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  1. PaulS.46122

    My 20 long reef

    Tank looks good. Sorry to hear about the losses. I recently lost my acan and gold torch as well. 😕
  2. PaulS.46122

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Nothing major has changed other than my acans have faded away and I lost my gold torch. Other than that everything is going well. Still looking for the right low light corals to put in a few spots to really make my tank pop. As far as an upgrade, its not in the books for now.
  3. PaulS.46122

    Nano Reef Cyano Outbreak

    I second the Distilled Water Route. My tank has been running on distilled since I set it up in Feb of 2017, and no issues. I use the Walmart variety and buy 3 gallons weekly. One for a top off and the other two are for WC.
  4. PaulS.46122

    Platic straw under screen top mounts

    Nice idea. I drilled a small hole in each side of my Innovative Marine Clips. Tried with a single hole on the top, but still had some condensation dripping down the glass.
  5. PaulS.46122

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Thanks! I've had some struggles, but I think lady luck has been on my side so far.
  6. PaulS.46122

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Tank has been on autopilot since the softball season has started. Having a little bit of coral warfare going on with the candy canes and euphyllia, but I knew that was going to eventually happen. Overall good growth and the ricordea I purchased from Luis has split twice since I picked it up from him. I'm still eyeballing an upgrade to a lagoon tank, but right now I love this little tank. Cannot see me ever going larger than 25 gallons to be honest. Love the ease and simplicity of its little footprint.
  7. PaulS.46122

    Clean up crew questions

    My nano has 3 snails and two hermits. Sometimes I think that is too much. Like the others have said, I would go with 1/4 of what he has suggested and add more later if you feel like you need it. Easier to add, and remove unwanted ammonia and nitrite/nitrate issues due to die off.
  8. PaulS.46122

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

  9. PaulS.46122

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    Nice! My daughter loves anything to do with astronomy, and over the past few years its really peaked my interest as well. I don't know much about astrophotography, but always enjoy the photos.
  10. PaulS.46122

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    I've noticed that my corals have seemed happier/fluffier since using reef crystals two weeks ago. I've also noticed my alk and ca levels are not dropping like they were with the regular IO salt. Other than that, nothing has changed. The tank is on autopilot, and thriving.
  11. PaulS.46122

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Bummed I missed out on the meeting this month. I was called into work saturday morning and did not leave until around 6 that evening. :/
  12. PaulS.46122

    Water in the stand!

    Ugh sorry to see this.