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  1. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Alright everyone I’ve been back to 100% operational for over a week now. Can’t say enough about Central Indy Aquatics! Kenna went above and beyond to help me get the supplies I needed. Truly a shop that cares about its customers and their little piece of the ocean. Now to get rid of that starfish!😠
  2. Gonzo620

    My skimmer will not stop overflowing!

    Be patient buddy sometime it just takes longer. On another note make sure your sump lever for the skimmer is correct. Make sure the gate valve is wide open. Leave that cup off another day, it won’t hurt.
  3. Gonzo620

    Photo hosting sites

    IMGBB over here as well.
  4. Gonzo620

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Can the coral saw be available for this meeting?
  5. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    I think so! My only conclusion was my wandering chocolate chip starfish in my sump blocked the drain from the frag tank. Causing the frag tank to overflow.
  6. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Not sure, but I’m guessing they’re not interchangeable. My biggest concern with trying it would be the output voltage. The prime is 24V output you can see in the pic. If the others have a different output I’d end up cooking the fixture if it’s not already.
  7. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    I’m thinking tomorrow would be fine it not a total emergency return pumps are still operational. Here’s a pic of the unit with the details to see if you got it. Text or call me if it’s easier 7658942411
  8. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Definitely a good idea!
  9. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Yeah today sucks!
  10. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Definitely need one for testing purposes and hope they work. New power supply cost is tolerable compared to all new powerheads. When can I swing by or meet up with you?
  11. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Well I’ll be visiting Lowe’s soon. I designed the stand to hold the water so that payed off. But now I’ll be mounting all electrical components up higher for sure.
  12. Sorry about the blurry photos but I was a little frantic this morning at 4:30am. I woke up for work and as I started downstairs I could smell the burnt electrical odor and heard the Ato sucking air. I opened the stand doors to find the stand full of water. About 4” of standing water inside the stand. So here is what I need some help with. I would like to use a AI PRIME HD power supply to see if the fixture is still good. This would verify that the only damaged components would be the power supply so I can purchase a replacement. I’m hoping the same is true with the power supplies for my Tunze 6105 powerheads.
  13. Gonzo620

    My 20 long reef

    Long story short. Once the bubbles have accumulated enough organically on their surface they don’t pop as quick. Get enough of these and they act like a membrane. Then the air from the fresh bubbles popping underneath accumulates pushing the very dirty bubbles/membrane upward and into the cup.
  14. Gonzo620

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I’ll be there.
  15. Gonzo620


    Fishy indeed. The Xenia coral through me off aswell.