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  1. SilentNight1793

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Yellow or purple tang for algae cleanup
  2. Hey everyone, the Tank of the quarter voting thread is now up. Please take a moment and vote for your favorite tank.
  3. I will be there. Wife and kids will be busy doing other things.
  4. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Yes you can. I have 3 frags left. I can meet you tomorrow after I get off work.
  5. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Okay, for those who need to meet to pick up frags, I will be out tomorrow making deliveries as well as on Tuesday. I will run the 465 loop a few times if needed. Please PM me with a time you are available and what day along with what side of Indy is closest to you.
  6. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    We have lots of frags still available for the challenge. The challenge rules have been posted. For those who said they are joining, I have tagged you in the rules. For those who are not able to make it to the meeting tomorrow, please message me so we can work out a day and time to get you your frag before the start on Wednesday.
  7. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Currently we have 10 participants. That leaves 24 frags left. Who else wants to join in on this challenge?
  8. I got a membership for a birthday gift; when I wanted to use the discount at my favorite store they said I need a card.  I have not received one (the membership was bought July 12, 2018 & it has been paid).  Please help!  Thanks.

  9. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I am glad to see everyone who is joining in on this challenge! For those who can not make it to the meeting, I will try and get something scheduled to make a round trip around 465 loop to meet people either Sunday or the following day. I will have the official thread with all the rules up by Tuesday and the challenge will start on Wednesday 8/15. This should give the frags enough time to get settled in to the new homes.
  10. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

  11. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I have 34 frags. Each ranges from 2-5 heads. If you would like to participate, I need to know. I will have frags at the meeting Saturday and will make arrangements to get frags to those who are not able to attend.
  12. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    The goal is to see what tank lighting, parameters, and other variables play in the growth of the zoa/paly (Most growth at the end of the challenge). I have seen a few posts where people are not able to keep zoa/palys, and there are others who have them growing like weeds. It will be a great way to get someone pointed in the right direction to growing zoa/palys for a potential zoa/paly garden. Once we have a total count of frags in the next day or 2, and have those who are going to participate, I will get an official thread going for this.
  13. SilentNight1793

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    If you are unable to make it to the meeting, we can definitely get something worked out to get a frag to you.