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  1. Transplant

    August 12, 2017 meeting!

    Had a last minute cancellation so I'll be there as well.
  2. Transplant

    Full Tank Shots

    Full Tank Shots
  3. Transplant

    xenia fuge

    Looks like some green star polyps in there as well? I take it xenia is winning the battle? I debated on putting my GSP in mine, but wasn't sure which would win.
  4. Transplant

    xenia fuge

    I've started one but it's going to take a while for it to grow out. I ended up getting macro algae in the DT when I trimmed so I decided to get a decent light down there and add a small frag rack as well.
  5. The one by Greenwood does not any more. Don't know when they quit but it's all fresh water now.
  6. Transplant

    Placing frags in aquarium

    If I can't snap the frag off the plug I use an old pair of wire cutters to cut the bottom off. It's fairly brittle so you could probably do it by hand if you wanted.
  7. Nicely done. At first glance the window made it look like most of the aquarium is outside. Do you have a fish room on the other side?
  8. Just saw the post, I have a bag of reef crystal if you still need it. Located in Greenwood.
  9. Transplant

    Filter socks - wash or trash?

    I bought a dozen or so and switch them out weekly. I let the dirty ones build up so they're enough to run a load in the washer and put a little bleach in. Do a double rinse cycle and let them air dry for several days before reusing.
  10. Transplant

    May 2017 Monthly Meeting

    ^(May not March)* *I'll be there
  11. Transplant

    Feeding Suggestions

    Thanks for the write up. I've been experimenting with getting new fish to eat over the last few months this will help a lot. Would love to hear what others do.
  12. Transplant

    Submersible vs. External Return Pumps

    I don't use one but I'll play devil's advocate. External pumps are useful when you don't have enough space in your sump.
  13. Transplant

    Velvet outbreak, lost 2 of 4 fish.

    I haven't checked so I don't know if it's true or not, but I've seen posts that say to match up the Cupramine with specific test kits to ensure proper readings. Salifert is one of those, can't remember the other that was recommended.