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  1. I’ll be there +1
  2. Mike762

    Looking for Frag Swap partner

    Got it resolved. Thanks puffdragon.
  3. Mike762

    Looking for Frag Swap partner

    Still looking for someone to help me out with this! Any takers????? Let’s talk money!
  4. Hey guys, looking for some help here. I can have around 15 nice rainbow montipora plugs ready for the frag swap, but I don’t have a table space, or my own frag tank equipment. I’m also volunteering a shift for the club. If someone who is running a tank there and will have enough space for some extra coral wants to sell mine on consignment, let’s work out a deal. I rarely log onto this site, so quickest responses will be via text- (317)-809-3392.
  5. Yeah, early shift raffle security works fine for me. I can be cleanup crew too 🦀🐌. Size M
  6. I’ll be there. Sorry for the last minute rsvp
  7. I'll be there. Didn't prepare a food dish, but I'll offer up a frag for the raffle.
  8. Mike762

    new upgrades on site

    Has something changed? I've been locked out of tapatalk for a few days now. It wants me to log in but then says there is a problem and to contact the admin. Is everyone dealing with this, or is it just me? Is this what you're talking about, Bud?
  9. Mike762

    May 2017 Monthly Meeting

    Would anyone be interested in monti plate frags I can bring to the meeting? Tan or green (depending on lights) with purple polyps. PM me if interested...
  10. Mike762

    May 2017 Monthly Meeting

    I will be there, likely with a friend.
  11. I'm in, for behind the scenes if there's still room.
  12. Should be able to make it
  13. I would be interested in the trip. Have family in the area, so I'm hotel free