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  1. @PetesFolly I have not received an email for it. If you can double check. [email protected]
  2. Yes you will need to save a copy and then you should be able to upload it to custom ink
  3. Surely there are more ideas for the t-shirt design for the club! Come on and create something on custom ink and get it submitted. We had a lot of great submissions in the past.
  4. Yes we should have the calendars at the party. I will work on getting the calendar into the INDMAS store for purchase. We will also have the calendar pictures posted up soon. I do apologize for the delay. We were working on making the pictures high resolution so they turn out great.
  5. @Captain I sent you a pm regarding this
  6. Hey club, its that time of year again, sick kids, head colds, flu, shoveling snow, scraping windows without gloves... er, wait, I mean it's the 2019 INDMAS Holiday Party!!! This is the event that makes those other things bearable! As part of the festivities we will be having a White Beluga gift exchange. This is optional participation and gifts should be no more than $25. Its always a lot of fun! We will also be having a food pitch-in. Click the link below and then click the RSVP button to select a main/dessert and in the comment put what you are bringing so others will know. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0548aaaf2da6fd0-2019 Don't forget to RSVP on here as well! Let's show a great turnout this month club. See you all there! When: December 14, 2019 4pm to 6pm or until Amanda kicks us out, whichever is later. Where: Amanda's House 9710 Towne Road Carmel, IN 46032 Door prizes: TBD but they will be great
  7. There is also a big price difference between a tomini and a black tang. A small school of tomini to the cost of 1 black tang
  8. What about changing it to an all NPS tank? Maybe do some spider sponges, dendro, and a flame scallop
  9. This will be a great opportunity to learn a lot with the video call, as well as having a chance to get some great door prizes, and maybe pick up something for the tank that you have been needing that someone else may have had laying around. I know I have a few things to go through this week to bring Saturday. Who else is planning to attend?
  10. Hi all. The fall season is kicking off, hope everyone is enjoying their fall weather (finally!), football, and pumpkin flavored everything. We wanted to get this months meeting posted to give everyone time to dig through their closets and attics for any used equipment that you may not be using. November’s meeting will be a “Pay it Forward” meeting where we are asking people to bring their misc items that they would be willing to donate to other members to fill those gaps others may have to get that last piece needed for a new setup, QT tank, sump, etc. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting but only PAID MEMBERS will be eligible to choose items. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We had a great turn out last year for this. We have lots of new members and hope to have a great turn out. We will also be hosting a Skype meeting with Larry DuPont from LRS (Larry's Reef Services, maker of LRS frozen food). He will be discussing food and nutrition with us. This is definitely a don't miss meeting!! We also have 10 packs of LRS foods to give away as door prizes!! Quick note on courtesy: We will be limiting any person to 2 items until everyone has had their choice. Please don’t be the person who takes good will freebies and goes and sells them. Don’t think that needed to be said for anyone I know in the club but there is sometimes that one person. When: Nov 9th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Luis's house in Lebanon (Gonzo620) 1727 Jaques Dr Lebanon IN 46052
  11. Looks like a very big tank. There was a documentary I seen on TV that showed some of their shopping areas and one specialized in aquariums. Ones from little 5g all they way up to probably 1000+. They have all kinds of neat things over there
  12. @rhwimmers @ryansweet @tanknovice
  13. This is down below in the vendor area for those of you who may have missed it. Good chance to get a little creative and have the chance to win a nice algae scrubber. @SantaMonica
  14. looks like it was a smashing good time...
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