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  1. If anybody has a 50 gallon bag of reef crystal I can buy it or loan it until my 200 gallon box from Amazon gets here. Thanks for any help
  2. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Time or an update. Having a little hair algae issue but otherwise doing fine. I've been running without a refugium for a while but will be doing a little altering to the filtration soon. 2017-04-06_10-40-44 by dsmithwc04, on Flickr
  3. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    I've got the Large Hammer coral (softball size with 9+ heads) and the Large Frogspawn (slightly smaller than a softball as seen middle of the full tank shot) for sale. I'm increasing flow in the tank now and they can't fully extend. Have been growing super fast as has everything in the tank.
  4. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Well, it's been a while and the racing season is finally over so I've got more time to look after the aquarium. It's been pretty much on autoflight since about march so other than my 40 gallon water change every 3-4 weeks and cleaning equipment it's been taking care of itself. I thought I would provide a few shots of the growth. Several pieces have grown more than a few inches in a short amount of time. Fantastic! Keep in mind I had just fed the fish so the water is a bit saturated with food.
  5. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Adding (2) 40 gallon tanks to the system that I got from a forum member. They will operate as a display and sump which will get water from the left side overflow from the 220 and then that water will empty back into the main 55 gallon sump. I installed a ball valve in the original overflow pipe and then put a "T" before and after the ball valve. By shutting the ball valve the water will then drain into the 40 gallon sump through a bulk head. Another bulk head was installed on the 40 gallon sump to return water back into the "T" fitting after the ball valve. Sounds complicated but it was an easy way to add 60+ more gallons of water volume. Not exactly sure how I'm going to use them though. Perhaps for some species that I can't have in the Reef. Below are some pictures to show what I mean.
  6. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Upgraded the skimmer. The RO 200 was undersized but got a good deal on a RO 5000. Whoever said size doesn't matter...?
  7. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    In keeping with tradition, another one month review of some of the coral growth in the system. Some of the angles on the newer pics aren't identical but the growth is real. Also, tissue color on some of the newer additions towards the bottom is rapidly increasing for the better. They were almost bleached when I got them.
  8. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Premium Aquatics definitely did right by me this morning. I got an email from Jason and he was very fair in working with me on the empty shells and the linkia. Looks like I will be making another trip to PA sometime soon and pick up a few things.
  9. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    The blue linkia bit the dust. I got home from the office today and its legs were all separated and white goo was coming out of them. Pretty gross, luckily I had a 30 gallon batch of fresh saltwater ready to go and after fishing the linkia out of the tank I did a water change. The starfish was still just as blue as the day I bought it too. Premium Aquatics has a pretty good reputation but I'm afraid my experience with their livestock wasn't the best. The folks were nice enough, but every bumblebee snail I got was an empty shell and the blue linkia starfish was dead most likely before I got home. Everything else seams to be doing good so thats a plus. I'm definitely staying away from starfish moving forward as I don't think they are worth the hassle. I've read there is something like 90% mortality rate of linkias in the first 30 days and that is a perfect reason why we should refrain from even harvesting these from their natural habitat. Lesson learned.
  10. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Blue linkia still in same spot and has not moved. After thinking about it, I never niticed him move while in the bag once I got home and even while acclimating it. Im now considering the possibility it was dead before I even got home.
  11. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Went to Premium today and picked up a couple new inverts. 2 green emeralds (How can you not for $2.50??), 2 peppermint shrimp, a few tronch snails, sally light foot and a blue linkia. I've always wanted a blue linkia but not the nerves to try one but they had a very healthy specimen in their tank and it was only $15 so I figured why not. Let it float for 25 minutes and then spent 20+ minutes drip acclimating it and figured I should be good. However, I did not know that they are extremely sensitive to oxygen changes and I did have him out of the water for a few seconds when transferring it to the tank from the bag. Hopefully he does alright but he's been sitting in the same spot he landed on the sand for the last 20 minutes which is not good. I've heard these guys eat asterina starfish as part of their diet so he should never go hungry in my tank if he makes it through the introduction stage. I've got asterinas out the ying yang but don't really mind them, the wife thinks they are cute and the little one loves to point at them while "helping" me clean the front glass so I never tried removing them. I'll update it's status as the weekend moves along.
  12. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    So here is another (near) month review on growth. Things are moving along.
  13. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Clowns are hosting both the RBT and the GBT anemones.
  14. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    Been running the aqua mars units for 3 months. I would be running 4 on a 250 cube as well, much different dimensions than my tank. I will probably add another unit but it doesnt appear to be a necessity at the moment.
  15. My 220 gallon In-Wall reef build

    I'm using 2 Mars Aqua 165watt black fixtures. About $80 each shipped and are pretty darn good quality. There are two dimmers, one for each spectrum (blue/daylight), and each has it's own power supply so they can be turned off by a timer separately. Each dimmer can be DIY'd to connect to a controller that can slowly raise the voltage for a really cool dusk/dawn effect. I found the best par dispersal for my tank was achieved with each light about 14" above the water line (24" wide tank)