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  1. So I recently moved into a new office, and well I have copious amounts of desk space. So what does an addicted reef keeper do? Yep that’s right, he sets up another tank, and another build thread. I picked up the used tank and some black sand from a local reefer a couple weeks back. The plan is to keep this tank a soft coral tank. My biggest issue right now is the placement of the tank. Below are two photos of where it could sit in my office. I’d love to be able to see it daily, and give my co-workers something to look at as well. However it will be sitting right next to a south facing window. The other spot would be over my left shoulder. I’d have to turn around to admire the tank, but would possibly be better in terms of temperature issues. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. Convince me of one spot over the other. As for the tank specs: IM NUVO 10 IM Filter Sock IM 18 Watt Skkye Light Stock Pump Eheim 50 Watt Heater 8-10 LBS of BRS Reef Ssaver Dry Rock 3-4 Lbs of Black sand mixed with 3-4 lbs of Caribsea Bimini Pink sand. Livestock: Xenia Toadstool Devils Hand Leather Green Star Polyps Various Zoa’s Various Mushrooms Purple Gorgonian Fiji Yellow Blue Plating Sponge (Eventually) Green Clown Goby Midas Blenny
  2. My Euphyllia have been acting funny as of late. Not opening up as much as usual, or opening and then closing in the middle of the day. So I tested everything again last evening before the weekly water change. Did not see a significant decrease in any parameters. Sure there is a drop, but that is a given, but no obvious spikes. So why certain corals are acting or looking the way they are are still a mystery to me. 7-9-17 Temp: 78.2 SG - 1.026 CA - 500 Alk - 8.6 MG - 1470 PH - 7.8 Nitrates - <10 PPM 7-12-17 Temp: 78.1 SG - 1.026 CA - 470 Alk - 8.6 MG - 1460 PH - 7.8 Nitrates - <20 PPM 7-16-17 CA - 460 Alk - 8.4 MG - 1450 PH - 7.6 Nitrates <20 PPM Temp 78.2 SG - 1.026 Oh and here is a FTS of Day 142.
  3. :thumbs up: I'm going to test my tank daily after the next WC to see exactly what is going on, and adjust accordingly. Trying to avoid doing anything unnecessary.
  4. Sweet! Thanks Miles
  5. I have been trying to figure out a best option for my nano tank that is mostly LPS. Mine is just right around 7 dkh, in my 10 gallon. Baking soda route?
  6. From the album PaulS.46122 Gallery

  7. Bummed that I have to miss another one due to work. Have fun everyone.
  8. Yea it was a very nice surprise from him when he built it.
  9. This weekend my wife and girls handed me a couple boxes to open. To my surprise they had gotten me a new light and reactor. As for the light I set it up yesterday after a waterchange and started the intensity around 30-40%. It's a guess but I know it's not near 50%. I've also kept the color around 40%. More towards the blue but not all the way. Everything opened up nice and fluffy and seemed to be happy. The zoa's and ricordea really loved it as the spread out nice and wide today. Its a bit on the blue side in the photos but the balance looks okay to the naked eye. I don't plan on keeping any sps other than a couple encrusting monties I have. Ephyullia dominated tank is my goal with a small ricordea garden and zoa garden. I want a few more torch corals, hammers, a frogspawn, and octospawn. 👍🏼
  10. So I decided to add a small bag of purigen and a small amount of phosguard in the media basket with the chemi-pure blue. I rinsed both out and added it to the tank after a 2 gallon water change yesterday morning. When the lights flipped on this morning I noticed the tank was very cloudy. My thought is the phosguard is the culprit so I'm debating on removing it and only using it when I need it. Thoughts? I want to purchase a used reactor with a small pump. My thought is to slide said pump in chamber two and pump back into the third chamber. This will be my macroalgae reactor that I plan to light up after the lights go out on the tank. I plan on wrapping the cylinder in LED strip lighting. Has anyone tried this out locally, or am I going to be the one who does trial an error on this? 😛 Ive decided to hold out on a light for now, but if I find a great deal I might jump on it. Honestly part of me would love to borrow one to see if I really need one but good luck finding that scenario. I'm not seeing significant growth but I'm not seeing any die off either. I have however seen growth with my zoa's. Each has grown 2-3 polyps this past month alone. I'm also looking at the aqamai powerhead but may hold off. I think instead of a birdsnest and plating monti I'm going to cover the top of the rock with a couple more hammers and frogspawn. I love movement in the tank and that will be a great look I believe. Won't need a powerhead if I go that route. The sicce and spinstream work great.
  11. I am going to try and make it to this one, but I may have a child in tow who is very interested in reef tanks as well.
  12. I ended up walking around for 3 hours yesterday admiring the coral and talking to vendors. Spoke with the Kessil rep and Chemi-Pure rep for nearly a half hour each. Also drooled over the Jason Fox booth as well as a few other coral booths and also saw a blue ringed octopus. Met Ryan from BRS, George from Coralfish12g on YouTube and they were great. Anyway I'm rambling here waiting for a conference to start. I posted a few photos on my Instagram if you want to take a look. Mind you I was using a iPhone so they aren't the best photos. Instagram: tehSAC_reef
  13. He has started to come out a little more each day. Last night my daughters and I watched him clean a nassarius snail. It was like the dryer tumbler for this guy. LOL
  14. Loving that hammer! Those SPS look great too.
  15. Decided to add a Skunk Cleaner this weekend. However no one in the area had any in stock, so I took a trip west to Inland and picked up a new inhabitant. Little bugger keeps hiding behind the rock work. However he seems to be doing well. I've read forum posts where they don't do so well acclimating and pass away either the day of or a couple days later. I did not acclimate him in the bucket, but fastened the bag to the tank and kept it floating so there were no temperature swings. Every 15 minutes or so I would remove a turkey basters worth of water and discard it, then add in the same amount from the tank to slowly raise the salinity. Seems to have worked out great. As I stated in a previous post the tank has been on autopilot due to my wife's illness. This was my first purchase for the tank since the frag swap. Speaking of, Budman I still need to get with you. Sorry its taking so long. Also last evening was day 65 with my reef. Things have started to grow a bit more since adding the reef roids, but things still seem slow. I'm not sure if its the lighting or something else. However I'm just taking things slow and let things happen when they happen. When it comes to lighting I'm hoping to find a deal this weekend at RAP in Orlando. So hopefully the next update there will be a new light above this tank.