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  1. Water in the stand!

    Wow, that sucks!
  2. Water in the stand!

    Wow! Sorry to hear about this man!! Have you figured out what cause this to happen? I ended up making my stand so that it contains water too but I also made a separate cabinet to store my electrical stuff.
  3. My 20 long reef

    Wet skim is when you have the skimmer level towards the top of the neck of the skimmer and what goes into your collection cup will be more clear and not as gunky. When you dry skim you will want the level of your skimmer more towards the bottom of the neck. You will produce a much more dense liquid in your collection cup (almost like a paste). I'm not sure about all the real benefits of each one is. I know when you go with the wet side you run the risk of your skimmer cup overflowing quite easily and you will have to empty out your cup on a much more frequent basis. If you do the dry skimming you may not be really getting anything out of your tank unless you can really dial it down good. I prefer to go about half way in between dry and wet. So what is going into my collection cup is still dark but not too pasty. If you bought your skimmer brand new you will have to let it break in a bit before you can really dial in the level you want. I would open the gate valve as much as possible and let it sit like that for a day. After that I would slowly close it a little each day and watch the water level inside the skimmer go up and monitor. Once you get it to about the bottom of the neck you can watch it and see how it does there. Check what kind of skimmate goes into your collection cup and see if you are ok with that. If its too liquidly you can lower the level and if its too thick you can raise the level. Hope this helps!
  4. New tank

    Man that stinks!! Sorry to hear that bud!
  5. New member... here’s my tank

    Wow very nice looking tank!, congrats!! I do have a question though on your overflow box. Is ur tank not drilled but just has an overflow box in there? just curious as to why there is an overflow box and why you would not take advantage of using a sump to house all of the equipment? But I do love the ingenuity behind your system!
  6. lazers

    I have also heard from Kent, reefer82, that someone used one of those lasers in his tank to rid some of the aptaisia he had and it went totally bad. Looked good at first and then they just poped out everywhere. My advice would be to either het the nudies or get some true peppermint shrimps. I know Premium carries them. They r much cheaper than the nudies and once they r done with them they can still survive off of food that you feed your fish.
  7. My 90 Gallon Build

    What type of overflow are u expecting to do? I see u have a control valve on both return lines. What is the purpose behind this?
  8. My 90 Gallon Build

    That is nice man! Love the plumbing!
  9. My 90 Gallon Build

    Looking good! I hope they make it. I love my Chromis!
  10. Frag plugs

    That is so awesome! I' a big DIY'er and this has really spike my interest! Now I just gotta find a way to make a mold.
  11. My 90 Gallon Build

    1st question on the baffles - it is useless to have baffles before the skimmer because the skimmer itself releases air bubbles. So remove those and give urself that extra space somewhere else, like the fuge. Baffles- I think 3 baffles has been the norm and is probly like a guaranteed way to eliminate bubbles but I think 2 can be just as good. My Trigger sump has only two baffles that are 2.5" apart and I don' really have a huge problem with air bubbles in my display. But if u do go with 3 I think the inch apart is good. Level of water in sump - I don' know if u plan on using check valves. If u do then u don' have to worry about back flush into ur sump. Ur water level will remain the same. But it is pricy to put a check valves on every line. I'm sure there is some sort of calculation out there on how much water empties out back into ur sump. I think ur best way to do it is to test it. Fill ur tank like a 1/3 of ur sump, measure the level of water while it' running. Shut it off and then measure again. Then u can find how much water came back. But if u don' want to through that I think 50% of the sump filled is a safe level. Return pump level - just be careful on ur sump being above like that. My concern would be if ur ATO fails and the water level goes down it could go well below ur pump and could ruin the pump. If u have it right on the bottom if ur sump it could give u a little more time to catch this mistake. Hope this helps a little. Anyone else have any input?
  12. Waveline Wavepuck II

    I'm on the same boat. I am currently putting together my next build and I am in the market for powerheads and saw these. Not a whole lot of reviews or videos. The specs seem very good though.
  13. My 90 Gallon Build

    Nice job Brian! I like how ur stand turned out! I'm really liking the build thred keep it up!
  14. Captive-Bred Fish Prices

    Yeah I understand that there are economics behind their pricing and that they r trying to get back what they have invested into the time and research. But I still feel like they can be a little more reasonable. If we talk about how economy works the most important thing is to have consumer spending. If u don' have enough ppl buying ur goods then ur not making profit. Take for example the Prius. When It first hit the US market it came in with a price tag of about 40k. We all knew that they were good for the enviroment and we saved on gas. But bc of the price tag they were not selling as good as they wanted. Now u can get them for half that price and sales have definitely increased. I'm also not just talking about the conspicuous angels. I saw then same issue with all the other tank-bred fish that has come out.