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  1. I plan to attend! Open to carpooling ideas as well.
  2. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday! Get those last minute RSVP’s in!
  3. I’ll do raffle security second shift again. I can also stick around to help clean up afterward, if needed.
  4. I’ll be there +1,sorry for the late rsvp. I’ve got a few odds and ends I can bring for the pay it forward too.
  5. I’m into keeping all types of plants. Everything from the usual annual vegetable garden, to some oddities like pineapples, lemon trees, an olive tree, coffee tree, various tropicals and cacti. I also propagate a lot of aloe. That all combined with a reef, a cat, and a corn snake, and I’m pretty much running a conservatory here. Other than that, I go indoor rock climbing regularly.
  6. I’ll be there +2. Also- I bought a house and am moving in July, so I’d like to bring a few extra coral bits to rehome to make moving easier.
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