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  1. chac317

    Zoa Identification

    I’m finding polyps pop up all over the tank I’m sure I could make a frag for you anytime.
  2. chac317

    Zoa Identification

    Here’s a couple close ups with and without orange filter to maybe help with id.
  3. Anybody know what these are? Can’t remember where I got the original small frag from but now they’re growing over the bottom glass and I’m curious. I’ve circled the clusters and attach pics of full daylight, evening and reefbrite leds only.
  4. chac317

    Zoa/Paly growout challenge

    I’m in. Can’t make meeting though I work weekends.
  5. chac317

    WWC coral club

    I was looking into that on R2R. Probably gonna grab the silver subscription as well. Did you get anything else in the box? I think they said it would include clothing or partner products also. Got any pics of the frags?
  6. I’ve made the jump. I picked up a used acrylic tank from someone who had it in a storefront. This will be a slow project since my wife is a bit leery about the massive size and will accept nothing less than furniture grade appearance. It has a basic stand but obviously that will need to be cleaned up. I will probably be looking for help on ideas of plumbing and lighting and I know there are a ton of you out there with larger sized tanks that I’d love some input! My first concern is humidity. Do those with big tanks in Indiana have that problem ever? And are there any other issues or pointers I should know as I get ready to start gathering materials for this build? My my little brother is in the picture for size reference. Dimensions are 8’ by 3’ by 12”
  7. chac317

    Clean up crew questions

    100 snails total holy cow. I have an 80 gallon with only hermits. I find them more helpful as I only ever see snails on the glass, other than nassarius, and I clean that myself anyway. Plus the hermits always end up killing some of the snails anyway. But yeah I agree with the above, start with 1/4.
  8. This has happened to me twice. Luckily, both times the fish was a slender type so after failing with a net I just took my water change tubing and sucked the fish out and into a bucket.
  9. chac317

    What lights are you guys running?

    It’s a tek elite fixture
  10. chac317

    What lights are you guys running?

    That’s what I use. I have an 8 bulb T5 unit and 2 reefbrite tech bulbs attached. It definitely puts out a lot of light.
  11. chac317

    2018 INDMAS T-shirt Preorders

    Got mine ordered. I’ll take a Large please
  12. So I got home from work and my heater/controller combo has died on me. Anybody have a heater I can use until Monday when I can get to modern or premium? I have a small back up but it will not be enough for my 80 gallon tank. Please text for quickest response at 7657024226
  13. chac317

    New house = tank upgrades

    Most of the tank builds I’ve seen that do dedicated circuits do 20 amp circuits. Beyond that I’m not an electrician ha.
  14. chac317

    80 gallon shallow

    Tunze glass magnet fell apart and dropped into the tank and smashed the tip of this yellow Tort. Hate that stupid magnet it always is falling apart. Hopefully the coral recovers
  15. chac317

    80 gallon shallow

    Got my contest frag in the mail today. Luckily it warmed up a bit before shipping. Frag is a little washed out in color from shipping but hopefully it comes back quickly.