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    Tanks biotoped themed, Caribbean my favorite. Rearing of marine fish/breeding. Propagation. Protecting and restoring natural reefs like coral restoration project in the Fla Keys Algae themed tanks. Seahorse/pipefish/garden eels/shrimp fish - (I do not have)
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    35gal 24x24x14 shallow cube 1/2" starphire glass, kessil A360/controller, hob skimmer, vortech mp10, lps, sps, zoas, gorgonians.

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  1. Favorite chalice

    I nice center piece for sure
  2. Favorite chalice

    Those look nice. I seem to be drawn to chalice but recently saw a Dr.Evil favia I’d love to have. I believe from Sexy corals.
  3. Thought i’d share a close up of one of my chalice corals
  4. This great as i would love to set up a pipefish, dragonet tank with some nice algae plants.
  5. I will be attending
  6. Acrylic glue

  7. Acrylic glue

    What type of acrylic glue is best? I need to get a tube for minor repair of a hob skimmer. Not familiar with this type product. So before i purchase the wrong type thought i would ask
  8. Love this idea. Have have sitter who is a vet tech and 1/4 mi from me. She has always done a super job but having a club member help would be idea. I always pay my sitter well and something to consider. My only concern on this great idea is having someone come into Your home you dont know that well.
  9. Here are some pics of my 35 cube. Nothing spectacular in my opinion, but thought i’d share. Guess my pics are too large as i could only add two
  10. Hey Ben i would be able to help with the tear down. Not sure if a shirt is needed for the clean up but if so, med for me.
  11. I will be there +1. Been wanting to rescape the cube and have some ideas, but a tad lazy lately, so hopefully I’ll i be inspired to get this project done!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I just find this interesting as more captive bred species are readily available and how it will affect future stock.
  13. Does anyone know if aquacultured fish breeders mix broodstock when selecting fish to pair up to breed? I think they would to strengthen the genetic line, but if its about profit, they may not. In my opinion a stronger genetic line produces a healthier and more beautiful fish. Apparently i have to much idle time on hand to be thinking about this and haven’t researched it, but curious if anyone knows?
  14. More of an fyi....Two years ago this coming March i purchased two ocellaris clowns from Booyahs at our frag swap. Both were of unequal size. Pretty docile for the most part until this last yr as the female decided to nip at my hands when cleaning the glass. For such small fish (which have grown a great deal) they have a nasty bite even through latex gloves. I had wondered when they would become sexually mature and have read it can take 1-2 yrs. Thats pretty accurate as i noticed this evening a small clutch of eggs on the seal of the tank. This is the first clutch of eggs i have seen. They host in a zoa colony which has really taken a beating the past month. I have no interest at present to raise clownfish, but can say it almost took two years for sexual maturity.