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  1. SilentNight1793

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Mikayla and I will be there.
  2. SilentNight1793

    Skimmer Anyone?

    Anyone need a skimmer?
  3. @ryman I have a few skimmer bodies that need a pump. Larger octopus, I believe a GSM
  4. SilentNight1793

    Rainford Goby

    Berghia nudiebranchs do wonders. Brandon got a few for my nano tank and within a few weeks, there was a significant difference in the number of aptasia.
  5. There seems to be a few issues with renewing memberships, as well as new members not being able to create a profile. If anyone has been experiencing these issues, please post below what the issue is and any error messages you have received. If you are able to upload a screen shot of the error as well, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. @cj7jeep81 invoice was reissued. Please check your email and let me know if you have any other issues.
  7. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

    So for those of you who made it to the October meeting, you got to see mikayla's 75g reef. The tank is just over 2 months old. 75g rimless, reef octopus skimmer, bashsea sump, with a gyro 3k for extra flow. Tank is lit with an ap700. Corals range from LPS, SPS, nems, and zoas/palys. Current inhabitants are flame wrasse pair, flasher wrasse, 4 clowns, cleaner wrasse, blenny, bella goby, rainford goby, yellow tang. @Kaylarae724
  8. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

  9. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

    Couple pieces of the tank
  10. We will be there. I have a pretty long list of items I will get posted. Might have a few aquariums, reactors, maybe one complete setup.
  11. SilentNight1793

    Small crack in tank

    The 60g cubes I have found are notorious for this. When I replaced the silicon on my 60g I found it had a large section that was broken off.
  12. SilentNight1793

    Need to Pay Membership

    @jesterisdead check your email and you should be able to take care of the membership. Hate to see you leaving the hobby......temporarily. I am sure that we will see you back later on down the road.
  13. So we are making a trip to the frag swap tomorrow. Currently @CzNik2 and @Kaylarae724 and I are in attendance. I can fit 2 more people, possibly 3 if anyone else is interested in going.
  14. SilentNight1793

    Northwest Indiana fall frag fest carpool

    It was dead...which means good deals and raffle prizes. 5 new fish and 44 new frags
  15. SilentNight1793

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Yellow or purple tang for algae cleanup
  16. SilentNight1793

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    So one of the other hobbies I have, other than the current 9 tanks, is astronomy/astrophotography. I'm not the greatest, but here are a few pictures I took this evening.
  17. Hey everyone, the Tank of the quarter voting thread is now up. Please take a moment and vote for your favorite tank.
  18. Hey everyone, So a few weeks ago I posted about the Tank of the Quarter and something else we had planned. Great news is that we had 3 different zoa/paly colonies donated to us to bring this to life. A special shout out to Mermaid's Cove for donating the colonies. We will be in the process of fragging the colonies over the next few days of so to hopefully have a count for the meeting. If this is something you would be interested in participating in, please comment below. I will work on getting a few pictures up of the different ones we have and will get a thread going for the official challenge after we have everything squared away.
  19. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Yes you can. I have 3 frags left. I can meet you tomorrow after I get off work.
  20. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Okay, for those who need to meet to pick up frags, I will be out tomorrow making deliveries as well as on Tuesday. I will run the 465 loop a few times if needed. Please PM me with a time you are available and what day along with what side of Indy is closest to you.
  21. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    We have lots of frags still available for the challenge. The challenge rules have been posted. For those who said they are joining, I have tagged you in the rules. For those who are not able to make it to the meeting tomorrow, please message me so we can work out a day and time to get you your frag before the start on Wednesday.
  22. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Currently we have 10 participants. That leaves 24 frags left. Who else wants to join in on this challenge?