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  1. Honestly I found myself in the same situation a few months back and decided to stop buying stuff and just leave it be and whatever happens happens, and I was prepared to start over if needed. Surprisingly (or maybe not) the tank did better than ever just by ignoring it, aside from biweekly water changes. I’m in the process of some major changes to rock work and lighting in my tank now and have seen some negative effects in some of my corals which I assume is due to the changes. I’m going through another period of trying not to buy livestock and just let things settle again so time will tell if it will work again. hang in there!
  2. Daylight pic with all 8 bulbs on. 4 blue +, 2 coral + and 2 actinic plus the two reefbrite strips. Put an orange gel filter on to try and filter out the blue look
  3. Here are a couple with the 4 of the 8 t5 bulbs still on (2 blue + and 2 actinic). I’ll try to remember to get one with the coral + bulbs on tomorrow during daytime.
  4. Finally got my hands on a weeping willow. Gave it its own frag mound to take over.
  5. Finally got the new rock piece in the tank tonight. Got a few more in the mail as well. I’m still working on clearing more space as I don’t like this just flat in the middle of the tank. I still need to move a lot of the frags onto the branches but I had my hands in the tank long enough tonight. I like how it is looking so far and hopefully the frags moved will settle in quickly. Here is a couple pics tonight with the reefbrites only. I’ll try to get some daylight pics tomorrow to better show the fixture details.
  6. And Reef Brite only shot before bedtime
  7. New babies patiently waiting on the new rock work to arrive today.
  8. Anyone here good with acrylic or 3D printing? I’m looking to get a small floating box for my phone to be able to take top down shots. I found one online but after shipping it’s like $50. Is this something that could be easily made out of scrap acrylic?
  9. You could do a nice toadstool, maybe a weeping willow. Pretty much indestructible and would give you the movement you’re looking for, although it may outgrow the tank in time.
  10. I used to use Aquarimate (iOS). It was pretty good I just quit updating it because I’m lazy. You can track parameters, purchase dates of equipment and livestock, feeding times, and set reminders. If I could afford it I’d buy a Mindstream and let it automate all my parameter testing for me, again because I’m lazy
  11. Aquarocks sent me a vid and some pics of my piece he’s putting the finishing touches on. Can’t wait to load these plates up with zoanthids!
  12. chac317

    New guy here

    Looks like metal halide lighting to me.
  13. Came across this today. $13 a piece for the next 8 or so hours. Not my designs don’t know the designer but some pretty cool shirts to sport your favorite reef fish! https://www.teepublic.com/user/angryocean
  14. Came across this tonight also. Pretty cool poster for any other zoa lovers
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