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  1. Would love to if: 1. Get a purple Haddon carpet anemone 2. Price- match ($595.00 in this case) 3. 14-day warranty
  2. Hello, Does anyone know what the current Live Aquaria coupon code is? Please advise. Thank you
  3. Hello, Any suggestions for a skimmer for a 6q aquarium? I was looking at the Bak-Pak 2 and ordered one from Drs. F&S, but they discontinued carrying them. Along with being efficient, low noise is a must. Thanks for your time, Don
  4. Hello, I have purchased the pictured brains from two different LFS. One shop said the one they sold me is a Trachy and the other was sold to me as a Welso. They look like the same species to me! Any ideas? Thanks, Don
  5. Hello, What is the "easiest" way to retrieve fish from overflow columns? I know, I know ... I have a lid but apparently not good enough. Please advise. Thank you, Don
  6. Hello, I have an internal 150 Octopus skimmer with a VarioS 2 pump. Almost every time I shut the skimmer off for any reason I have to "tune" the skimmer by way of the either of the pump speed and/or the gate valve on the skimmer housing. When I power the skimmer back on, the height of the water in the sump has not changed. I have had the pump for months and I would think the "break in time" would be done by now. I e-mailed back and forth with Coral Vue, but did not get an answer that made any sense. I do not think they really read the message. Please advise. Thank you, Don
  7. Hello, I have a 150g reef tank that is about 1.5 years old with lots of fish. I am wondering what I should generally consider being the right amount of different types crabs, snails and stars and any other "cleaners" I should consider. Any thoughts? Thanks, Don
  8. Hello, OK, I finally figured out why I was getting electricity in my system . . . the bleepin' heater (as almost everyone said would be the problem). It is a Finnex 800W Titanium heater. I have now put everything on GFCI outlets. When I first put everything on the GFCIs, the one for the heater did pop. I took resat the connection with the heater still attached and the GFCI did not pop again. 1. Has anyone had experience of these heaters acting up? I have only had this one for a little over a year. 2. Is there such a thing as a monitor/probe that detects electricity and alerts me like my Apex system regarding other things? Thanks for your help, Don
  9. Hello, I have a grounding probe in my sump (standard 1.5-2" probe length). I am still getting shocked in both the sump and the DT. Per what I have read, I am supposed to attach the probe(s) directly to the outlet. My problem is I cannot easily access the outlet as it is behind the sump. In fact, I tore down the sump to get the one probe attached. As I was putting everything back together, I did not get shocked until the following day. Three questions (initially anyway): 1. How many probes should I use? 2. Should I have them in both the sump and the DT? 3. Since the outlet is not accessible, is there another way I can utilize the probe(s)? Thanks for your help, Don
  10. Hello, We had a bonded pair of clowns but the male (smallest one) died. The surviving one is about 2.5" if that. I would like to get your opinion of if "she" would bond with another if it is smaller than her or if I could get a new pair and leave her there. Please advise. Thanks, Don
  11. Hi Troy, Thanks for responding. I have been slammed work wise. What is your schedule normally like? Thanks, Don
  12. I am in the Lawrence/Oaklandon are (near Geist). I have a mixed bag of Softies, LPS, SPS and non-photo. 150g DT.
  13. Hello, What are the chances I can have someone come over and help me make sure place corals in ideal spots in our aquarium? Thanks, Don
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