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  1. Scarlet (CoralBeauty28) and I will be there.
  2. Grounding Probe(s)

    Have you looked into what might be causing the electrical discharge in your tank? I had the same problem and I found out it was my heater that was producing this. Once I changed it I had no more problems with me getting shocked.
  3. Red Sea Max E260 Build

    That looks nice! Very sleek and modern.
  4. Refugium algae

    Yeah those would work. The purpose of Macro algae is to help reduce phosphates and Nitrates. There several mechanical types of filtrations out there now that will also reduce phosphates and Nitrates. You can get a phosban reactor to help reduce phosphates and you can tag team that with a marine pure block or the spheres in your sump to help with the nitrates. I recently pulled the plug on my fuge. I removed all d macro algae and deep sand bed I had in there and replaced it with some live rock and the marine pure spheres. I also added the phosban. Everything seems to be stable. I had some hair algae growing and it stopped completly and its starting vanish since I did this. Also neither of these two options will can become unstable like the biopellet reactor. I also added a phosban reactor to my wifes tank, reduced the lighting schedule and that weird stringy algae she had in her tank has vanished as well.
  5. Refugium algae

    Have u pondered the idea of staying away from macro algae completely and replacing it with something else as a nutrient export? If u do want to continue with using macro, I would stay way from anything that roots itself. Just because if any piece of it finds its way to your display it will be really hard to remove and usually by the time you see it, it will have rooted itself to a rock. If you have tangs they will normally keep it trimmed but some tangs wont go after it.
  6. nudibranch Help

    a long time ago I had an outbreak of these in my tank. What I ended up doing is at night when all the lights where off (tank and house), I would get my red flashlight and pick them out. Since everything is closed you can spot them easier in the tank. The other thing I did was I got a Vrolik's wrasse, he helped me finish them off fast! I know the Melanurus wrasse is also good at eliminating pest and they look very similar. So if u cant find one you can try the other, you can probly get a special order on this down at PA.
  7. New Tank Overflow Advice

    Durso is the most comon amd you can get a good amount of water volume through. They are reliable and easy to set up. The down side is the more flow you get going the louder your drain pipe will get. Im not sure if its still possible since ur overflows are on opposite ends to do a Bean animal overflow. If you could that would be your most silent option.
  8. August 12, 2017 meeting!

    Thanks again for everyone who was able to make it out to the meet. We greatly enjoyed having all of you at our home! Hope everyone had a good time and was able to learn something new. Also, thanks for all the great compliments we got on our tanks! I will try to get a build thread going here soon on my 150.
  9. August 12, 2017 meeting!

    We got a nice list going club! Cant wait to see everyone! Hope to see veryone here!!! Thanks!
  10. August 12, 2017 meeting!

    Alright, good to see some RSVP's! Keep'em coming! Also, For the one's who have seen my tank in the past or were at last years meeting, I will confess that I had to sell off several of my pieces to fund my new build. Since I saw that I was not going to be able get my new tank up and running I haven't been pushing to sell off the rest of my stuff. This way we can at least have a running system to look at. I do appreciate the great comments I have gotten in the past.
  11. June 24, 2017 Summer Social!!

    Scarlet and I should be able to make it.
  12. Announcing the 2017 Official Membership Card!

    Here is a sneak peek on what they look like! Front: Back:
  13. Sump questions any input

    I personally use the Hydor Smart Level Controller. Pros: Its been reliable and hasn't failed me in the past two years (knock on wood). Lets u know if your sump is overfilled, uses sensors instead of float switches. Lets you know if your reservoir is empty. Cons: It doesn't come with pump and lines. Its designed to be used with a dosing pump. you can attach any other pump you want but it has to be very low on GHP or it will overflow your sump constantly. you can attach a small ball valve to help with this though. It will run your pump dry for a minute or two if your reservoir is empty before it kicks off an warns you that your reservoir is empty. Only reason I would recommend it is because is hasn't failed on me. I have been looking at the new Icecap ATO for a new tank build I'm doing. you can check it out yourself, it has some nice features. The Tunze Osmolator ATO is pretty popular too. I see it recommended a lot. they seem pricy but they come with everything including the pumps.
  14. Bayer dip

    Im with u Bud. I use the Bayer and I kinda eye it till its a little milky and the corals are barely visible in the water. I let it sit for about 15min. When I started I use to use 10mls per 4oz of water and let it sit for 10mins. If I buy a really nice high-end piece or something that looks fragile already I will take out the syringe and measuring cup so that I don't over stress the coral.
  15. FLOW

    I have a 75 and I use the Jebao rw-8. They are awesome! They have several flow patterns and speeds. Try not point your directly at the coral. I place mine on back of the side glass pointed towards the front center glass of the tank. This might help you out a bit to not blast the corals