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  1. Gonzo620

    Something fishy

    Lmao! 😂
  2. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    Agreed! The more you have the better the chances of acquiring males and females. I will be selling some for sure. Just want them to get some size first. Right now there the size of a piece of Nerds candy.
  3. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    @RajilNaja Thanks buddy I’m going to need it. Best of luck with your garden.
  4. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    Oh no! We live and learn.
  5. So yesterday I hosted the November meeting. During the meeting I noticed something very exciting. One of my rock nems was giving birth! Once the majority of the members left I started collecting them. Anyone else in the club have success with breeding these guys? They’re all about 1/8” in size and there’s quite a few.
  6. Thanks to all that came to the meeting it was wonderful having everyone here. Thanks for all the compliments on the tank and my wife Chanel, sends a special thanks for all the compliments on the food and our home.
  7. I don’t have any tables to set up in the garage so if anyone has a couple to bring that would be appreciated.
  8. It’s FRIDAY! Let’s get the last little stretch done and start this shindig!
  9. @PaulS.46122 best of luck to you. @CoralBeauty28 ✔️ @kalob No biggie. Come hang out anyway. Door prizes are always good so you might not leave empty handed.
  10. 1727 Jaques Dr Lebanon IN 46052
  11. @Saveafishreef if you have a nice dessert. I know @CzNik2 will have a treat for us.
  12. There’s actually 2 corals I’ve donated guys. These are some hefty frags looking for a good home. Here’s the other one
  13. Where are my procrastinators? 4 days till the meeting everyone.
  14. Gonzo620

    Rainford Goby

    For just one I would just scrape it off with a scalpel take a bit of rock off with it too. Do it during a water change and suck it up while you’re scraping.