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    125G 19 1/2 yr ocellaris, 16 yr Sailfin, 8 yr Coral Beauty, 7 yr. bicolor angel, various other roommates 2 to 6 years.

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  1. cmrun

    Purple Haze Pink Panther

    Frag swap not quite two years ago. If I recall it was a little larger than the size of a quarter or half dollar. I think I bought the Purple Haze and you gave me the orange digi.... or vice versa. Very pleased with them both. I have two additional frags of the orange digital because of a Sailfin slapping them about. One "stalk" was only about a 3/8" tall when it was broken off, but I stuck it on a piece of rubble and it is growing nicely. My daughter nick named it "baby groot" as it was so small. Need to update some of these pics so you can see more of the Orange Digi. Can't seem to get Bud's Photosynthetic Gorgonians to grow but everything else for the most part is doing well. Surprisingly, to me anyway, the various SPS species in my DT seem to grow the fastest.
  2. cmrun

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Only a 30 gallon frag tank which I hadn't mentioned before so the Tangs would out grow it quickly. Maybe a Lawnmower or Tail spot Blenny for algae?
  3. cmrun

    purple rim green montipora

    I believe someone told me that it was a ghost coral, I've heard more recently it was a purple rim as you suggest. By the way Dustin, did you view the orange digi and the purple haze I got from you? My Sailfin has bumped into the orange regardless of where I have placed it so he is regularly supplying me with frags to glue onto new plugs. Both corals are growing very well, Thanks!
  4. I am looking to start up a frag tank... (I'm just a fowlr how did i get into this???) This is to be a stand alone all-in-one DIY unit. Any suggestions on a fish or other critter (snail / crab) to put into this system?
  5. cmrun

    purple rim green montipora

    From Mike Duffy. Growing like crazy!
  6. cmrun

    Poker Star

    From Budman
  7. cmrun

    Purple Haze Pink Panther

    Pinks from Luis G. Purple haze from Dustin (Bicolor from Premium Aquatics & Leopard from Modern)
  8. cmrun

    Rainbow Acan

    From Brandon Grimes
  9. cmrun

    Red Monti Cap

    From Luis Gonzales
  10. cmrun

    Small Birds Nest and G Proites.jpg

    Porites from Budman, Birdsnest from Modern / Jeremy Bower (Solorensis also from Jeremy) Rainbow from Brandon Grimes
  11. cmrun

    Yellow and cream Candy Cane.jpg

    From Bob Myers
  12. cmrun

    Green Acro top.jpg

    From Budman
  13. cmrun

    Favia War Coral.jpg

    From Mike Miller
  14. Looks like it was a great meeting, sorry I had to miss it. Your new display tank and frag tank look great!
  15. I think "Candy" is going to claim that I am her on-going DIY project. The poor girl needs some serious assistance on this DIY! Hope to be there.