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  1. Reefaddict12

    Future Reefer?

    That's awesome!
  2. Reefaddict12

    New to indmas and new to saltwater.

    Welcome to the Club!
  3. Reefaddict12

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    This is Super Nice!!! Keep up the great work and the pictures!!
  4. Reefaddict12

    Hobby Tables for 2019 Swap

    I would like to reserve half of a table. I will submit the payment as soon as I know there is still availability.
  5. Reefaddict12

    Water change or no

    I would wait until you have mostly Nitrates showing and then do about a water change. I would also get a bottle of some sort of bacteria to help with the seeding of the tank.
  6. Very nice write up. I'm an definitely going to be following this!
  7. Reefaddict12

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    It was a great turn out and a great meeting. I greatly enjoyed the hands on DIY project! Thanks everyone for all the comments!
  8. Reefaddict12

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    This is going to be an excellent turn out everyone! Cant wait to have you all here!
  9. Reefaddict12

    August 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    We are very excited to host this meeting! I am personally a big DIY'er and love to build my own things. Hopefully we can get a good turn out!
  10. Reefaddict12

    My skimmer will not stop overflowing!

    I agree with what has been mentioned above. I had the same problem and it ended up being the water level I had my skimmer at. The water was too deep and I had to raise the skimmer.
  11. Reefaddict12

    Water in the stand!

    Wow, that sucks!
  12. Reefaddict12

    Water in the stand!

    Wow! Sorry to hear about this man!! Have you figured out what cause this to happen? I ended up making my stand so that it contains water too but I also made a separate cabinet to store my electrical stuff.
  13. Reefaddict12

    My 20 long reef

    Wet skim is when you have the skimmer level towards the top of the neck of the skimmer and what goes into your collection cup will be more clear and not as gunky. When you dry skim you will want the level of your skimmer more towards the bottom of the neck. You will produce a much more dense liquid in your collection cup (almost like a paste). I'm not sure about all the real benefits of each one is. I know when you go with the wet side you run the risk of your skimmer cup overflowing quite easily and you will have to empty out your cup on a much more frequent basis. If you do the dry skimming you may not be really getting anything out of your tank unless you can really dial it down good. I prefer to go about half way in between dry and wet. So what is going into my collection cup is still dark but not too pasty. If you bought your skimmer brand new you will have to let it break in a bit before you can really dial in the level you want. I would open the gate valve as much as possible and let it sit like that for a day. After that I would slowly close it a little each day and watch the water level inside the skimmer go up and monitor. Once you get it to about the bottom of the neck you can watch it and see how it does there. Check what kind of skimmate goes into your collection cup and see if you are ok with that. If its too liquidly you can lower the level and if its too thick you can raise the level. Hope this helps!
  14. Reefaddict12

    New tank

    Man that stinks!! Sorry to hear that bud!
  15. Reefaddict12

    New member... here’s my tank

    Wow very nice looking tank!, congrats!! I do have a question though on your overflow box. Is ur tank not drilled but just has an overflow box in there? just curious as to why there is an overflow box and why you would not take advantage of using a sump to house all of the equipment? But I do love the ingenuity behind your system!