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  1. SilentNight1793

    2019 INDMAS T-shirt Voting Poll

    Congratulations to @PaulS.46122 on winning the 2019 INDMAS T-shirt design contes! (See shirt #3 above)
  2. SilentNight1793

    2019 INDMAS T-shirt Voting Poll

    My apologies everyone, I missed a few that were sent to the membership email address. These have been added and updated
  3. SilentNight1793

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    Friday setup and Saturday all day (as long as I can get like 10 minutes to browse for a few corals)
  4. SilentNight1793

    2019 INDMAS T-shirt Voting Poll

    Well it did not look like we had a lot of participation in this years t-shirt design contest. So here are the few entries we did have. Please take a moment to vote on the one you like best. We will announce the winner at Saturday's meeting. Shirt #1 (corrections will be made ) Shirt 2: Shirt #3 Shirt 4: Shirt 5:
  5. SilentNight1793

    January 2019 Meeting

    Mikayla and I will be there
  6. SilentNight1793

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Mikayla and I will be there.
  7. SilentNight1793

    Skimmer Anyone?

    Anyone need a skimmer?
  8. @ryman I have a few skimmer bodies that need a pump. Larger octopus, I believe a GSM
  9. SilentNight1793

    Rainford Goby

    Berghia nudiebranchs do wonders. Brandon got a few for my nano tank and within a few weeks, there was a significant difference in the number of aptasia.
  10. @cj7jeep81 invoice was reissued. Please check your email and let me know if you have any other issues.
  11. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

  12. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

    Couple pieces of the tank
  13. SilentNight1793

    Mikayla's 75g build

    So for those of you who made it to the October meeting, you got to see mikayla's 75g reef. The tank is just over 2 months old. 75g rimless, reef octopus skimmer, bashsea sump, with a gyro 3k for extra flow. Tank is lit with an ap700. Corals range from LPS, SPS, nems, and zoas/palys. Current inhabitants are flame wrasse pair, flasher wrasse, 4 clowns, cleaner wrasse, blenny, bella goby, rainford goby, yellow tang. @Kaylarae724
  14. We will be there. I have a pretty long list of items I will get posted. Might have a few aquariums, reactors, maybe one complete setup.
  15. SilentNight1793

    Small crack in tank

    The 60g cubes I have found are notorious for this. When I replaced the silicon on my 60g I found it had a large section that was broken off.