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  1. Went searching for videos when I saw a bristle worm crawl up my toadstool leather looking for food. 🤔 Simple and effective idea here. Anyone else done this before?
  2. I'm calling "beginners luck" right now on the raffle this month.
  3. Post them here please. I have a couple of bow-front tanks that need stands.
  4. I will be there, great to have one on my side of town! -Ben
  5. Fascinating!
  6. Hey everyone, I will be attending solo... but will bring a dish to share! Looking forward to a catching up with everyone, and especially getting some new ideas about tank automation!
  7. I need to do a better job of moving a couple hermits a day to the frag rack... But I do care enough about the coral to try the peroxide in a week or two at next "harvest"... Should I dip the entire plug, or brush/drip specifically onto removal areas? Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  8. Looking for advice on handling this type of algae in my system... Even if that is advice is "you can't ever win, cut your losses and burn it with fire!" Only have it on 2-3 plugs that I haven't moved from the frag rack except for weekly/monthly harvest... Thankfully not spreading to anywhere else in the tank. (Knock on wood) When it grows up over the coral on the plug, I pull off as much​ as I can see, and have used a toothbrush and dip method to try to get all of it off. Haha, nope! At this point I'm considering removal of coral from the plug and putting them on new ones, but before I do... Will anything kill this algae but save the corals if carefully applied?
  9. Thanks everyone! I went down to Greenwood to meet Kyle last night and did a late-night tank transfer. Welcome to the club Kyle, paying it forward already! <3
  10. Thanks Craig, PM sent!
  11. Hey club. I got my setup in the apartment all going, fixed a couple small plumbing drips... and now within a week it is putting out a quarter cup a day from the bottom edge somewhere. I need a 20 gallon tank asap, with a 12" x 24" footprint to fit on the stand I've got. Anyone have a tank sitting around they can sell me? I'm looking around on the south-east side of town today at pet stores looking for a deal too. Guess I made the right decision to set the entire system up on a washing machine drain pan though! Glad this isn't just into the carpet! Hit me up with a PM, or call/txt my cell 765-414-8467
  12. That is all, have a nice day!
  13. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  14. I think my new friends and I are going to get along just fine... I threw a couple asterina starfish into the bowl while acclimating my new bumblebee shrimp... This one scooted right over to "say hello"
  15. You are welcome to come out to McCordsville and pick something that out of my system. PM for address. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk