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    125G 20 yr old ocellaris, 16 yr Sailfin, 8 yr Coral Beauty, 7 yr. bicolor angel, various other roommates 2 to 8 years.

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  1. Really good info to know for future reference. Thanks!
  2. Luis, Thank you for hosting! A very nice get together and interesting speaker. Your tank and new frag tang are looking awesome.
  3. Agreed, the Bristletooth family seems to be the best algae grazers. I found my Kole really goes after the live rock.
  4. I remember talking with you a few months back. Those tangs were big, healthy, and beautiful. Glad they were re-homed to an even larger system. Looks like you have everything cleaned up and ready to start. I'm looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!
  5. Yeah, as Ryan and BGrand mentioned, that is not the norm.
  6. Good question. I just have my various test kits and an Excel spreadsheet to record my data. I'd rather move to something more automated, as I really don't care to spend time testing as a part of my maintenance routine. (But I do try to test weekly....)
  7. cmrun

    New guy here

    Well you found the right group! Welcome to the club.
  8. I like the fact that you're going to a larger system. Love to see it when you have it up and running!
  9. I've also looked at the most recent Gyres (300's) and they do appear to be far more sturdy and easier to maintain. I ended up getting a replacement 200 (on close out) only because they are not compatible with the 300 series. Running two gyres and tossing a good unit and all the spare components seemed wasteful. I just hope this unit lasts for several years.
  10. cmrun


    Now watch in 6 - 12 months I'll be getting rid of the PBT because its terrorizing to many other fish. 🙄
  11. cmrun


    Moved to Livestock page. Traded it to save it from the Powder Blue Tang...... also trading other frags to Mike Eacret so it worked for both of us If I can keep his zoo's alive. (Bam Bams are the only type that seem to do well in my tank)
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