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    Tanks biotoped themed, Caribbean my favorite. Rearing of marine fish/breeding. Propagation. Protecting and restoring natural reefs like coral restoration project in the Fla Keys Algae themed tanks. Seahorse/pipefish/garden eels/shrimp fish - (I do not have)
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    35gal 24x24x14 shallow cube 1/2" starphire glass, kessil A360/controller, hob skimmer, vortech mp10, lps, sps, zoas, gorgonians.

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  1. Well I won’t be able to make it now. I have to travel. 😤 Was looking forward to the day. Some nice looking frags for sure.
  2. Will keep you posted. If you do not take i have another person interested, but since you replied first you have first dibs
  3. Pic was was recently taken prior to lights coming on. I may not bring him and if seriously interested i will hold as his tank will be moved to make room for my new build. Would prefer to rehouse when moving this tank.
  4. I will be there. May bring large colony of nuclear green palys, possibly a green goby i have had for 6 yrs and only current residence in the tank. Follows me around when doing maintenance. Not fond of pellets. Hate to rehouse him but my yellow goby will be put in his tank instead. Really want him to go to a good tank. Probably have some other zoas i could bring. Have some free anthelia.
  5. Thanks. Need to thin the colonies. Esp nuclear green palys as they are growing into the rastas
  6. Pic 1 Can anyone ID top orange coral pic 2 ID? really like pic 1 thanks
  7. Gorgi


    Mine has been family first, work (as my busy season is spring to Halloween) and getting these home improvements done. Time has not been on my side!
  8. Gorgi


    Thanks. Will check them out. Just going to have a new roof replaced over the old since the current roof is the original. There goes tank money. Ha ha. Plus plans are replace flooring in house too. Another cha ching. Just deciding if i want hardwoods or replace with carpet. Not sure about the tank on hardwood? The build is on hold until this is done even though i have most everything except the sand, salt, some more rock and few plumbing pieces and conduit for lights. Hauling and getting conduit bent are the issues there. I could hang from ceiling but light is 40lbs and i have cathedral ceilings. There has been so much delay with this tank that at times i wish i wouldn’t have started it, but i have invested to much money into it at this point. Thanks again and will definitely check out your suggestion.
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