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    ReefCutie is my 11 year old son, Davey.
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  1. I messaged Greg, who is listed as owner of Avari Reef Labs on FB. I was thinking that the paste was used to seed a phyto culture that you would then aerate under lights for about a week before dosing phyto into the substrate, as I had been doing, but this is incorrect. He suggests feeding about 1/2" ribbon of paste directly into the water column. He didn't speculate on a specific rotation or frequency when feeding the four types of microalgae paste offered in the sample pack. He also suggested removing macroalgae from the sump and doing a good system clean before adding any of the algae paste. I'm going to use up my current phyto stock before testing the paste. Will post results when I get them.
  2. I am wondering what strategy to use and what combinations of microalgae work best. Also wondering how these work along with phytoplankton for feeding copepods. Please post your findings and I do likewise.
  3. reef finatic

    August 12, 2017 meeting!

    Alan, please post contact info for your sump builder if you can. Thanks for hosting a great meeting.
  4. reef finatic

    August 12, 2017 meeting!

    Reef Finatic and Reef Cutie will be there.
  5. reef finatic

    Acrylic polishing

    Novus 1, 2 & 3 works well. Also have used #5000 wet dry sandpaper for smoothing out scratches and a #8000 wet dry sandpaper for finish and polishing.
  6. reef finatic

    June 24, 2017 Summer Social!!

    Reef Cutie and Reef Finatic will be there with Little Smokies and potato salad.
  7. reef finatic

    29 gal. Biocube LED's

    Purchased oceanic hood-thanks waldend. Moderators please close thread. Thanks!
  8. reef finatic

    January 2017 Meeting

    We're in JV championship and won't be there tonight.
  9. reef finatic

    January 2017 Meeting

    We may be there. Reef Cutie (Davey ) is playing in BB tourney Friday night. If his team loses, then we will both be at the meeting Saturday. If they win, then he has the tourney Saturday to go to. I'll update when I know for certain.
  10. reef finatic

    Brine Shrimp Hatching Tank

    If my fish don't like them my filter feeders will. Will supplement with my normal homemade Reef frenzy at feeding. I decided to go cheap and spend about seven bucks on the brine shrimp hatchery project. I had just enough air pumps sitting around to complete the hatchery. Brine shrimp eggs will be here soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. reef finatic

    29 gal. Biocube LED's

    SB Reef standard 16 looks good for the job. I'm curious how it was seated in the hood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Had a little time on Christmas Day to take an inventory and found some Sally's Brine Shrimp packages, probably three years old, about as old as our 300. Had intended to run these in a bucket with an air pump, but never got around to it. Now I have a spare 14 gallon biocube that would serve as a good tank to raise brine shrimp to feed our fish. I know brine shrimp eggs are hearty, should they still be OK to hatch? Does any one else grow their own brine shrimp amd have any advice on this project? How to feed the colony, parameters, temperature, cultivating and feeding techniques? Thanks.
  13. reef finatic

    29 gal. Biocube LED's

    My 29 Oceanic QT tank has a busted moisture guard for the CF's. After an hour of unsuccessfully drilling out rusty screws and removing broken off plastic flanges, I've had it. I've taken the hood and the CF's off for good. Now I am wondering where I go next. What are my best options for an LED on this tank? My thoughts are to permanently remove the hood and put an LED strip overhead, however, I have seen a few retrokits for sale on Amazon.
  14. I will be there along with Reef Cutie (Davey).