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  1. I will have a bunch or different stuff to post over the next week. I will have some acans, maybe a welso or two, and a few other pieces.
  2. Update on the sexy shrimp seem to enjoy them......a lot.........I have found a few that managed to make their way into the back part of the filtration. Hopefully they will be able to grow. I have just introduced a small lightning maroon and a snowflake clown along with a rainbow bubble tip. The rainbow bubble tip was from one that I had that split into 4's last night. Lots of new and exciting things going on the last few days.
  3. Just starting up a thread on one of my smaller tanks that I have. Currently running a 13.5g fluval Evo tank. Everything is stock on the tank other than a fluval 15g wavemaker and an aquatic life nano skimmer (highly recommend). Current occupants: Lubbocks wrasse, blue/green chromis, and a rainfords goby. Inverts are a few hermits, a few snails, 2 sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab and a porcelain crab. Corals, I have a mix of different zoas and palys, red gorgonian, different mushroom (Yuma, richordea, discoma), a few torches, octospawn, and a bunch of other stuff. Water changes are done weekly. I am looking to add more color to the tank with future zoas and other corals. This tank is also home to a bunch of baby sexy shrimp that were born on 8/10/17 at 11:36 PM. woohoo!!!
  4. Mikayla and I plan on attending.
  5. I use a reefkeep PH probe that was just recalibrated back in May. I also double check using an API test kit. I am getting ready to do a water change tomorrow and plan to bring the salinity up. Hopefully that may help with the PH.
  6. Mikayla and I will be there. Looking at getting some SPS going in a few tanks.
  7. Thanks Luke. I am planning to add more chaeto to the sump on the 60g to hopefully offset the photosynthesis process at night and hope it will stabilize it a little better. As for tank #2, I am wanting to get the dKH to about 9. A few more frequent water changes to help that maybe?
  8. It apparently does not like excel formatting. 60 cube PH (8.1 - 8.5) - 7.93 (Day 1PM) 7.7 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) - 0 Ammonia (0) - 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) - 5 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) - 9 Calcium (440-480) - 480 Phospahte (0) - 0.25 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) - 1.022 14g fluval PH (8.1 - 8.5) - 8.0 (Day 1 PM) 7.8 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) - 0 Ammonia (0) - 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) - 10 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) - 11 Calcium (440-480) - 460 Phospahte (0) - 0 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) - 1.023
  9. I have been fighting with the PH level in a few of my tanks for the past month. I have been dosing aqua vitro balance to bump the PH back to where I would like it to be. Below are the tanks and the levels. I am trying to avoid using anything to raise the dKH. Everything in the aquariums seem to be happy and everything is growing and eating well. Any input on what I can do to get the PH to maintain between 8.0-8.5? 60 cube 14g fluval PH (8.1 - 8.5) 7.93 (Day 1PM) 7.7 (night 10 PM) 8.0 (Day 1 PM) 7.8 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) 0 0 Ammonia (0) 0 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) 5 10 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) 9 11 Calcium (440-480) 480 460 Phosphate (0) 0.25 0 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) 1.022 1.023
  10. If you have space in your sump, there is a hang on fuge that you can put in your sump. It holds the chaeto in a confined space and allows water to pass through. I use one in my sump and it helps keeping things organized and also allows pods to grow in a safe spot.
  11. We will be there.
  12. I tested one of my tanks and it was a little on the high side. Will a few water changes more frequently help to reduce the level?
  13. When testing KH levels, the test kit states it is ideally to have it around 7-11 DKH. What is the best way to increase or decrease the KH levels in an aquarium?
  14. I am looking at purchasing a control for my 150 gal build. Currently I have a Reefkeeper Elite on a 93g cube. It is nice, but has some quirks. I am looking at buying a whole new reefkeeper elite setup or a Neptune Apex setup. What are your thoughts and opinions on the 2 controllers? Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  15. It is a goal to own one. Just like it was with the gem tang. I will have plenty of time and the opportunity later down the road. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk