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    Tanks biotoped themed, Caribbean my favorite. Rearing of marine fish/breeding. Propagation. Protecting and restoring natural reefs like coral restoration project in the Fla Keys Algae themed tanks. Seahorse/pipefish/garden eels/shrimp fish - (I do not have)
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    35gal 24x24x14 shallow cube 1/2" starphire glass, kessil A360/controller, hob skimmer, vortech mp10, lps, sps, zoas, gorgonians.

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  1. Since I can’t attend (bummer) i’ll post my pay it forward items for anyone interested in a few weeks. Will try to do my part at a later time. 😁.
  2. I would like to attend as i have missed the last few meetings, but have a flu bug and opting out as I don’t want anyone to catch the fun. 🙁😷
  3. Gorgi

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    If i plan a scape it changes. I usually have an idea in mind but basically wing it
  4. Gorgi

    Favorite chalice

    I know the feeling
  5. Gorgi

    80 shallow

    https://www.amazon.com/Brightsky-Aquarium-Suspension-Bracket-Hanging/dp/B00E9LU9OS hope link works Thinking about purchasing this hanging kit for lights. I want to suspend a light weight wooden canopy with halides and t5’s inside. All retro as i have these. Lighting would not weigh much. Still not sure if i want this suspended weight on tank or use conduit mounted to stand. I’d most likely need 3/4” conduit to have it support weight. Plus i need to find someone that can bend the conduit. Conduit mounted to back would prob be cleaner looking
  6. Gorgi

    80 shallow

    One step closerto getting this tank up and going. Got a trigger system 36” sump for my birthday! Working out lighting plans. Still need to paint stand. Once that is done will prob plumb it. Test for leaks then start the cycle.
  7. Gorgi


    I have some on a larger zoa rock. Abour 2 yrs old. I feed filter feeding foods for nps gorgonians and they respond nicely to it as well. Mine have reproduced as i have found in other locations
  8. Plus if you dipped the zoas alot they could be ticked off and irritated and irritated from the pest munching on them.
  9. I could be wrong but you may have more excessive carbon dioxide in your apartment than you did in your house. This might be the reason for lower ph. if i am wrong someone please correct me. I’ve read this somewhere. I think reefkeeping.com
  10. Gorgi

    80 shallow

    Thanks for the suggestions and nice comments.
  11. Had issues with condensation build up on aluminum screen frame. Added plastic straw under clips and solved the issue.