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  1. That's fine I just need some to mix into this. Aquaforest has a short lifespan once mixed so I need to get it in the tank. I sent you a pm.
  2. Preferably near Noblesville.
  3. Anyone have any salt I can borrow? I started my water change day and ran out of salt 😔. Prefer aquaforest but really I would take any salt. Just a few cups worth would probably do the trick. Let me know! 7657024226
  4. Still in the feeling out stage I think. I wasn't sure what the par was with LEDs so I just started the T5 fixture higher and have been slowly moving it down so I'm not sure what the sweet spot is. I'm probably about 10-12" above waterline right now. The only thing I miss about LEDs is the pop. I think the corals are probably a truer color now but since my fixture has 4 bulbs on each plug I can't run only LEDs on it at any time.
  5. Recently switched from Hydras to an 8 bulb Tek Elite with 3 Blue plus, 3 coral plus and two Biotek B5 blue led tubes. So far so good. Haven't measured par or anything.
  6. Be aware of what your salt mix of choice is. That will bring your levels up or down every time you do a water change. I like to try to keep mine around what my salt mixes at to minimize that frustration.
  7. The stems snap off pretty easily and I just glue the discs down. Or snap the frag off if it hasn't encrusted yet and ditch the plug completely.
  8. Ok corals came in from BC and it was also water change day so I tried taking some iPhone pics and adjusting with the SnapSeed app to attempt to edit out the blue. It may be time to invest in one of those top down acrylic boxes as my camera skills are pretty weak. Hard to tell but Secale is bottom left, June Ruby is Northeast of it, Shades of Fall is to the right of that, and Goldilocks is above those two. And some other random shots of coral in my tank that were not totally washed out by the lights.
  9. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  10. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  11. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  12. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  13. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  14. From the album Carl's 80 gallon

  15. From the album Carl's 80 gallon