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  1. Budman hosted last years Retro Frag swap. Go to the next page of post and find the 2017 September meeting/Retro swap thread his address can be found there. Tips and Tricks with Gonzo620. 😬
  2. Gonzo620

    Vertex skimmer

    I started cycling my tank without a skimmer and had a small issue. Started a thread on here to try to figure it out. Basically the drains started acting like the skimmer and was producing what I call skim foam that was filling my first compartment of the sump. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out.
  3. Gonzo620

    Vertex skimmer

    Don’t believe it’s too large. It will be a good skimmer for a heavy stocked tank.
  4. Gonzo620

    Vertex skimmer

    You’re still in the cycle just be patient. Vertex skimmers have a good reputation. Let the tank do it’s thing. Adding food to the tank will usually cause skimmers to misbehave even in established systems.
  5. Gonzo620

    calcium alk and mag

    I use 2 part (BRS bulk the discontinued stuff) with 15% water changes every 2 weeks using IO salt. The regular stuff not the crystals. I think the water changes help control the mag so I don’t dose magnesium. I haven’t even messed with mag for about a year. I test for about once every couple of month. You know when I think to myself I haven’t checked it in a while I’ll check.
  6. Gonzo620

    New Clown is Sick

    If it is lympho there is no treatment due to it being a viral condition. It should go away on its own. However his lose of appetite may be another side affect of the growth being in his mouth and gills. Removing the growth in that case may help. Manual removal if possible, maybe a cleaner shrimp or wrasse. Also you maybe look into this being a bacterial infection. Good luck hope he makes it.
  7. Gonzo620

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    Sweet! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.
  8. Gonzo620

    150 bowfront

    Picture will help determine.
  9. Gonzo620

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I would love to participate! However I won’t be able to make the August meeting in time. Can we set up a meet up, or someone hold a frag for me?
  10. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Alright everyone I’ve been back to 100% operational for over a week now. Can’t say enough about Central Indy Aquatics! Kenna went above and beyond to help me get the supplies I needed. Truly a shop that cares about its customers and their little piece of the ocean. Now to get rid of that starfish!😠
  11. Gonzo620

    My skimmer will not stop overflowing!

    Be patient buddy sometime it just takes longer. On another note make sure your sump lever for the skimmer is correct. Make sure the gate valve is wide open. Leave that cup off another day, it won’t hurt.
  12. Gonzo620

    Photo hosting sites

    IMGBB over here as well.
  13. Gonzo620

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Can the coral saw be available for this meeting?
  14. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    I think so! My only conclusion was my wandering chocolate chip starfish in my sump blocked the drain from the frag tank. Causing the frag tank to overflow.
  15. Gonzo620

    Water in the stand!

    Not sure, but I’m guessing they’re not interchangeable. My biggest concern with trying it would be the output voltage. The prime is 24V output you can see in the pic. If the others have a different output I’d end up cooking the fixture if it’s not already.