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  1. I'll be there
  2. I'll be there. Didn't prepare a food dish, but I'll offer up a frag for the raffle.
  3. Has something changed? I've been locked out of tapatalk for a few days now. It wants me to log in but then says there is a problem and to contact the admin. Is everyone dealing with this, or is it just me? Is this what you're talking about, Bud?
  4. Would anyone be interested in monti plate frags I can bring to the meeting? Tan or green (depending on lights) with purple polyps. PM me if interested...
  5. I will be there, likely with a friend.
  6. I'm in, for behind the scenes if there's still room.
  7. Should be able to make it
  8. I would be interested in the trip. Have family in the area, so I'm hotel free
  9. I can help out during the event. Size M.
  10. I'll be there. What kinds of corals do you fancy? Sps or lps?
  11. Make Northside Glass your source for that next DIY project. We now have a customer account called "INDMAS club". (Use customer ID number 555-6666 when you place your order to utilize this account). This will get you a 10% discount on our already competitive prices. Payment in full is expected at time of ordering, and be sure to tell them to add your name and contact info as the job P.O. on the work order. Northside Glass and Mirror 7206 N. Keystone Ave Indianapolis, 46240 (317)-251-8244
  12. Uh oh.
  13. ..."I'm on MY way".... better correct that...