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  1. So for those who do not know, I have been collecting many of the dwarf angels available in the hobby. I have my current list below of what I have, what I am going to get, and last looking for other opinions on some other fish they will be rooming with in the 450g once I get it going. Currently have: Colins angel (most recent addition) Golden red angel Lemon peel Lemon peel hybrid x2 Multicolored angel Coral beauty Nox angel Fisheri angel To add: Flame Opinions: .....
  2. Scott, this is a great idea. I know that there were talks from other members about doing this just for the same reason you are. I am sure that we can make an announcement at the upcoming meeting to try and get some others on board and to help out.
  3. Thankfully where my rodi unit is, i was able to drill a small hole in the wall straight to the drain for the washer.
  4. So I decided I wanted to setup a frag tank I have had for a while. My biggest issue is the drain that sounds like rushing water. Currently I have the drains as 1" pvc and the returns are 1/2". I attached a video to show the setup for the plumbing. I need input on how to make this quiet. Thank you for any help! https://photos.app.goo.gl/HC5edPHases1v3CKA
  5. Well we attended the CMAS swap today and it was a decent turn out. It was by no means comparable to the INDMAS swap for attendance (partially due to the snowy weather). All in all we did pick up a few gems (zoas, elegance, and a new nem). Also had the chance to pick up a fish on my want list. CSB nem and an Aussie harlequin tusk.
  6. @Salthead try now and let me know if you are having any issues
  7. I believe this was covered in one of the monthly meetings last summer. @plantguy would be a good one to talk to about this.
  8. I had read somewhere that they believe it is exposure to high intensity of blue light. Not sure how or why it may cause them to bounce. I will see if I can locate the article.
  9. Bristle worms can be a great part of a clean up crew. However, as long as their numbers are kept in check, you should not have any issues. I find a few here and there in my tanks. Worst experience I have had was with my 120g. I would feed and they would come out of the rock work. I am talking a good solid 75+. They would devour any remaining food or piece of flesh they can find. Ended up shutting tank down and restarting with all new rock.
  10. Asking questions is the best way to learn. There are a lot of us on the forums that have been in your shoes and asked many questions. We are all here to help out and spread the knowledge we have to make the next person just as successful as others.
  11. The order showing for May 6th was the renewal invoice that was automatically generated. I reissued it. You should be able to renew. Let me knownif you have any other issues.
  12. @tprize please check your email and let me know if you have any other issues
  13. @bishop40k I am looking into this now. I will PM you once I look at it
  14. @KnighthawKz please check your email and let me know if you have any other issues
  15. I checked your account, and everything on the back end looks good. There was an old invoice that had expired.
  16. @amartin311 please check your emyol and let me know if you have any other issues.
  17. Have you checked your parameters recently? Ammonia or Nitrites?
  18. Bill, please check your email and let me know if you are still having issues.
  19. Please check your email and let me know if you have any other issues.
  20. Congratulations to @PaulS.46122 on winning the 2019 INDMAS T-shirt design contes! (See shirt #3 above)
  21. My apologies everyone, I missed a few that were sent to the membership email address. These have been added and updated
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