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    125G 20 yr old ocellaris, 16 yr Sailfin, 8 yr Coral Beauty, 7 yr. bicolor angel, various other roommates 2 to 8 years.

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  1. Great meeting! Thank you and Marcia for hosting. All Candy can talk about now is fish, inverts, and bacteria! That new poster is really life-like. 🙄 That should be really fun to watch it grow out. Loved all the tangs in there, but that Blenny will have to go on a diet or it will explode! Always fun, Thanks Again!
  2. cmrun

    New to Indy

    Hope you can make it to the next meeting. Look forward to meeting you then!
  3. I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing the new poster tank! (not sure if Candy can make it )
  4. cmrun

    Weird little things

    I agree they look like chiton. Maybe a third further on the upper left? Always fun to get some of the good ones as hitchhikers!
  5. cmrun

    Tank upgrade

    The only time I upgraded tanks was... a little over 16 years ago and I didn't have corals as I was just a fowlr. The move was from a 55 to my current 125. I did transfer all my sand but did "vacuum" it fairly well. I transferred the LR a portion one day at a time and then added some more. I only took one week to let the new tank settle but as I mentioned only a fowlr. I did not lose any fish and the cycle was minimal. I did not use Tim's at that time. In your case, (assuming your bed is not deep... 1-2 inches) I can see taking more time but aside from cleaning the sand without destroying the bacteria. I would definitely would use Tim's and like you are doing plan, and be patient. Good Luck, I hope it all goes well!
  6. cmrun

    WOW, Dr Fosters & Smith is closing its doors

    The acquisition was not a good fit for either company {Big Box as compared to niche company}. It's a shame for those employees and their families. I hope they come out alright.
  7. cmrun

    Give a frag get a ticket

    I will donate 5.
  8. cmrun

    February Meeting

    A very nice meeting, thank you for hosting! It will be fun to watch you tank grow. I think we were all impressed by the organization and thought put into your system. Well done!
  9. cmrun

    Mag test kits

    I recently purchased the Salifert test kit but prefer the Red Sea set up (glass curvet and holder/shaker hardware). So, I use the Salifert chemicals with the RedSea hardware. Both kits are similar in accuracy in my opinion.
  10. cmrun

    February Meeting

    I should be able to make this meeting.
  11. I have no doubt this is a quality or tolerance issue.
  12. cmrun

    2019 Frag Swap Volunteers

    Count me in for Sat. from the starting time. Will try to make it Friday also but not sure on my travel schedule.
  13. cmrun

    Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone has a SAFE, happy, successful, and wonderful 2019! Nothing but good wishes.