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  1. First 1 is a forest fire digi. Pic 2 is up in the air. I have no idea. But if you’re twisting my arm and I had to guess I’d say maybe a PC rainbow.
  2. Your photo looks normal to me. When you run the unit waste water will be produced so you’re supposed to have waste water coming out. The valve in the photo appears to be a membrane flush valve. Now if that is on, the waste water will be coming out very strong. Plus you won’t produce clean water at a proper rate. I don’t know anything about an automatic shutoff you say you need. Nothing on mine is automatic. Turn a valve open it runs turn the valve closed it’s off. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. You can just call your local utilities company and ask them. Here in Lebanon we use chloramines. Another thing to check is TDS creep out of the ro before di canisters. Make sure you’re flushing the membrane before each use.
  4. I really like tunze.
  5. Wed, Thur, Friday 12-7 and Saturday and Sunday 12-5 wasn’t reasonable enough for you?? @Jtroutt19 plus the day they were closed you could could come in by appointment. Sorry but you don’t make any sense.
  6. I light mine from 5-6 13 hours. Dusk to dawn opposite lights on on the display somewhat.
  7. I’m in. When will the $30 payment be due?
  8. Yeah would definitely recommend you put your own eyes on a specimen you’d like. I’ve also never ordered fish online but my time on the forums has shown signs. Blue Zoo Aquatics is a trusted site. https://www.bluezooaquatics.com/index.asp Live Aquaria is also good but only from the Divers Den. https://m.liveaquaria.com/diversden/index.cfm?cmpid=IB-_-HP-_-061719_HMP_HERO_DD.jpg-_-mH2
  9. There’s the culprit. Side affect of carbon dosing. Make sure you have a good clean skimmer. Make sure any and all filter sponge don’t get clogged up with the same snot. Might consider reducing the dosage a bit too.
  10. Sounds like bacterial slime. Are you carbon dosing anything? Bio pellets, vodka, sugar, Red Sea Nopox?
  11. Well not sure when this was resolved but it is. 👍🏽 Thanks to all involved.
  12. I too can not see hahndn’s post. Also the same is happening with the May meeting minutes. Can’t see that post either.
  13. Up to 7 notifications. Still can’t access them.
  14. That’s pretty cool Brooke!! Congrats! I’d let them do their thing free fish food snack. You could collect them and try to raise them up in a separate tank to sell in the future, but that’s more involved. Maybe a few will survive anyway in the tank.
  15. Very nice Bud! 👍🏽
  16. Hi Brooke 👋🏽 It’s a pretty normal looking baby tank. Diatoms are starting to recede. I also feel GFO is more beneficial than carbon , not sure if that’s something you can switch in a canister filter. Make sure you change the filter media in the canister, you don’t want that getting clogged up with waste. You have a bit of hair algae on your rocks it looks like. I think it’s time for some working fish! Smaller Zebrasoma would be a great addition. Yellow tang , purple tang, or scopas tang. Or maybe a bristletooth tang. Before you add it take that rock out and scrub as much of that off as you can with a brush of some kind. If you can’t pull that rock out scrub it during a water change and suck up the bits of algae then. Green algae on the glass is easy fix. Put that Magfloat to work. I clean mine about once a week.
  17. Lots of green algae out there. You have a picture? Where is it growing? What are your nitrate and phosphate levels? Lighting could be an issue but in this case I think the question on this issue in relation to algae is spectrum. Watchman goby, pistol shrimp, Idaho? If this is who I think it is. You’re running a current USA LED strip.
  18. I’ll be there! Not sure about the fam yet. I plan on bringing Mini Pigs in a Blanket for the pitch in.
  19. Anyone have any fish related memes put them here.
  20. Hey Ryan it’s still not working for me.
  21. Still same here. Up to 4 notifications now. I’m on mobile. Maybe that’s the difference.
  22. Some will eat coral yes. But some just multiply rapidly and become an eye sore.
  23. Something is going on in my notifications icon. When I try to see them I get an error code.
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