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  1. I am having the same issue. I cannot click on the notification icon and see what is going on.
  2. I renew because Mike makes me... Just kidding! I renew because I enjoy being part of the club due to the friends I have made and the tremendous resource of knowledge. Of course the monthly meetings are bad either! 🍻
  3. I have had those before and they did not seem to hurt anything (well, I don't "think" they did anything). Here is an article from reef keeping magazine on the subject: http://reefkeeping.com/joomla/index.php/current-issue/article/45-reefkeeping-101-
  4. Wow! Man, scary enough drilling an empty tank...
  5. PetesFolly

    New to Indy

    Welcome to Indy and INDMAS!!
  6. I am going to try Dr. Tim's. I added Waste Away (which had a negative impact on my Chaeto) already and will know try to get the good bacteria up by adding Dr. Tim's Nitrifying Bacteria. It is supposed to help with new tank syndrome. After that I will add Dr. Tim's Eco-Balance which is supposed to add "friendly, supportive bacteria to maintain a balanced environment with specific probiotics against vibrios and blocks out unfriendly bacteria"... We'll see... Apparently you are not supposed to use two of these treatments at the same time so this will take a few weeks. I have not been running my skimmer in hopes that I don't get rid of the good bacteria and trying to use the Chaeto to replace the skimmer. When I set up my 125 when I first got into this, it took a good year for the tank to settle in and for Cyano to stop showing up in my tank. The good thing is that while cyano is a nuisance and not pretty to look at, it can be vacuumed out fairly easily (it is a hassle and time consuming though).
  7. I'm glad he was able too offer some advice. Unfortunately, I am still learning as well so I can't offer any substantial advice. Luckily, we have some very knowledgeable people in the club. Hopefully, whatever was causing the issues will work its way out of your system. Tanknovice had to do the same a couple of months back.
  8. John, I am glad to see that you are going to give it another try. I am also happy to see that your found a home for your fish with Luis. He will take great care of them! I am still going through new tank syndrome on my tank so I was not in a position to take them. I am going through the cyano phase right now.
  9. I agree. I have been fortunate to have a couple of people on call when I am on vacation since that is when all major disasters happen!
  10. I just saw that this post was from 6 days ago. Did you find any takers yet?
  11. Well, I can certainly understand and appreciate that. I travel a lot and have had many set backs as well. I recently thought I was at the end of the road with this hobby as well. Almost 4 weeks later and my house still smells like burnt plastic. Anyways, I hope somebody can take the fish for you. I will bring it up at the club meeting tomorrow and see if there are any takers. Another option is that you can reach out to Modern Aquatix, The Reef, Central Indiana Aquatics, or Premium Aquatics and see if they will buy or take your live rock, fish, inverts, etc.
  12. John, I hate to hear you are leaving the hobby after the investment you have already made. Have you thought about investing in a small tank - 20 or 30 gallons for quarantine/treatment? The fish you have remaining are most likely already infected so whoever takes them will not be able to put them in their tank until they go through a quarantine/treatment process. I know this is extremely frustrating and we have had a couple other members of our club lose their live stock due to an infected fish. The clean up crew should be fine including the starfish and shrimp. I would take them but I have had issues with my tank recently that I am dealing with and Marcia would shoot me if I take on another project at this time.
  13. Mike reviewed them at the April meeting. Not sure if he is planning on posting them.
  14. Looks like we will be in town after all. So I will be there, not sure about Marcia yet.
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