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  1. Gonzo620

    February Meeting

    I plan on attending.
  2. Gonzo620

    Greg’s 30g cube

    Hi 👋🏽 welcome to the club Greg. I grew up in Lafayette. Take it you shop at Aquarium World. I know those guys real well. I take them coral for trade often. Those pink guys in your tank look real familiar😜. Tank looks great. Hope to see you at some meetings.
  3. Gonzo620

    January 2019 Meeting

    Thanks mike for having us invade your home. Can’t wait to see the tank again. Chanel thanks you and apologizes again. Your hospitality was unmatched.
  4. Gonzo620

    Angel picking at Acans

    Hey Eric is was he actually picking at the polyps or the skeleton/base. The polyp would deflate in both cases. However if he’s picking at the polyp when it’s deflated he definitely has a taste for acans. If that’s the case you have 3 options. 1 no more flame angel. 2 trade for a different flame angel ( hope he doesn’t like coral). 3 no more acans.
  5. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    When are we going up on reeftrader.com?
  6. Gonzo620

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    Link for the indmas logo still didn’t work for me also. This plus I couldn’t get my design just right so I just gave up. @ReefNewby82
  7. Gonzo620

    January 2019 Meeting

    I’m attending +1 maybe +2
  8. Gonzo620

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    Im also available for the 7am setup Saturday morning.
  9. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    @ReefNewby82 No blue ones. I can confirm that most are very unique. I had only one that looks like the mother.
  10. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    Update on these guys. All is well and they have doubled in size! Found a few more shortly after my first post. A week ago had a couple die do to some kind of slime/bacteria that was covering the two anemone. I think it was caused by some leftover food. With a new total of 20 babies! I hope to not have anymore loses.
  11. Gonzo620

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    That’s the winner. @PaulS.46122 love it.
  12. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Can we get a map/table layout?
  13. Gonzo620

    Hobby Tables for 2019 Swap

    Payment sent! Exciting!!!
  14. Gonzo620

    Gem Tang Pics

    Definitely agree about it being overrated. Nevertheless nice healthy looking fella.
  15. Gonzo620

    Zoa's / Palyps Spawning

    Now that is cool!