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  1. Bill and I can help with raffle security.
  2. Ill be at this meeting with hubby. Looking forward to it.
  3. What a fun day!!! Thank you for all the work in coordinating this outing. The cooler weather was a plus and probably kept the crowds away.
  4. Great. we are on our way. Hope to be in zoo by 11:30 but with 65 closed it may take us longer (had a student this AM so couldn’t leave earlier.) my phone number hasn’t changed. Rosy
  5. We would be interested in a tour at 11:30 if she is still free. OUR BTS is scheduled for 1;15 in the afternoon. Rosy
  6. oop...just found the information on where to meet for behind the scenes tour. I will pick up tickets at Will Call.
  7. signed up and paid. Where do I pick up tickets or is the confirmation printout enough? Are we on the behind the scenes tour at 1:00 and where do we meet? Rosy
  8. Please sign me up for two senior entrance tickets and two behind the scenes tours with PM preference. Rosy
  9. Rosy + 1 will be attending from West Lafayette
  10. Sorry I'm so late in replying, but if you need help selling tickets, watching over the raffle stuff or whatever, I can help during the Swap time. My shirt size is medium ( my husband could also help for one shift his shirt size is XL). Again I'm so sorry I spaced this sign up!!!! Rosy
  11. My husband and I will be there. I can finally make a meeting. (Hopefully, my husband won't kill the car battery listening to football. Last time it was the last quarter of the OSU game and I thought he was going to have a melt down on the spot.)
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