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  1. Still same here. Up to 4 notifications now. I’m on mobile. Maybe that’s the difference.
  2. Some will eat coral yes. But some just multiply rapidly and become an eye sore.
  3. Something is going on in my notifications icon. When I try to see them I get an error code.
  4. Looks normal. The example is simply pointing at the area where the black plunger needs to be positioned. The air gap is the displacement of air from the plunger to the opening prior to filling. As long as the plunger is pulled from 0 to 1 you will have 1 ml no matter the air gap.
  5. My only suggestion is to add a air vent to the top 90s add a 2” long straw for added height away from the water. The vent will ease the air water turbulence causing the all that racket, kinda like turning them into a durso stile drain.
  6. Looks like the metal is the only spot for it. Why can’t you put it in the metal? Drill and tap the metal for a 1/4” quick to 1/4”npt. It’s what I did. Granted I did it into plastic, but it will work the same in metal. Here’s a pic of mine.
  7. Little over due update! These guys are getting big and beautiful! Biggest one is now over 3/4” when fully open. Keep your eyes out probably in about a couple of months I’ll be putting these for sale.
  8. I use regular instant ocean. Readily available just about everywhere. Very Inexpensive if not the most inexpensive. Also a great reputation and trusted brand for a long time.
  9. 196.9 ppm = 11 DKH. Your alk could be high from overdosing. If you stopped using the two part cause your alk was high only stop using the alk portion of the two part, and continued to does the calcium solution. You may need to dose slightly different amounts. Another thing to look at is the salt. What is The Reef using for salt these days. If it’s an elevated alk salt, you are contributing to the alk imbalance. Test the new water to see where it’s at before performing a water change.
  10. No need to apologize that’s the whole point of the forum my friend. What you have there is a Chiton. Aka the Rollie Pollie of the ocean 🤪. Here a link that should help with anything else you may find. http://www.lionfishlair.com/hitchhiker/hitchhiker.shtml
  11. Looks like he’s on a plug. Just pull it out scrape it off. Scalpel, bone cutters , butter knife even could work.
  12. Twizzlers the first pic is gorilla nipples not sure on pic 2 but not candy apple reds
  13. @PetesFolly Bob really Wish i could make this one. You know Chanel’s does too. Maybe we’ll come for the after party once the wedding is over. 😁
  14. There’s a few types of BWs you should avoid as they get large. The type you got here is the good type.
  15. Saw this story on R2R thought I’d share it here too. https://www.newsweek.com/north-carolina-michael-ray-hinson-fish-room-animal-cruelty-animal-abuse-new-1385857
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