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  1. cmrun

    WOW, Dr Fosters & Smith is closing its doors

    The acquisition was not a good fit for either company {Big Box as compared to niche company}. It's a shame for those employees and their families. I hope they come out alright.
  2. cmrun

    Give a frag get a ticket

    I will donate 5.
  3. cmrun

    February Meeting

    A very nice meeting, thank you for hosting! It will be fun to watch you tank grow. I think we were all impressed by the organization and thought put into your system. Well done!
  4. cmrun

    Mag test kits

    I recently purchased the Salifert test kit but prefer the Red Sea set up (glass curvet and holder/shaker hardware). So, I use the Salifert chemicals with the RedSea hardware. Both kits are similar in accuracy in my opinion.
  5. cmrun

    February Meeting

    I should be able to make this meeting.
  6. I have no doubt this is a quality or tolerance issue.
  7. I have attempted to replace the tubes on my Bubble Magus dosing pump. (T-11) The motors still turn their stainless shafts but the roller assemblies no longer turn pumping the liquids into my sump. I took apart each head looking to see if I had somehow changed the configuration (or other set up error) and have not identified anything. When I remove the tubes and re-assemble the heads I can see the roller assemblies are turning. (BM replacement tubing used... is there maybe a difference between tube kits from the T01 and T11?) Any suggestions for trouble shooting? Hate to spend $75 for new heads when really all that it should need is new tubes.....🙄
  8. cmrun

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    Count me in for Sat. from the starting time. Will try to make it Friday also but not sure on my travel schedule.
  9. cmrun

    Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone has a SAFE, happy, successful, and wonderful 2019! Nothing but good wishes.
  10. Great party. Thank you for hosting! I hope your daughter swam well at her meet.
  11. cmrun

    January 2019 Meeting

    Looking forward to it!
  12. cmrun

    My clown died

    Sorry to hear this. The male is usually the smaller of the pair. Sometimes its just hard to figure out why they perish. I have no idea what a "typical" life span of a clownfish is, but you have to be doing something right for a six year run. I had a male /female (non-reproductive) pair for about 12 years. The smaller male died of unknown causes that I could detect (clear eyes, no fungus, no labored breathing, all normal signs to me). I thought the female may go shortly thereafter. She is now 20 and I wouldn't even try to bring in another clown as I'm sure it would just be killed. I keep on thinking that the female looks a bit ragged as she now frequently has some split fins etc. but she hangs in there. If you are transferring to a new tank an addition is possible. Good Luck!
  13. You told me the pink gravel was to help disguise Cyano? Your day will come!
  14. cmrun

    Zoa's / Palyps Spawning

    Yes, very cool. Thanks!
  15. cmrun

    Need advise on new skimmer

    Amanda, I also have a Reef Octopus Classic 110 in our family room. I think it is quiet but having it for 10 plus years maybe do not hear it anymore. your welcome to stop by to listen since I am a bit closer. 317-443-7192
  16. I can make this meeting! Looking forward to it, always a fun time.
  17. Personally, I think the new tubes are on the high end of the tolerance range. Extruded rubber tube has a wide band of acceptable finished product dimensions because there are so many factors with production. The wall of the new tube itself is wider that the original tubes installed. (I am looking at the tube ends and while they are not worn could be stretched-out compared to the new tubes). The rotating barrels or wheels seem to be much harder to rotate with my thumbs on the new tubes compared to the old tubes. The new tubes are far more difficult to install compared to the old tubes. I put back all the old tubes and may just buy new heads... which I will return if they do not function. Not pleased that the tubes cannot be replaced as a maintenance item (and function like they should). I my opinion, the rollers and motor shaft should have a positive drive mechanism and not just rely on friction between the motor shaft and the roller plate and rollers to drive the unit. In every case the shaft will spin when the motor is turned on, but the rollers do not turn with the new tubes installed. Still waiting on some more info. from Seaside / Bubble Magnus but they have not provided any useful information to date. {Buy the way, I have been involved with the rubber and other types of seal components used in the sealing industry for the past 31 years. My comments on tolerance bands is not just an opinion. I have worked on, engineered, and design seals used on cruise ship propulsion systems, US Navy radar turret seals, trouble shooting problems on pumps used in nuclear power plants, and many other basic or critical applications in industry. So, not being able to properly service a little "hose pump" is a bit frustrating... also keeps my ego in check, lol!}
  18. cmrun

    Rainford Goby

    I got rid of Majano's and a stubborn Aiptasia by taking it out with a dental pick / scraper. I had used Joes and kalk paste but the little bugger kept coming back. To scrape it off I did it during a water change and pulled the rock out of the water.. dug into the hole and scraped the menace out. I rinsed the rock in some of my waste water pulled from the tank. Because the mariano's were small, and there were a number of them, I repeated this process once a month for several months. It worked on the Majano's quite well. The Aiptasia relocated itself into an empty snail shell which I was able to pitch. Maybe not the best way but it worked for me. Being "retentive" also helps !
  19. cmrun

    Rainford Goby

    Eating is always a good sign. It looks like he could handle brine shrimp and possibly Mysis shrimp also. If possible, feed 3 times per day but in small amounts so you don't stress your system. Make sure he eats it all within a few minutes. P.S. Kill off the aiptasia before it gets too happy. They can get out of hand quickly. The zoas look good!
  20. I am looking to start up a frag tank... (I'm just a fowlr how did i get into this???) This is to be a stand alone all-in-one DIY unit. Any suggestions on a fish or other critter (snail / crab) to put into this system?
  21. cmrun

    Bam Bams.jpg

    From the album: 125 gal display 2018

    Bam Bam from Luis G.
  22. cmrun

    Purple Haze Pink Panther

    Frag swap not quite two years ago. If I recall it was a little larger than the size of a quarter or half dollar. I think I bought the Purple Haze and you gave me the orange digi.... or vice versa. Very pleased with them both. I have two additional frags of the orange digital because of a Sailfin slapping them about. One "stalk" was only about a 3/8" tall when it was broken off, but I stuck it on a piece of rubble and it is growing nicely. My daughter nick named it "baby groot" as it was so small. Need to update some of these pics so you can see more of the Orange Digi. Can't seem to get Bud's Photosynthetic Gorgonians to grow but everything else for the most part is doing well. Surprisingly, to me anyway, the various SPS species in my DT seem to grow the fastest.
  23. cmrun

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Only a 30 gallon frag tank which I hadn't mentioned before so the Tangs would out grow it quickly. Maybe a Lawnmower or Tail spot Blenny for algae?