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  1. What lights are you guys running?

    It’s a tek elite fixture
  2. What lights are you guys running?

    That’s what I use. I have an 8 bulb T5 unit and 2 reefbrite tech bulbs attached. It definitely puts out a lot of light.
  3. 2018 INDMAS T-shirt Preorders

    Got mine ordered. I’ll take a Large please
  4. So I got home from work and my heater/controller combo has died on me. Anybody have a heater I can use until Monday when I can get to modern or premium? I have a small back up but it will not be enough for my 80 gallon tank. Please text for quickest response at 7657024226
  5. New house = tank upgrades

    Most of the tank builds I’ve seen that do dedicated circuits do 20 amp circuits. Beyond that I’m not an electrician ha.
  6. 80 gallon shallow

    Tunze glass magnet fell apart and dropped into the tank and smashed the tip of this yellow Tort. Hate that stupid magnet it always is falling apart. Hopefully the coral recovers
  7. 80 gallon shallow

    Got my contest frag in the mail today. Luckily it warmed up a bit before shipping. Frag is a little washed out in color from shipping but hopefully it comes back quickly.
  8. One of these days I’m going to luck into a Saturday off work and be there. Not this time 😔
  9. 80 gallon shallow

    So I was fortunate enough to be part of a grow out contest on R2R with Battlecorals. There are 40 contestants and the piece is Vivid Rainbow Delight. Winner gets a battle box. I will try to post the progression shots here as well as a follow up. Hope I win!
  10. 80 gallon shallow

    And finally, an up to date full tank shot. Thanks Brandon for the gel filter idea I am pretty pleased with the result. Pretty close to how I see it with the naked eye when only the reefbrites are on!
  11. 80 gallon shallow

    Zoomed view from side with the couch in the tank room.
  12. 80 gallon shallow

    Group shot of some hard to capture pieces towards the back of my tank, Walt Disney, battlecorals Goldilocks, battlecorals blueberry fields, wild mint sarmentosa
  13. 80 gallon shallow

    Bonsai frags including green Slimer, purple Stylo, Hawkins, aquasd rainbow Milli, JF red hot setosa and some wild pieces
  14. 80 gallon shallow

    Part of the frag bonsai tree. Includes bubblegum Digitate, rr Wolverine, JF fox flame, palmers blue Milli, spongeodes, green vermiculata, SB Yellow Tort, wwc yellow tips, and more
  15. 80 gallon shallow

    gel filter test picture time!