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    Tanks biotoped themed, Caribbean my favorite. Rearing of marine fish/breeding. Propagation. Protecting and restoring natural reefs like coral restoration project in the Fla Keys Algae themed tanks. Seahorse/pipefish/garden eels/shrimp fish - (I do not have)
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    35gal 24x24x14 shallow cube 1/2" starphire glass, kessil A360/controller, hob skimmer, vortech mp10, lps, sps, zoas, gorgonians.

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  1. Plastic ocean is an eye opener. Especially with the number of fish and sea birds ingesting the stuff. Once beautiful beaches lined with plastic is sickening. I recently found slivers of plastic in some omega one frozen brine i was thawing. I know it came from the processing plant, but could easily kill your fish if ingested. Tossed that pack and will not purchase that brand again. I typically don’t feed much brine as it has low nutritional values compared to other foods, but picked it Up in a hurry running a few errands. Thaw and rinse your food in ro water as you never know what you could find.
  2. Better bring some surgical glue and bandaids if brandons running the saw.😁
  3. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    I would suggest an orange montipora digitata possibly center top. A nice focal point to a great looking tank
  4. My 90 Gallon Build

    Love chromis. Feed them a variety of foods and provide plenty of hiding places and they will do well for you
  5. Great Video!

    This has always bothered me and there was a time i thought about getting out of the hobby because of some of the practices in collection. How many times per week is this done? Looking back I know i lost fish in the late 70’s to cyanide poisening. Today most of those practices are obsolete. (We hope) I have always wondered the mortality rate for species shipped? Some of those bags had limited water in them and sure it is to lower shipping fees. It’s a good practice to support those that are active in propagation of corals and tank raised fish. It may be all we have in the very near future.
  6. So i fried a few corals when adding my new kessil A360 about a yr or so ago then due to a salt i used with elevated alk i had a few set backs, however i thought i lost my mummy eye chalice frag for good. I almost threw out the plug. I decided not to. Glad for that decision! A few months later i noticed life! After babying it along below is a pic of what transformed. A little morphed and looks sort of like a mushroom at times but it survived. So i wouldnt always rush to toss a plug with something that has appeared to have died. Life may reappear.
  7. ID chalice

    Can anyone ID this chalice for me? Appreciate it.
  8. I plan to attend. Missed some prior meetings due to family issues.
  9. Thought I would share an overhead shot of my 35 gal shallow cube before i venture out into Siberia to shovel snow. I got the tank and stand new at the frag swap 2 yrs ago.
  10. FTS_6-19-17.jpg

    Nice rockwork.
  11. 180g Acrylic Build

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I'm fond of the passionfruit.
  12. Would love to attend but its the day before my birthday and i have other plans that weekend
  13. Like the new site and much easier to navigate!