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  1. I had some ideas floating in my head but haven’t had anytime to work on them. 🤷‍♂️
  2. These were shot with the App. All current photos on my instagram are as well. @tehSAC_reef
  3. I have thought of that, but the pricing and availability of some of what I would keep is something that keeps me away from going that route. I figure, if I walk away, then its for good. Still bouncing around ideas to keep my interest alive.
  4. Im not sure it’s a challenge I need. Things are doing fine in my tank for the most part. I find myself messing with this tank more than any other tank I’ve owned, and it really isn’t that much to be honest. I just don’t look at it the same or get excited about it anymore. Thanks. I’m sitting here looking at it right now and it still brings me a little bit of joy, but not as much as it used too. I haven’t bought anything for the tank in a couple months. There isn’t really anything out there that screams “I need that!” Sicce even decided that they wanted to sponsor me and sent me some new pumps and other products to showcase. That was cool but not really enough to keep me motivated.
  5. Haha, yea that's not going to happen. I'm not sure I'm ready for another tank as my enjoyment is just not as it once was with this one.
  6. I don't know if this a common thing with us that keep tanks, but my motivation and desire to keep this tank running is slowly fading. Has this happened to any of you that are following? How did you break the burnout? Cause I am seriously thinking of selling it all off and moving on.
  7. Haha nope but I did wear my INDMAS shirt one of the days we were there. So I did a little advertising. 😉
  8. We wanted to visit the sumidia aquarium to see the garden eels but never got over there. I believe I’ve seen this documentary as well. It’s been a little while though.
  9. Isn’t the best picture but I saw a tank at least. Haha
  10. Aquashella was bad? I did RAP a couple years ago in Orlando and it was great!
  11. Do we have absentee ballots for elections? Wish I could make this one as I've been interested in making my own fish food. Unfortunately my oldest and I will be on a plane to Tokyo.
  12. Dude that’s purdy! I guess I just don’t remember seeing yours in your tank. I’ll have to take a look next time I’m up your way. Hell I’ll be in Japan next month Maybe I can do some LFS shopping 😂🤣
  13. Haha lifetime warranty. No worries @Gonzo620 If it goes, then it goes. Just part of the hobby I guess. Must have known we were talking about it today It was about half way open when I got home this afternoon. So maybe there is hope for it still. 👍🏼
  14. Little fish. I think it would make the tank look bigger than it is. Just my thoughts.
  15. Yea I'm wanting to grab one of those, but not sure I want it at the top of the tank.
  16. Lately I feel my tank is missing something. I’m wanting this little tank to be nice and full eventually and I understand it will take time. So trust me I’m not looking for a quick fix. What I am looking for is a coral suggestion for the upper portion of my rockwork. The gorgs from @Budmanjust don’t look right where they sit and they have been moved behind the candy cane coral colony. They are doing fantastic and growing like weeds. I had a Duncan up there but it has closed up and decided not to open again for almost two weeks now. So I have no idea what’s going on with it. I’m looking for something with “height” to fill in some space at the top of the tank. My eyes tell me birdsnest, but my brain says “no man you don’t wanna deal with that”. See I don’t want to chase numbers, or dose. Ideally I would prefer just to do water changes and let it be. I also feel like my tank wouldn’t have enough flow for those SPS as I’m not running a powerhead, just an upgraded pump and spinstream nozzle. I also want to stay away from anemones. Something about them give me anxiety. Afraid they will walk and sting everything. I love euphyllia but have been burned before. Loosing all my torches to BJD. Something says a nice torch colony up top might look great but what could I put on the sides that wouldn’t get stung. I just feel like moving the blue and yellow hammers up top and filling out below them. Favias, zoas, something else? Argh..... the trials and tribulations of a nano tank. So what say you? What would you do and why? Lay it out and give me some ideas/encouragement. I love this hobby but just stuck with this moment in time with my tank.
  17. These were my latest test results. Everything else looks happy in my tank. 🤷‍♂️ Pre-Waterchange Tank MG 1410 ALK 7.3 CA 470 TEMP 78.4 SALINITY 1.026 Mixed Saltwater before Waterchange MG 1470 ALK 9.5 CA 490 TEMP 78.6 SALINITY 1.026 Tank after waterchange MG 1440 ALK 8.2 CA 480 TEMP 78.4 SALINITY 1.026
  18. So I bought this frag from @Gonzo620 awhile back and it’s always seemed happy. However for the past few weeks it has looked like this. It’s not near anything that can sting it so I’m just confused on what might be happening. Thoughts? Was hoping it could grow out and be a good “topper” for my rock work. That’s not panning out and now I’m trying to figure out what to put in its place.
  19. I’m not sure. I was thinking more about color than schooling.
  20. I like the list, but would worry about having a mandarin in a new tank. I assume you're going to introduce pods until you get a good community built up in your tank? Also a mix of purple and orange fire fish would be neat.
  21. @Gonzo620 I have always heard that it was best to mix your salt water to the temp your tank is running. 🤷‍♂️ Now this may be the case as I'm running a much smaller system than you are too. I want my mix heated and ready to go when I do a change. The closest it is to tank temp is best for me to avoid temp swings. I do understand its okay to mix and let rest, but wouldn't you want to heat the water before doing a waterchange?
  22. You mix your salt without heating it to temp?
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