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  1. Hello, I am looking for advice/opinions. I am thinking of stocking my 150g reef aquarium with the following: 1 – Blue dot/spot jawfish 1 – Lawnmower Blenny 2-3 – Smaller Blennies 1 – Snowflake Eel (IF I can find one that will not be aggressive) 1 – Zebra Eel 1 – Yellow Tang 1 – Powder Blue Tang 1 – Yellow Eye Kole Tang 1 – Purple Tang 1 – One Spot Foxface Rabbitfish 2 – Oc. Clown (bonded) 6 – Purple firefish 4 – Blue Chromis 3-4 – Basslets/Dottybacks (heard and experienced different things about mixing the two) 3-4 – either Anthias or Wrasse of some type I understand about the bio load issue. I am asking about order of introduction and compatibility. Any advice/opinion is great appreciated. Have a great day, Don
  2. I would love to get a Naso but they get huge!
  3. 150g reef
  4. Hello, I have a Yellow Tang doing hunky dory fine. I have struck out with PB Tangs (3 of them), I am done with them. I would like to get another tang of some sort that would be about the same size as the yellow (adult size). Any opinions about any particular species? Thanks, Don
  5. Hello, Newby here! I have pH issues. i am having difficulty keeping it up to 8 or higher. I have read in several places Borax can be used and will not mess with alkalinity, but not sure how to implement (dosage, frequency, how to deploy). Also, my Apex probe said my pH was at 8 when my ITS test said it was 7.5. Please advise. Have a great day, Don
  6. Hello, Are volunteers still needed for the swap this Saturday? If so, where do I go to volunteer? Have a great day, Don
  7. Count me in! My first meeting! Will the address be sent?