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  1. tanknovice

    Give a frag get a ticket

    The winner was drawn at the April meeting and it was theSchwenkster Congratulations and I truly appreciate everyone donating to this Mike
  2. Amanda You are correct any type of leak controller is a valuable piece of equipment
  3. Who else is coming let Bob know
  4. Did you get Kyle's message
  5. The April meeting will be at PetesFolley (Bob) home in Fishers. Bob has replaced his wall poster form last year with a very nice looking 220 gallon reef tank. The April meeting is the annual new member meeting. This meeting is a great way for member that just joined at the Frag Swap to meet other members and get more information about the club!. WHEN: Saturday April 13th from 4-6 EDUCATION: Our educational topic will be a presentation via Skype with Dr. Tim himself (of Dr Tim’s Aquatics). Come learn the details on bacteria! DOOR PRIZES: We will have various door prizes available for all attending the meeting and then some for new members only as well! WHERE: 11375 Whitewater Way Fishers IN 46037 Please reply in this thread to let us know how many are coming Look forward to seeing everyone there!
  6. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    And one more shout out to Sanjay Joshi whose presentation before the swap started was so well received. For those that do not know speakers such as Sanjay do not come to these event for money. Instead they come for their love of the hobby and wanting share what they have learned through their years of experience. If you attended his presentation and learned something send Sanjay a quick note to thank him for his time and efforts. Mike
  7. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Check out the INDMAS facebook page for some great pictures from the SWAP yesterday. I personally want to thank all the vendors, hobbyist members and staff without all of you the best swap in Indiana would not have been possible. A big shout out to our Platinum Event Sponsor The Reef whose time and generosity assisted both the club and many other vendors that attended. From bringing water for vendors and hobbyist use, to the grand prize reef tank . And the under 13 reefer that won the innovative marine tank donated by Premium Aquatics had the biggest smile on his face when he came up to claim his prize. A great 2019 swap and the planning begins for an even better 2020 swap! Mike
  8. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Today is the Day! See everyone at Noon
  9. tanknovice


    Today is the Day! See everyone at Noon
  10. tanknovice


    Only one more day until the best swap around! Hope to see everyone there!
  11. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    One More DAY!!!!!!
  12. tanknovice

    NEW TO INDMAS, but not to the Hobby!

    Welcome to the club Hope to see you Saturday at the Swap Mike
  13. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Just in case anyone needed reminded, one more week until the 2019 swap
  14. tanknovice


    Just in case anyone needed reminded 1 week until the 2019 frag swap!
  15. tanknovice

    Tank upgrade

    Ryan You can never do enough planning! I look back and see how different the final variation was compared to what I sketched out originally. I did use the Dr Tim method of rapid cycle which worked very well. I also used all new sand and the rock work was either all new and cured or some pieces out of old tank nuked and put in to new tank. I still have that Brut for you and if you need to borrow anything else let me know