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  1. Dendros

    I was a little surprised as well. I need to get a little more clean up crew to take care of gha since it is a freshly cycled tank.
  2. Dendros

    Came home today to find one of my domino damsels missing. Wanted to play hide and seek I guess.
  3. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    I had something like this happen with a Christmas wrasse. Bought it from someone and seen it for like 10 minutes and then disappeared for over 2 months. Sold the tank and started cleaning out the sand and boom, there he was swimming around. They find a good place to hide and come out very rarely.
  4. Kaylarae724 and I will be there!
  5. 13.5g Fluval Evo

    Been a bit since I posted. Tank is doing great. Just recently redid the tank and arranged everything around. I have added a kryptonite mushroom and a longfin snowflake clown (Thank you Premium Aquatics!). I have gotten my other snowflake to bond finally. Will post a few pictures of the tank.
  6. What Lights are you using?

    I have been running the Radion XR30w Pro over our 60g and have had pretty great growth on most thing. It is mainly all LPS, and just picked up a few frags of SPS to try out. Running the Coral Lab with the SPHX14 sub program. Everything seem to be happy. Nems fully expand, Welso's blow out (smallest one we had now measures about 6-7 inches when he is happy. Elegance has doubled in size.
  7. Current update. We are waiting on an inspection on the home and hoping all goes well. Estimated close date is October 12th or maybe sooner.
  8. I know I have plenty of extra tanks that can be used for a demo.
  9. Thankfully most of the tanks are small besides the 60g. While in the process of moving, I will probably be consolidating everything into a larger tank.
  10. I am currently talking to my wife to see if we will be able to host the October meeting. We are in the process of packing up to move in the next month. I can provide an update by mid September. Hopefully we will be moved in and the tanks will be settled in.
  11. MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    I think I will wait a bit after the trident has been launched so that any additional issues and bugs can be worked out. But I have really high hopes for it and plan to invest in the whole apex kit.
  12. MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    Hopefully we will be able to attend this one next year.
  13. I will have a bunch or different stuff to post over the next week. I will have some acans, maybe a welso or two, and a few other pieces.
  14. 13.5g Fluval Evo

    Update on the sexy shrimp larvae......fish seem to enjoy them......a lot.........I have found a few that managed to make their way into the back part of the filtration. Hopefully they will be able to grow. I have just introduced a small lightning maroon and a snowflake clown along with a rainbow bubble tip. The rainbow bubble tip was from one that I had that split into 4's last night. Lots of new and exciting things going on the last few days.
  15. 13.5g Fluval Evo

    Just starting up a thread on one of my smaller tanks that I have. Currently running a 13.5g fluval Evo tank. Everything is stock on the tank other than a fluval 15g wavemaker and an aquatic life nano skimmer (highly recommend). Current occupants: Lubbocks wrasse, blue/green chromis, and a rainfords goby. Inverts are a few hermits, a few snails, 2 sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab and a porcelain crab. Corals, I have a mix of different zoas and palys, red gorgonian, different mushroom (Yuma, richordea, discoma), a few torches, octospawn, and a bunch of other stuff. Water changes are done weekly. I am looking to add more color to the tank with future zoas and other corals. This tank is also home to a bunch of baby sexy shrimp that were born on 8/10/17 at 11:36 PM. woohoo!!!