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  1. Calling All Woodworkers!

    I agree with Ryan. You could also reinforce the bottom by adding a few 2x4's cut to size. Using a drill bit, you can drill some new pilot holes to add new casters. Harbor freight has a few different kinds and makes for a cheaper project.
  2. Bio Pellet

    Great video with lots of information on the biopellets and how they work. Thanks for sharing this @ryansweet
  3. Majano Help

    There is also the clubs majano wand you could use if they are easily accessible.
  4. Algae Hair like

    Might also try a 3 day lights out period. This has helped a few times for me. If nothing else, try a lettuce nudibranch. I bought 2 and they have done a great job at cleaning up.
  5. Great Barrier Reef future

    Found this article about a possible solution to help the Great Barrier reef in the future from becoming a barren land of coral skeletons from bleaching. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/can-ultra-thin-sunscreen-save-world-s-largest-coral-reef-ncna863001
  6. New tank

    That is a really bummer. Hopefully they will be able to expedite getting the tank back to you......and in better condition from the previous carrier.
  7. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    During clean up at the swap, someone had thrown the tickets away by mistake. I have a list of everyone who donated and the amount of frags donated. These were then put into a randomizer and then put into a lottery wheel after it was discussed how to handle this. I have the video clip of it that I am trying to get uploaded of the lottery wheel. Who donated and # of frags - 60 total entries Gonzo620 - 4 Budman - 4 Puffdragon - 7 RajilNaja - 4 ReefNewby82 - 2 Chopper320 - 4 Irood - 4 Been Mired - 4 Silentnight1793 - 4 Bishop40K - 4 Atomic - 4 Coralfarm123 - 4 Blowfish770 - 4 Gorgi - 4 Reefaddict - 3
  8. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Thank you to all who donated frags at the swap! For each frag that was donated, you got your name put in for the donation raffle. Congratulations to @puffdragon for winning the raffle.
  9. It is nice to have extra equipment laying around just for these types of reasons.
  10. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Mikayla and I will be there
  11. Frag Swap Memberships and Renewals

    With the great turn out we had at the frag swap, we gained a lot of new members and had a lot of renewals. Setting up the new members and taking care of the renewals are going to take a little bit of time to get everything updated. Please be patient with me as I am trying to get these done as quickly as I can. It may be a week or so before everything is done. Thank you, Kyle
  12. Input help

    Everyone, I am going to start a long study of the hobby in regards to memberships. I would like to get everyone's input as to why some may or may not want to renew the membership. If you are planning to not renew your membership or you are going to renew, Please message me with the reason why you are or are not going to renew. Again this is all for information gathering to help improve the club more this year and in the future. Thanks, Kyle
  13. Based on the total count, it was somewhere around the 600+ range. We had 78 new members join.
  14. Niagara Falls noises from overflow into sump/refugium

    Premium has some gate valves that are smaller. They have some that are 1/2" up to 2" pipe I do believe. I would recommend the gate valve over the ball valve as the ball valve can get build up and will make it hard to turn later on down the road. I currently have a gate valve on my bean animal overflow. If the water level isn't just right I get the same gurgling noise. I just adjust the gate valve a little to allow less water down and it goes silent.
  15. I want to say thank you to everyone for coming out the swap this past weekend. I also want to thank all of the hobbyist and vendors. We had a great attendance for the new venue. And a big thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped to pull this together on setup, during the event, and tear down. We have lots of new members and lots of renewals. We hope that everyone will continue to stick around and I really hope to get the forums going again.