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  1. Gonzo620

    NEW TO INDMAS, but not to the Hobby!

    👋🏽 Welcome! Look forward to meeting you.
  2. Gonzo620

    Tank upgrade

    Just my 2 cents here. You have a deep sand bed? About the only thing to worry about then is a sulfide pocket right? In that case I’m on your side on error on the side of caution. Considering you’ll still have inhabitants. If not all I see is a bunch of detritus clouds coming out. You could suck it out, rinse it out, and dry it out put it back in as clean dry sand. Use the $$$ for new fish and corals later. But... playing with new stuff always exciting! Lol That sand is very old, I mean it was sitting in the ocean for a bit before it was sucked up and packaged. 😉
  3. Gonzo620

    Tank upgrade

    I kept my old sand from my 90 when I upgraded to the 180. 90 was up for 3 years, not 9 though. Curious as to why you would want to get rid of the sand and uses all new? I found my upgrade process easy. I had both tanks running for some time. Put everything together added all my dry rock and sand with what was coming over from the 90 inmind. Left space for those pieces to be put in later. First thing that came over was the live rock pieces I liked and didn’t have coral on them. As well as as much as sand I could pick up with a fish net. One thing I was not prepared for when I did this was the displacement of the water when I removed that much mass from the aquarium. Had to shut the return off, pump all the water from the sump into the display, and run only powerheads till I made and mixed enough water. So don’t do this. Have some water ready. Once diatoms showed their face all the inverts went in. Plus more I bought. 1week later all the corals and their rocks from the 90. ( I was ready for the displacement here.) lol 1week after corals came the peaceful fish with new stock list in mind for order of introducing other fish to limit aggression. i slowly moved fish over and sold the rock I didn’t want to keep. Once most of the stuff was sold. I took the tank down.
  4. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    @Salthead Available at the event my friend.
  5. I can see the splash shield on my T5 fixture from the chair I sit in most in the living room. Helps having a tall stand too. It definitely gets salt creep mostly on one end. Seen fish slap water onto it too. Looked up at it last night after reading your post and told myself I’ll clean that on my next water change. Thanks Ryan
  6. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    No blue ones. @ReefNewby82 and I definitely wouldn’t subject the poor nem to a colts themed home. 😂
  7. Gonzo620

    Rock flower anemone

    Hi all! Update on these guys is long overdue. They’re steadily growing. I have noticed there’s a size difference in all of the nems not sure why. Maybe it’s they all grow at their own rates, or maybe it’s a sign of sex. Not sure but I will be documenting the stand outs. The bigger ones are around 3/8” round. The colors on these guys are really starting to show.
  8. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Reeftrader is definitely heating up!
  9. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Posted a few thing on reeftrader this morning more to come! https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/86/listings
  10. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    When and how can the hobbiest table spots be selected?
  11. Gonzo620

    Give a frag get a ticket

    5 from me.
  12. Gonzo620

    Just a little “how to” video for your enjoyment

    Get a towel hurry up. Lol😂
  13. Gonzo620

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    What happened to the rest of this thread?
  14. Gonzo620

    February Meeting

    I plan on attending.
  15. Gonzo620

    Greg’s 30g cube

    Hi 👋🏽 welcome to the club Greg. I grew up in Lafayette. Take it you shop at Aquarium World. I know those guys real well. I take them coral for trade often. Those pink guys in your tank look real familiar😜. Tank looks great. Hope to see you at some meetings.