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  1. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    For hobbyist tables the location will be same as last year in the main hall We are working on remeasuring for the rest of the space to get a better layout for the vendor tables
  2. At this time, current INDMAS Members may reserve a table at the March 16, 2019 frag swap by sending an email to [email protected] and posting in this topic. The post will timestamp the request and the email will be about payment. Payment will confirm the table. Ben will confirm table availability and work out payment from from there. This year, the hobby tables will line the back wall like last year and will be numbered H1 to H18. There are 9, 8-foot tables total so each spot is 4 foot (still good at math) The spots will be $25 each for members and $50 for non-members (preference given to those that bought a calendar JUST KIDDING that will be next year). We will have 14 spots for the club hobbyist and 4 external. This post is just for Club members at this time. We will confirm table reservation as soon as possible but look for a confirmation this weekend.
  3. tanknovice

    All Items related to 2019 Frag Swap

    Mike Will have that by end of week
  4. Hello All INDMAS Members! With the frag swap secured for March 16th, 2019 and the INDMAS Staff and members working diligently on getting the flyers ready, and budgeting for yet another stellar swap...its time to get our t-shirts designed for the new 2019 year!! We always have some cool t-shirts designed in the past and are wanting to get YOU to get creative once again! If you are creative, or artistically inclined...or just have a cool picture you want on a t-shirt, why not get it designed and have our club members vote on their favorite for 2019!? The details: > Create them on Customink.com > Please select single color print. > Standardized INDMAS logo on the front (either white or black logo) http://indmas.org/main/index.php/topic/14942-2016-indmas-t-shirt-design-contest/ > We prefer you to select one of the HANES Beefy T's > Add your custom design on the back of the shirt! When you have decided that you have an awesome design, click the "Save/Send" button. In the pop up window, enter your username as the name, and [email protected] as the email recipient. ***Submissions must be entered no later than 12/31/18, at 11:59pm Then, a two week voting period will take place once they are all uploaded to this thread. We will be taking t-shirt orders on a new thread afterwards, and we only order the amount that the members speak up for as to not have unaccounted shirts left over again. THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST WILL AS ALWAYS RECEIVE A FREE CUSTOM T-SHIRT!!! It would be great to have a lot of members participate in this event and to be able to show off the shirts at the frag swap to all the new members we will have and to all the fellow reefers from around the surrounding states coming to the frag swap! If there are any questions please let us know...and thank you in advance for participating in this cool contest!!
  5. The Holidays over presents opened decorations are taken down what next? A Tank or equipment upgrade. This meeting will be about preparation for upgrading a tank or that new equipment you just got. Learn from other members what went right and more importantly how to avoid what went wrong! Let's show a great turnout this month club. See you all there! When: January 12 2019 4pm to 6pm Where: Mike's ( Tanknovice ) House and 600 gallon tank Fishers  Door prizes: TBD but they will be great
  6. tanknovice

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Thank you for hosting Denise A great time had by all
  7. tanknovice

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Who else is going to be there? Also if you can please rsvp on the link so we can keep track of food items Thank You
  8. tanknovice

    December 2018 Newsletter

    December 2, 2018 I wanted to take this opportunity to review some upcoming events and items of interest on the forums. The first upcoming event is the Holiday meeting and get together on December 8th starting at 4pm. This event has been moved to Denise’s (Ddzidlick1) home .We greatly appreciate Denise volunteering to be host of this can’t miss meeting. One of the great features of this meeting is a white Beluga gift exchange (formally known as the white elephant exchange) . The gift value limit should be $25 amd additional information for the December meeting information can be found here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18330-2018-indmas-holiday-party/ along with a sign up for what attendees might bring for food items for the pitch in The voting thread for the photo submission for the 2019 INDMAS calendar is closed and the calendars ordered there were only 25 calendars ordered this year. The cover photo winner will be getting a free copy of the calendar leaving only 24 up for grabs. These are available for pre-order as well as for payment and pickup at the December meeting. What a great gift idea and priced just right for the white Beluga gift exchange. Look for the T-shirt design contest to begin shortly with a deadline of submissions on December 22nd. This is the official T-shirt for the 2019 Frag swap. The voting thread will be open from 12/31 to 1/12 with the winner being announced at the January meeting. Speaking of the frag swap (which you will hear a lot about over the next few months… Save the Date the 2019 Frag swap will be held on March 16th 2019 at the Hendricks county Fairgrounds 1900 East Main street in Danville IN. We are working on an educational speaker for before the official start like last year along with a great line up of vendors hobbyist and prizes. Every year we cannot pull of this event without the help of the entire club. Look for volunteer opportunities coming your way. Remember to check out all of the forums at INDMAS.org. Feel free to post a question or if you know an answer to post it as well. As always if you have any ideas as to how we can make the club better or if you have a concern on something please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The current staff members can be found here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18301-welcome-2019-indmas-staff/ Mike Miller (Tanknovice) [email protected]
  9. tanknovice

    Need advise on new skimmer

    Amanda The reef octopus was always quiet, Maybe check with Bob as he may have one available that you can at least listen to
  10. tanknovice

    Kessil A360X’s on the way

    I saw these at MACNA this year and they had an incredible spread given their size
  11. tanknovice

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    I will be there
  12. tanknovice

    Wave maker flow

    Tony It is hard to tell from that shot but watch for a couple of days prior to adjusting again. You may have more flow than you think at the lower levels. I always found when I fed flake fish food watching where it went in the tank told me a lot about the flow
  13. Luis Thank you for hosting, the tank is looking great as always Thank you to all members that made the 1st pay it forward event a success.
  14. The frag set up is a great idea Everything is coming along nicely