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  1. I understand the heart ache Paul. You know what would look amazing up there? Some yellow. I can imagine a nice Japanese Fat head Dendro. You could leave the gorg and put the dendro in front of the gorg slightly over the candy canes. They grow like a Duncan colony in shape. Hardy cause they’re NFS. just gotta feed it, but it’s high enough it should catch food daily from fish feeding. I got mine from POTO. here’s a pic of the colony mine came from.
  2. Hey Paul sorry about the Duncan. I know Duncan’s tend to be a canary coral for people. Maybe he was slow to react to the AI prime. You may have corrected unknowingly. I’ll hook you up if you lose it. I’m pretty sure you selected the lifetime warranty when you picked it up. 😉🤫
  3. I don’t heat my water before mixing salt or after.i don’t heat at all. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Is there concern? Should I be? @PaulS.46122 Very exciting can’t wait to see the scape!
  4. Got this gorilla nipples zoa colony I want out of the display $50
  5. I’ve got a few frags of my new favorite zoa available. These are high end $60 frags and a steal compared to retail. WWC AOI Zoas
  6. A few more frags for everyone. Pink Birds nest $10 ORA Mint Pavona $20 Green Blasto $10 Rastas, Sunny Ds, BEBBs, Blue Tubbs $20 each
  7. Gonzo620

    New guy here

    Not in Noblesville but up in Lebanon. Tell us about your set up.
  8. I’ll be there!!! Here’s 3 I’ll bring. Very big Granny Smith frag $30 very big Granny Smith/Sunny D mix $30 Bam bam/Granny Smith mix $20
  9. Sicce all the way Ryan! I’ve had my 3.5 since it was on my 90 gallon now on the 180. I clean it twice a year.
  10. I love the prime. What program are you running? Or are you custom?
  11. I hope I don’t work too late, but I plan on attending.
  12. First 1 is a forest fire digi. Pic 2 is up in the air. I have no idea. But if you’re twisting my arm and I had to guess I’d say maybe a PC rainbow.
  13. Your photo looks normal to me. When you run the unit waste water will be produced so you’re supposed to have waste water coming out. The valve in the photo appears to be a membrane flush valve. Now if that is on, the waste water will be coming out very strong. Plus you won’t produce clean water at a proper rate. I don’t know anything about an automatic shutoff you say you need. Nothing on mine is automatic. Turn a valve open it runs turn the valve closed it’s off. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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