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  1. Razor is going to be the best option. Clean with rubbing alcohol and should be able to tell if there is any remaining. I have seen people go over the silicone spots with steel wool, but I would worry about scratching
  2. This is now fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience
  3. Here are the rules that buckeye uses for each frag.
  4. I wanted to get some feedback, thoughts, ideas on starting a Dont Break The Chain idea that the Buckeye Reef club has been doing for a few years now. The post below was borrowed from their original post to explain what it is. "I would like to get a "Don't Break the Chain" going in the Supporter Forums. If anyone is not familiar.....This is a place where you can give a high end frag to a fellow hobbyist for them to grow out. Once this frag has grown and can be fragged again, it is reposted in the forum for the next person to take. The original donor can request a frag back if they have a crash or lose their colony. It's a great way to get really nice frags and pay it forward to the next guy/girl. Plus it keeps your frag babies spread out in case of a crash!"
  5. We will plan to attend. I may also have an extra 40g breeder and a few other tanks laying around
  6. I currently run a grow light on mine 24/7. It has since tripled in size over the past 2 months. So far, no adverse effects on the cheato.
  7. Mike, i will set this up in the store so people can pay and can set it to only 23 available after counting Luis
  8. So for those who do not know, I have been collecting many of the dwarf angels available in the hobby. I have my current list below of what I have, what I am going to get, and last looking for other opinions on some other fish they will be rooming with in the 450g once I get it going. Currently have: Colins angel (most recent addition) Golden red angel Lemon peel Lemon peel hybrid x2 Multicolored angel Coral beauty Nox angel Fisheri angel To add: Flame Opinions: .....
  9. Scott, this is a great idea. I know that there were talks from other members about doing this just for the same reason you are. I am sure that we can make an announcement at the upcoming meeting to try and get some others on board and to help out.
  10. Thankfully where my rodi unit is, i was able to drill a small hole in the wall straight to the drain for the washer.
  11. So I decided I wanted to setup a frag tank I have had for a while. My biggest issue is the drain that sounds like rushing water. Currently I have the drains as 1" pvc and the returns are 1/2". I attached a video to show the setup for the plumbing. I need input on how to make this quiet. Thank you for any help! https://photos.app.goo.gl/HC5edPHases1v3CKA
  12. Well we attended the CMAS swap today and it was a decent turn out. It was by no means comparable to the INDMAS swap for attendance (partially due to the snowy weather). All in all we did pick up a few gems (zoas, elegance, and a new nem). Also had the chance to pick up a fish on my want list. CSB nem and an Aussie harlequin tusk.
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