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  1. PetesFolly

    New guy here

    Welcome to the club! I am in Fishers so just around the corner.
  2. I will not be able to attend as we will be moving our son back to Purdue this Saturday.
  3. Fantastic idea!!! Especially considering the price increases this past year.
  4. I have the 2nd generation Gyre's and have had good results. Not as finicky with cleaning but certainly still have to clean them for optimum efficiency.
  5. PetesFolly


    Where'd you move to? 😂
  6. It's worth the drive. You will know exactly what your getting and you can ask how the fish has been doing since arrival. Is it eating? Does it look stressed? Etc. Ryan makes a great point in that you can work with your local vendors since they do have the ability to order specific fish for you.
  7. Yes, I have been using it. I have to say, I am pretty impressed. The cyano is gone for the most part. Still not using a skimmer, using Chaeto and Dr. Tim's. The only issue I am running into is that the good bacteria is competing with the Chaeto and it is actually dying off. I am cutting back on the Dr. Tim's to give the Chaeto more nutrients to grow.
  8. Thanks Ben! I was trying to get this posted but couldn't.
  9. Craig and Connie, thanks for hosting! Had a great time! Beautiful home and tank! Fantastic food!
  10. Update: Marcia and I will be there. We are bringing mexicorn dip.
  11. Hollyhock Hills fried chicken, I am so there!!!! Lol. Maybe I'll bring biscuits!
  12. I will be there. Not sure on food yet, depends on time.
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