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  1. Happy Halloween everyone! I hope this finds you safe and healthy. Don't forget to enforce your annual parent tax this year...🤔🍫🍬 Depending on the temperature this year, I am considering setting this inside the door to spook curious trick-or-treaters... 3-gallon picotope, 9-inch bristle worm. It certainly spooked me recently, when I found it crawling up the silicone in the corner towards my light!
  2. Thanks INDMAS! Certainly for the raffle prize......but more for your unanimous vote of confidence as treasurer! Haha. My 10-gallon quarantine is now set up and running, and Amanda's presentation certainly influenced my quarantine plans for the coming months! I tabled the bowfront plans I had, and set things up alongside a 3-gallon picotope with a... Halloween Observation Area? Let's take that bristle worm to another thread. Really, I'm looking forward to engaging in a new way... and hope anyone/everyone else reading this will choose to engage this fall with the club in a new way of your own. Ask a question... Post a funny thought you had about the smirk on your goby's face... Geek out with a few others here about any aspect this fascinating hobby that brings us together. Respectfully, -Ben
  3. nudibranch Help

    Here's an article I had saved... Montipora Eating Nudibranchs https://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/reef-pest-control.asp Another common Nudibranch is the Montipora eating Nudibranch. These very small, white or cream colored nudis are often very hard to spot and may be more easily identified, at least at first, by the damage they do to your corals. Slowly expanding pale, dead, or dying areas around the edges of your Montipora are a clue that you may need to check for nudis. Check around these edges, as well as in crevices or cracks, and on the underside of the piece and remove any visible adults and eggs. Some dips, like Iodine based dips, are effective against adult nudis but care should be taken with such dips to not overstress your corals. Predatory wrasses may also help to remove adults. In some cases, fragging may be necessary to remove affected portions of a colony in an effort to save remaining healthy areas.
  4. I'll be there, probably with the kids too.
  5. Aquascaping inspiration

    I wish, but no. I tried a couple freshwater tanks in the past 2 years and all got quickly out of spec. For now I'll stick with "easy" saltwater in comparison.
  6. Dendros

    You heard it here first... After cycling with damsels, I always add a denso garden right away to take care of them before infighting begins. 😂
  7. Moving Help this weekend?

    Thanks B!
  8. I know everyone will be at the Copps event on Saturday Afternoon... but is anyone free otherwise for a little manual labor? Free Beer, and snacks! Send me a PM or text at 765-414-8467 I don't have any frags for helpers at this point... but I'll start you a tab towards what I get growing in the new house's setup! Friday 6PM : Unload Furniture from Truck/Trailer in Flat Rock. Sat Early-AM or Late-PM : Apartment / Storage Unit from Greenfield to Flat Rock. Saturday or Sunday? : Aquarium Hobby (tanks, stand, totes) from McCordsville to Flat Rock I hate the idea of everyone driving so very far from one end to the other... if you near one end or the other, send me a PM and come help me out! -Ben
  9. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    haha, love it! Nature finds a way!
  10. Its been too long since I won a raffle. . . Good thing I've got frags reserved so I won't go home empty handed this month!
  11. NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Looking great!
  12. Tough for me to reserve those frags if they aren't posted!
  13. You are moving all those tanks?! Yikes!
  14. MACNA 2017 - INDMAS Feed

    I second this... and will start saving my pennies now. I hadn't seen the benefits to being a control freak up until now, but this is tipping the usefulness-factor over the edge for me.
  15. Ecotech Marine Vectra M1& Reefkeeper elite

    Trial and error... great to have such a wealth of knowledge in the club!