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    Tanks biotoped themed, Caribbean my favorite. Rearing of marine fish/breeding. Propagation. Protecting and restoring natural reefs like coral restoration project in the Fla Keys Algae themed tanks. Seahorse/pipefish/garden eels/shrimp fish - (I do not have)
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    35gal 24x24x14 shallow cube 1/2" starphire glass, kessil A360/controller, hob skimmer, vortech mp10, lps, sps, zoas, gorgonians.

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  1. Gorgi

    Zoa id

    Thanks. I don’t think they are gorilla nips as they came off a Viet Nam rock plus they don’t look like my current nips.
  2. Gorgi

    Zoa id

    Pic 3 Bam Bam’s or Twizzlers
  3. Gorgi

    Zoa id

    So been trying to id a few zoas. Have searched zoa id sites, but honestly some look similar to one another with opposite names. Pic 1 I’m not sure what it is. Any thoughts? It looks like a Dreamweaver, but i could just call it egg drops on mars. Lol Pic two i believe to be red candy apple Thanks for your thoughts
  4. Gorgi

    Acrylic polishing

    I’m interested in this too. Have a few scratches on an acrylic tank i’d like to buff as well
  5. Gorgi

    Jneal 10gal nano

    Tank is made by advanced acrylic. Can see size btr in this photo
  6. Gorgi

    Jneal 10gal nano

    It’s actually a frag tank like what you see at a swap. Shallow. Don’t recall manufacturer, but purchased at cia Here is another pic. Running about one year.
  7. Gorgi

    Jneal 10gal nano

    A few more side shots
  8. Images are from member jneal 10 gal nano all in one tank. He hasn’t posted anything since becoming a member and i asked if i could show his tank. He agreed. Very simple set up. 10gal frag tank. Mechanical filtration, heater and return pump, a80 kessil light and ato. No skimmer (nothing fits) Corals include ricordia, zoas, miami chalice, rainbow chalice, purple rhodactis, blue discosoma, metalic orange discosoma, teal/green favia, sun coral and jfox Brain freeze. One fish, yellow goby. Black brittle star thats outgrown the tank, limpet, astrea snails and emerald crab. He does 1-2 gal water changes 2-3 x’s per month. Parameters are all in ck.
  9. Gorgi

    Snail face

    Only it’s mother could love it! I swear this snail face looks a tad “human”. Creepy. Especially the appendage between the eyes that looks like a nose. I once had a chalice that resembled the face of a gorilla. That was creepy as well as it looked back at you.
  10. Gorgi

    Quarantine clean up crew

    Thanks. I like the article
  11. How many members quarantine their snails shrimp, crabs 4-6 weeks after purchase? Some of the most inexpensive livestock we purchase. Curious as some lfs stores sell such livestock out of systems that house their fish. Most of these systems have shared filtration. Online ordering you have no clue as to what their systems look like. Cleanliness doesn’t mean there isn’t disease. Diseases and some pest easily could be transferred to main display by clean up crew. I have never had an issue with this, but with my new build something i am considering. You can’t medicate snails shrimp etc so quarantine would have to last long enough to beat the life cycle of ich and other diseases. Plus gives you time to view any pest that may show in the quarantine tank that arrived on the snail shells that may not be visible. Just curious if others quarantine clean up crew?
  12. Gorgi

    80 shallow

    Got my ati 8bulb fixture last week. Thought i better fire it up to make sure it works. Really like it so far. Built well. Fans are quiet even at max speed. Unit is heavy! Was going to suspend from ceiling but having second thoughts on that plan.
  13. Gorgi

    Renewal of membership

    Me so bad. What i get for reading so late at night after tossing and turning and unable to sleep. Invoice is for payment.
  14. I renewed my membership at the frag swap for 20.00 and filled out the nice lil renewal form. Tonight i received an email stating a new invoice has been generated for “me” and to renew my membership for 21.00. How do i resolve?