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  1. Posted some frags on reeftrader. Go check it out! http://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/73/listings
  2. Frag swap wish list

    Put some up! WYSIWYG!!!
  3. Frag swap wish list

    I’ll be posting soon maybe get a few on tonight.
  4. coral feeding

    Reef-Roids all the way!!
  5. I was going to be looking to renew my membership at the February meeting. Does that make it simpler?
  6. I’ll do 7 a.m. Saturday. XL
  7. I’ll be there. + 2 kids. So get that touch tank stocked up CIA.
  8. This frag made it home great! Edges are all healed up and this is the first pic of it.
  9. I will be there +1. Can we please have the microscope at this meeting as well as water test kits. Won’t forget my samples this time setting an alarm to remind me to leave the house with them right now. Lol
  10. String things growing out of live rock.

    I had these in my old 90 and a few in my new 180 in the beginning 6 months or so. One day I just didn’t see them anymore. If you find out what they are Id like to know.
  11. Love it when stuff like this happens. I had a purple monti chip that was mostly dead, coraline had started to grow on it. The remaining purple bleached out so I snapped it off and tossed it in the sump rubble pile. Few weeks later some purple cap rim started growing from what I thought was super glue!
  12. Frag plugs

    In my research I saw some people use wood. I used the plastic cause it was available and was killing time at work.
  13. Frag plugs

    So I know how inexpensive plugs are, but I still wanted to give it a whirl. I’m totally a DIY guy so why not plugs. Saves me a few buck and can possibly make some too. Started out by making the mold. First I cut a 3”x10”x2” thick block of delrin plastic work was about to trash into 4 strips. Next I bolted them back together with 6 long bolts. Then I drilled a 3/8” holes in a staggered pattern 1-1/4” deep. This will be the stems of the plugs. Once all the 3/8” holes were drilled I used a 7/8” drill bit to make the crowns. I drilled down 1/4” in depth. Next step was the recipe. I have some old clean sand in a bucket in the garage, and I managed to get some Portland cement from the bricklayers at work. I went with a ratio of 3 to 1. 3/4 cup of sand and 1/4 cup of Portland cement was enough for the mold and a few flat disc. I mixed all the ingredients in a empty calcium supplement container that I cut the top 1/4 off. I added enough water to create a syrupy consistency. This will allow any air bubbles to rise out of the mix. Now comes the fun part. I started scooping the mix into every plug hole in the mold. Once they were all filled I smoothed the surface and started to shake and tap on the mold to work out any trapped air bubbles and settle the mix in in every plug hole. Followed by a top off of mix to any low spots. Dry time is two days. And Shazam! Unbolt the mold pry the strips apart with a flat screwdriver, a few taps hear and there and a wiggle of the plugs and walla. Let me know if you wanna try for yourself. I’ll be happy to give any advice about the process.
  14. My 90 Gallon Build

    I think you do need your first baffle in order to support your egg crate and filter floss. Second and third baffles I would get rid of. I would cut a long slit in the forth baffle a couple of inches above the mud line so water flows through your chaeto rather than over top of it. Fifth and sixth baffle are good but the seventh and final baffle is counterproductive water will spill over and create bubbles in your return chamber. Just how I would do it