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  1. I have to give the credit to Mikayla for this design. The great thing about the digital membership card is that we can change up the background picture each year.
  2. Hello everyone! So at the January meeting, I had brought up the discussion of moving to a digital membership card for the club. With almost everyone having email, cellphone, computer, and printer, it will make things easier for club members to have the card with them, or if they print it and lose it to get a replacement. I wanted to get some feedback from club members on the current design and idea of this. Attached is a prototype version.
  3. I am working on getting a word doc or PDF file saved for this once I can find the original from last year.
  4. Please vote for your favorite t-shirt design. Winner will get a free shirt! This will close on 1/20 at 11:59:59 PM
  5. Hey Club, Eastgate Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram is running an event starting today that if anyone from the club goes to buy, or lease a vehicle (new or used) and mentions Mikayla and the clubs name, they will give the club $250. This will be a great way to help the club out to give extra funds to improve the frag swap, provide some new monthly meeting prizes, or even help to fund the July field trip. You can get a new vehicle and help the club. Keep this in mind for the next time you are looking for vehicles.
  6. It shows that your current membership is good until Feb. 6th. I went ahead and generated a renewal invoice. Please check your email.
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