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  1. Paul Have a file fish guaranteed to wipe them out in 24 to 48 hours just need to get file fish out as quick as possible if you have zoas/palys or duncans Mike
  2. I wanted to let everyone know that Central Indiana Aquatics posted that they will be closing their store. Kenna has been a supporter of the club over the last three years and has always provided excellent customer service to everyone. For those of you that do not facebook (like myself) I wanted to share the post with the club. "I have spent the past three years doing my very best to provide the best customer service and the healthiest livestock to my customers. I've made complimentary house calls, deliveries, and gone above and beyond anything LiveAquaria or Amazon would ever do for it's customers. But that has proven to not be enough. So the time has come to permanently close the shop. To the people who have come in and spent 45 minutes asking me about every issue you've ever had with your tank, showing me pictures of every single coral and fish you've ever owned, asking me to quote you on everything you would need for a new tank but you're waiting till you move out of your mom's basement to pull the trigger, and then not buying that twenty dollar coral because your buddy sells it out of his house for ten bucks or that product I recommended because you found it on Amazon three dollars cheaper....you all know where you can shove it. To the rest of you, thank you so much for supporting me. There are no words that could ever explain how much I appreciate you. Many of you have become great friends and that is what I will miss the most. Those of you that have brought your kids in, I enjoyed interacting with them more than anything. The smiles on their little faces when they held a starfish would always make my day. The shop will continue to be open on Sundays until I've sold everything, and then from there I'll close to walk-in customers and continue a small part of the business online in my spare time. If you would like to schedule an appointment to stop by the shop, there's a handy new "book now" button on our page. You can click that and select a day and time that would work best for you. As for me, I'll be focusing the rest of my time on my kids, vacations, petting my dog, and all the other things I haven't been able to due to choosing the most high maintenance business to ever exist. On a final note, please remember to shop local. You wouldn't believe how happy every single sale, no matter how small, makes us. When you make a purchase at a small business, you are literally putting food on a table. So please support your local shops, we depend on you!" Central Indiana Aquatics is not the 1st local shop to close by any means. But it is a reminder that if we do not support our local shops then we will not have any local shops. Take a minute to think about that...… Every one of us depend on the expertise of our local shops and we should really concentrate on supporting those shops. Most people are not aware but even if you buy from a local shop on amazon their net profit is reduced by a couple of factors. I wish Kenna the best in everything that she may do in the future. We as a local reefing community want to prevent this from happening again we really need to rethink how we support everyone. If not who might be next? Mike
  3. Summer Social is today Any one else going to be there?
  4. I think this is two separate issues 1) the notifications just spinning and not displaying 2) the 503 error on different forum postings Ross is working on this as well , Ryan anything you have found can you let Ross know (you probably already have) It seems to be the same on multiple platforms ie, chrome, edge
  5. no we are working on it if you hover over the post it displays from a laptop so we know it is there
  6. Will be there bringing buffalo chicken dip
  7. The June Summer Social meeting promises Good Food and Great Company. The host this year is Craig (CRUM) and will be on Saturday June 8th from 4pm to 6pm. This is a pitch in so please reply to this topic if you are coming and what you might want to bring. The address is 921 Arrowwood Drive in Carmel. If anyone is interested in bring a frag take a frag please reply below as well. Hope to see everyone there !
  8. Ryan I have been investigating using a calcium reactor and different media. I think you would be ok using some of the skeletons as long as you soak and rinse them in rodi. Do not use shells as they can leach phosphate. I would not use strictly your skeleton collection from what I am reading I would use a coarse media with magnesium.
  9. try to siphon 1st in your size of tank chemiclean could literally nuke the tank
  10. Mike Thanks for hosting The sump will be a thing of beauty
  11. Our host for the May meeting is Mike (mike762) and will be on May 11th from 4pm to 6pm The address is 6150 N Parker Ave, 46220 Mike has a: —10+ year old 75 gallon AIO tank, mixed reef but predominantly LPS. —4 month old 8 gallon AIO frag tank —1 month old complete RODI water making station which Mike built with a lot of interesting features, Mike also is working on a new build which he is laying groundwork for which will be a 120 display on the main floor which has a 125 sized sump/frag tank below it in the basement. Will be tied into drain and RODI for nearly automatic water changes. Our education topic will be about the importance of water quality in a tank setup. Please reply if you plan on attending
  12. The winner was drawn at the April meeting and it was theSchwenkster Congratulations and I truly appreciate everyone donating to this Mike
  13. Amanda You are correct any type of leak controller is a valuable piece of equipment
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