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  1. Have fun everyone. I have been called into work as I have a submittal due Tuesday morning. Man am I so bummed.
  2. Looking forward to making it out this weekend. I may be a bit late due to my coaching duties that morning/early afternoon, but we will be there.
  3. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    New Photos, just because.
  4. When I first saw this post, there were listings. No photos, but listings.
  5. Why are we not able to see the listings on the site? I'm logged on there, but my screen name is different than the one I use here.
  6. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    I noticed the other day that the cyano was back and got to looking at the dials on the light. One of my kids had turned up the intensity. 😒 Also the 2 yr old found some food for the fish and gave it all too them without anyone knowing. So yea not a good couple of days with the home Nano. It can all be fixed but will just take time and larger water changes. Also one of my hammer corals I purchased from the frag swap is starting to bleach, so I'm not sure its getting enough light with the new fixture, so I've moved it to my office nano. Anyway here are a few new photos. Everyone loves photos.
  7. We have softball games that morning, but I think I might be able to make this one. It would be my first official meeting too!
  8. So I recently moved into a new office, and well I have copious amounts of desk space. So what does an addicted reef keeper do? Yep that’s right, he sets up another tank, and another build thread. I picked up the used tank and some black sand from a local reefer a couple weeks back. The plan is to keep this tank a soft coral tank. My biggest issue right now is the placement of the tank. Below are two photos of where it could sit in my office. I’d love to be able to see it daily, and give my co-workers something to look at as well. However it will be sitting right next to a south facing window. The other spot would be over my left shoulder. I’d have to turn around to admire the tank, but would possibly be better in terms of temperature issues. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. Convince me of one spot over the other. As for the tank specs: IM NUVO 10 IM Filter Sock IM 18 Watt Skkye Light Stock Pump Eheim 50 Watt Heater 8-10 LBS of BRS Reef Ssaver Dry Rock 3-4 Lbs of Black sand mixed with 3-4 lbs of Caribsea Bimini Pink sand. Livestock: Xenia Toadstool Devils Hand Leather Green Star Polyps Various Zoa’s Various Mushrooms Purple Gorgonian Fiji Yellow Blue Plating Sponge (Eventually) Green Clown Goby Midas Blenny
  9. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    My Euphyllia have been acting funny as of late. Not opening up as much as usual, or opening and then closing in the middle of the day. So I tested everything again last evening before the weekly water change. Did not see a significant decrease in any parameters. Sure there is a drop, but that is a given, but no obvious spikes. So why certain corals are acting or looking the way they are are still a mystery to me. 7-9-17 Temp: 78.2 SG - 1.026 CA - 500 Alk - 8.6 MG - 1470 PH - 7.8 Nitrates - <10 PPM 7-12-17 Temp: 78.1 SG - 1.026 CA - 470 Alk - 8.6 MG - 1460 PH - 7.8 Nitrates - <20 PPM 7-16-17 CA - 460 Alk - 8.4 MG - 1450 PH - 7.6 Nitrates <20 PPM Temp 78.2 SG - 1.026 Oh and here is a FTS of Day 142.
  10. KH levels

    :thumbs up: I'm going to test my tank daily after the next WC to see exactly what is going on, and adjust accordingly. Trying to avoid doing anything unnecessary.