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  1. Been Mired

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    Diligence in syphoning it out during water changes, and chemiclean a couple times were what beat it back for me... Keep up the good work!
  2. I've got all 4 kiddos along this weekend, so 20+ shouldn't be a problem! Bryn, Shay, Liam, and Aiden <-- ❤️
  3. Been Mired

    Emergency contact for next week?

    Hi Bobby. I live in Flat Rock. I'm leaving myself 5/25, but would be happy to discuss the rest of the week in a pm or phone call -Ben (765)414-8467
  4. Been Mired

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    Hello again everyone. Sorry for the delay. I've been pretty tied up with responsibilities of my day-job and family extracurricular activities... but we've had a productive conversation in the staff forums and I'd like to share an update. Expenses Total : $5,199 (Removed Speaker Expenses less MACNA payment, Updated Flag/Banner for split of non-swap expenses.) Total Profit $1,401
  5. Really enjoying watching the new branch develop on my gorgonian from @Budman Also, really excited to have the mix of encrusting yellow sponge tied into the base of my anthelia from @tanknovice... I don't have anything else in my tank that YELLOW, and I love it!
  6. Been Mired

    DIY ATO?

    I 😍 that your keyboard autocorrect against DIY
  7. Been Mired

    DIY ATO?

    B/c I've had my aqualifter fail / a tube come off, and not have the proper consideration for failsafe... I would like to remind everyone: NOTE: this project deals with electricity in sufficient quantities to damage equipment, harm livestock, cause fires, and even KILL YOU. I am going to be as clear and concise as possible, but if you are at all unsure about what is shown here or you are not 100% confident in your ability to work with electricity, DO NOT attempt anything here. This is no joke. 🤦
  8. Been Mired

    DIY ATO?

    For only ten bux I bet this would keep something topped off... just not accurately enough to maintain salinity, right? https://photos.app.goo.gl/K6z0RDKQjy5vxLxI3 What else could you see getting in the way of pulling this off successfully as a DIY? Tee-hee, the brand is "Dare-o-matic"... anyone Dare me to try it?
  9. Been Mired

    Crab belly

    Great pic from a crazy angle! <3
  10. Been Mired

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    Newb-Foot has been duly inserted into mouth, and will be removed only when I've got 2018 numbers lined up to compare exactly to last year and the year before. Sorry for jumping the gun. BTW, If someone had said 15th annual to me last November... I might have pushed that milestone much harder. I want this to be the swap that "Dirk brings a trailer to" so it sounds like we are on the same path! 😀 -Ben
  11. Been Mired

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    I actually reviewed the past 3 years of numbers posted to make sure I was bring true to how Amanda communicated before me, and I disagree specifically with the way you have interpreted how this last year was calculated. If you look again at the link, last year she included not only the membership fees from the entrance in the profit, but the $3500 from vendors includes raffle donation value that just went to people winning the items, not directly to the club bottom line. If anything, I am reporting a more conservative valuation this year than last because of that difference. I'm trying to be as transparent as possible, and I believe the clubs books are to be open to any member if the detail posted here is not enough so don't stop asking! However, as the one who raised his hand to volunteer on staff putting in the work and shouldering the financial responsibility ... I'm really bothered by the insinuation that I'm trying to skew the numbers. Do you want to see how much I spent on sausage burritos next, or how much I paid to hit the minimum on the food truck because I didn't hand out enough food vouchers this year? Want to spend a few hours inputting new membership forms for Kyle? Know any cool speakers you could turn Daniel onto for monthly events? As you know, there is A LOT of detail in the planning, budgeting and execution of the swap... I sure learned a lot this year being involved "behind the scenes" and made my share of mistakes but wow, don't accuse me of fluffing the numbers. If you want to engage in a dialogue about how I should better report our financials to the club, or how I am doing compared to Amanda, please do so with a mind towards how you want to run the position of Treasurer after me sir. Respectfully, -Ben
  12. Have the par meter still there? I'm down for an evening fiddling with it over beers sometime. No charge. 😉
  13. Been Mired

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    Yeah, we did our best to split the difference between $5 entries and $20 memberships for a quick estimate that day. After I discuss the #'s Kyle worked on this week documenting all the new membership, renewals, etc I'm sure we will be able to publish the count of both down to the 0.001... Right now it looks like 130+ $5 daily fees and another 150+ members, & their ??? Family Members/guests to get to our 600+ wristbands handed out. The educational speaker cost us about $1,000 to fly in and treat to a nice Friday night in Indy. MACNA did generously reimburse a portion of his speaking fee.
  14. Been Mired

    2018 Frag Swap Numbers

    We're waiting on a last few invoices to come in yet (day-of-show items like raffle security, flag/banner, etc).... but including those estimates I'd say we cleared about $3000 this year.
  15. I'm lurking, but honestly feeling naive myself about lighting/par after trying montipora a couple times with no success ... I blame that on lack of light since all my other coral is "happy" enough to survive anyway, but haven't borrowed the club par meter yet. 😍