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  1. Hi I have been struggling with lights on my 125 gallon tank. I have Chinese black box I have tried everything settings I can think of. I have a full canopy on tank the lights set only about 8 inches from water. I even tried to add some florescent lights at one point think that was to much. I am on the list for the par meter might even be next. I have no experience with par meter. Long story longer I am looking for some help/advice if anyone is willing to stop by next couple of weeks look at what I have would be great going in circles. I am located in Brownsburge Thanks Robert 317 362 3432
  2. Rjt1978

  3. LED's settings

    Thanks all
  4. LED's settings

    LEDs light setting suggestions/settings. I have 125 gallon tank I purchase the LED lights from Amazon brand is M2CBridge the setup has controller. 4 channels each channel has 8 settings. Channel 1=12k channel 2= 395nm,410nm(violet/purple/UV channel 3= 660nm,470nm,450nm channel red/blue/royal blue channel 4=18k I am looking for suggestions on time and % I have tried different settings nothing that I was super happy with.
  5. LED Lights m2cbridge

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with the settings and over all configuration with my LEDs I was told the club has a par meter I have never used one. I live in Brownsburg my mobile is 317-362-3432 let me know if I have any takers I have played around with the lights to the point I am totally confused. Thanks Robert
  6. Frag glue question

    gel super glue
  7. Sump questions any input

    Any body have a used one
  8. Sump questions any input

    What brand or model
  9. Bayer's complete insect killer

    Ok stupid question what is this being used for ?
  10. DIY reactor

    Here is my first attempt at DIY reactor all spare parts I had. Think its working
  11. LED Lights m2cbridge

    I am not good with light values the presets are way to much I found one on YouTube was better I all ready bleached some of my coral and think that's what killed my claim
  12. Sump questions any input

    I am going to lowes or Menards tonight look at float valves Menards has one looks like all I would need to do is plug a pump into the valve has plug built into it.
  13. Sump questions any input

    The picture was when I just set everything up bubbles went went away after skimmer was running for couple of days and I added another pump. The baffles what did not understand with the foam I think I will make the center one taller so I can add little more water I have to add water every day I need auto top off thats my next diy project