anymore fish for about a mouth and when I do add another fish I will watch it carefully.
  8. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Ok thanks my plan is just to watch them closely, but I am going to Colorado for a week tomorrow and I am having a neighbor watch the tank😬
  9. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Update on this: This fish passed away yesterday as his conditioned declined. I am now just trying to keep my other fish healthy by keeping them well feed.
  10. EricReefer05

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Ok thanks
  11. One of my black ice clown fish has recently started swimming right at the surface of the tank only and one closer inspection has developed multipule white spots around his left fin. He has also lost a lot of color over the past day. I think he could possibly have Brooklynella, but It could also be Ich. Let me know what you guys think it is and here is a picture, Also could you guys recommend me treatment for whatever this disease is.
  12. EricReefer05

    2018 INDMAS June Summer Social

    I will be there😁 +1
  13. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

    I got my clown fish!😁 They are doing well, here is a picture. .
  14. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

  15. EricReefer05

    Eric's 60 cube

    Update: I ordered a Snakeskin Palatgria and Rose Bubble tip Anemone from Unique Corals. They have both arrived alive and are now in the tank. Also my Gold Hammer is doing well and has since opened all the way up. My Midas Blenny is also doing very and will gobble down any food I put in the tank. My two Clown Fish and Clean Up Crew are also about to come in. I have also added some Algae Barn pods into the tank. Here are some pictures of everything.