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  1. SilentNight1793

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    With all the different types of lighting, you will have your pros and cons no matter what you go with. MH does great at growing everything, but consumes power. T5 fixtures do well to grow most everything with the right bulb combination, but bulbs have to be replaced every 6 months or so (give or take some). LED are great with being able to adjust the color spectrums to your liking, but corals seem to grow a little slower compared to the other two. I have ran all 3 types of fixtures and I think for SPS dominate tank, I would lean more towards a MH/T5 combo light with maybe a reefbright led bar to supplement. Aquatic life makes a MH/T5 combo light (the one I have is a 4ft light). I am not sure if they make a smaller version for a 40g breeder tank.
  2. SilentNight1793

    Need a bigger tank just for 2 corals??

    I love the coloration of the one in the front. Reminds me of the trachy we had that took up the whole back corner of the tank.
  3. SilentNight1793

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    A nice way to check in on the tank to see how things are going while on vacation is a reef cam or even a home security camera (I repurposed an old baby monitor that has remote viewing capabilities). Having a controller like the apex or reefkeeper that can send you email updates is nice as well.
  4. SilentNight1793

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Running 2 of the Kessil A160 tuna blues?
  5. SilentNight1793

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    Nice T5 fixture (probably a 36") . Or a nice radion will work great.
  6. SilentNight1793

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    This will be a great meeting to share any of the DIY projects you have done. Custom sump builds or anything else. Share what you have done with others.
  7. SilentNight1793

    Mystery critters, what are they?

    Nothing I can think of eats them. They don't harm anything like I said other than when they start getting to large #'s. I have only ever had them in the overflow and in the sump. Not to say they are in the display tank hidden in the LR.
  8. SilentNight1793

    Mystery critters, what are they?

    They look like pineapple sponges. just a filter feeder. wont cause any harm unless they start to overtake a return pump.
  9. SilentNight1793

    Issue accessing sale forums

    This has been fixed. You should be able to access the sales forums @Reikigirl
  10. SilentNight1793

    2018 INDMAS June Summer Social

    We will have some taquitos as well. They went well at the Christmas social. It will be great to see all the new members that are able to make it to this gathering. Hopefully you will be able to make it to more of the meetings and join in on the events we have.
  11. SilentNight1793

    ICH questions

    The one I have bought didn't come in a box like that one. The ingredients it lists on the bottle are all natural oils and additives. It says it is reef safe and may affect or kill corals and inverts that are not in the best of health. Borrowed a picture from the web of the one I have always bought.
  12. SilentNight1793

    ICH questions

    I did dose a little extra to account for water volume in the skimmer, and reactor.
  13. SilentNight1793

    ICH questions

    I have used the kordon ich attach several times and have had great success in treating my fish (blue hippo, powder blue, sailfin). Haven't had any harm done to coral. My nems closed up for about an hour and then they came back out.
  14. SilentNight1793

    Calling Basement sump people

    To help offset the O2 exchange, you can run a tube from the air cup on the skimmer out a window or just outside if the basement does not have one. This will allow the skimmer to pull in fresh air and aerate the water.
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