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  1. PetesFolly

    January 2019 Meeting

    Thanks for hosting Mike. We had a great time as always!
  2. PetesFolly

    January 2019 Meeting

    Hope you feel better soon!
  3. PetesFolly

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    Paul, that design is so good I think we could incorporate it into next year's Frag Swap card depending on the location for 2020. Just a thought.
  4. PetesFolly

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    Wow, I swear I have not been drinking...that typing was horrible!
  5. PetesFolly

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    Lol, no worries at all!! If you win you win! Here is I rehashed from previous attempts: Hopefully I submitted them correctly. I only copy and pasted the back below. The INDMAS logo is on the front.
  6. PetesFolly

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    I thought the deadline was 12/31? If it is still open than I will give it a shot, but I really like Paul's design...not sure I can come up with something better! Lol!
  7. PetesFolly

    2019 Frag Swap Tshirt Design Contest

    Lol, you did mean "2019" frag swap!
  8. PetesFolly

    January 2019 Meeting

    Marcia and I will be there.🍺
  9. PetesFolly

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I will be there +1!
  10. I will be there +1. Still in the early part of my new build so I am not 100% sure what, if anything, that I will be able to bring. Hoping to reseal the tank this weekend and get the plumbing figured out so that I can move the new tank to the basement next Sunday.
  11. I will be there, I will post some items that I will be bringing soon.
  12. PetesFolly

    LED Vs. MH

    I started with a MH/T5 combo and switched to the AI Hydra's and have had good results. However, I was only covering a 6' long x 2' wide 120 gallon tank. You would need quite a bit more than what I was using (2 52 Hydra's and 2 26 Hydra's connected in a row). IF you willing to spend the $$, you can get the level of light you want with LED's.
  13. PetesFolly

    Algae just won’t go away

    So is Dinoflagellates....Dino Farts? LMAO! 🐟 Sorry, I couldn't resist...
  14. PetesFolly

    Algae just won’t go away

    I agree, that does not look like Cyano.
  15. PetesFolly

    Tank over heating issue

    I would rule out the probe since it is reading the same temp as your individual digital thermometer. I would lean towards a previous comment on something in your tank adding heat outside of the heater that is hooked up to your controller.
  16. PetesFolly

    Donating Reef

    Brendan, Is this still in process? Once I have the new tank set up I may have some items I could donate. I am just not sure when I will be able to get the new set up going since I am waiting for someone else to get their new set up in place and running, I am buying his current tank and there have been issues with getting his new tank here without damage. Anyways, depending on the timing, I may be able to contribute.
  17. PetesFolly

    Anyone "hang" a tank on a wall?

    That is impressive!
  18. PetesFolly

    Algae Identification

    I have used an airline in the past with a hard plastic airline tube attached the the end to vacuum up the Cyano. Just thought I would throw in a DIY idea. That was in addition to the previous suggestions.
  19. PetesFolly

    120G Flow Revival

    I was running two of the new gyre's on a 125g 6' long tank and they worked great. You do have got keep the blades clean. You will notice a drop in performance as the blades get build up on them. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of.
  20. PetesFolly

    High Nitrates....PLEASE HELP

    I agree with Ryan. With you LR being boiled, it is going to take awhile for the LR to be effective again and you may still have decaying material left on the rock that can contribute to your nitrates.
  21. PetesFolly

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Love the idea of running wires through a conduit. It will definitely keep it clean!
  22. PetesFolly

    May 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    It is spring cleaning time at the lake, so I will not be there.
  23. Thanks! I guess I never looked far enough at their inventory to see that. Lol.
  24. PetesFolly

    My 90 Gallon Build

    Brian, nice write up!! I really like how this turned out. I like the tip on painting the PVC as well... I also want to avoid Lowe's grey PVC, but I don't want to spend the $$ on colored PVC.
  25. Yes, where do you get the colored PVC. As I am planning out my plumbing I would like to use colors this time as long as that doesn't get too expensive. Looks great!!