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  1. Tbabcock67

    My 90 Gallon Build

    looking like a Boss.... nice build buddy
  2. Tbabcock67

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Sweet.. just let me know when and where. Thanks.
  3. Tbabcock67

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Can i still get in this? If so let me know when and where to get the frag.
  4. If the health gods are with me i will make this one.
  5. Don im in giest also and would be glad to help. Text me at 317-757-1507. Troy
  6. Im gonna make it.. havent seen budmans tank in forever.. 😁
  7. Tbabcock67

    August 12, 2017 meeting!

    I will be there...
  8. Tbabcock67

    Road trip anyone?

    Got some frags from da man Jason Fox, and others i even won a 4" Stick of JF glow stick, picked up a big colony of red planet, red dragon, cali tort and joe coral.. it was cool fo show.. now im addicted and im going to one im Michigan next month.
  9. Tbabcock67

    Road trip anyone?

    I dont have any guys... i could show off my wicked cool calander...lol
  10. Im heading over to Cincy for there frag show if any one wants to go with me let me know. I will be leaving my house around 8am and should be back around 5:30 or so. Troy
  11. Tbabcock67

    2017 Meeting places

    I could do the mid june summer social or September retro frag swap. Let me know and i will make it happen.
  12. I will be there.. i have a couple baggies worth of chaeto i need to crop if any one needs some.
  13. I plan to make it... new guy and first meeting... thanks to Brandon.. lol. Troy