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  1. Haven't been able to make the last few & looking forward to this one!
  2. Thanks! That should easy enough. Sounds like I can save up soiled filter socks and wash them when I get a load.
  3. New to using filter socks & tried hand washing in fresh water & rinsing in RODI. Seems like no matter how many times I rinse, they are still a little dingy. I figure detergent is out, but is there anything else to help get them clean?
  4. Sump questions any input

    I use E Fins (E-fins.com). Picked it up about a year ago @ Premium Aquatics. Nice price point & included a computer unit, solenoid valve, water level sensor, & dc pump. Only issue is that iwhen bumped the sensor wire, it messed up the level. Fix was duct taping wire over lip of sump.
  5. I set up an auto feeder, make sure the ATO reservoir can handle a few more days than I will be gone & pray that there are no power interruptions, the AC unit doesn't fail, & obsess over the worst of anything that could happen till I get home. We need to set up a reef sitter service!
  6. How is your Tomini tang getting along? That guy is also on my list, as I have read great things about them. What do you feed him?
  7. Monti bugs?

    Whatever it was, it disappeared after a couple days. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Thought I had a small black necrotic spot on a nice Tyree Sand dollar. The spot was small, maybe less than a mm across on the 3" specimen. I didn't think much of it, since I had a burnt edge a few months ago, wheen it battled (and lost) with another monti that grew too close. Anyway, the black spot bleached out, and now I believe that I have a visitor / bug. This just started about a week / 10 days ago. Now I noticed that in the moonlight lighting phase that there is an extension and retraction of this creature, whatever it is. During the day it's not visible. Two pics attached, one with it slightly extended, and the other fully extended. Its quite small, maybe 1.5 mm when extended. Any idea what it is and if its a pest, how to dispatch it. I am at the point of transferring everything from my 29g display to a 75g tank, so I can either snipe at what's ailing this monti, or take a shotgun / nuke approach after moving vulnerable Inverts. Very low bioload: SPS / LPS dominated, two nice perc. clowns, large coral banded shrimp, 4 snails & 4 red claw hermits.
  9. Cause or effect?

    Yep, especially those white ones with multiple arms, lol!
  10. Cause or effect?

    OMG! I am so glad I grabbed those little buggers every time I saw one. Long handled hemostats are great for plucking them out.
  11. heater placement

    I believe Cobalt fixed that issue with their heaters. I've had one for over a year and no problems. Incredible consistency in temp, +/- varies less than one tenth of a degree. Agree 100% about not placing heater on the return section. I'm going to two heaters & still planning to have both in the sump.
  12. Beananimal overflow

    You can get them locally thru Grainger Supply. Usually takes them a day to get in. Much quicker than mail order.
  13. February Meeting

    What a great meeting. Cool demo + an awesome combination of finned & feathered friends. Thank you, Ryan, Ross, Clayton & Brian for making this meet such an unforgettable treat!
  14. I will do 2:30-5:00, M, Bill
  15. Testing

    With a refractometer & not a hydrometer