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  1. The February Meeting will be on February 29, 2020 since we can only have it on this particular day every four years why not? Jochen (Jeto 2004) will be our host and the address is 7030 N Central Indianapolis IN. First and new Saltwater Tank wet since August 2019. Initially this tank was supposed to be a planted 260 gallon Discus fresh water tank. However, after much consideration it was actually turned into a saltwater tank. The goal for this tank is to have a healthy mixed reef with predominately LPS and SPS coral and a good fish crew with as much remote control and automation as possible. While wet since August of last year the fish and coral population are still limited but expanding. The build is still in progress, by finishing up cabinetry and much need wire management.... Come see this tank, exchange ideas and great company
  2. icolts Did you renew your membership and I so what date so we can check Agame we will look into the membership
  3. aquavista and avoncoralguy Wanted to give you a heads up that right now it will only be 1/2 table reserved. If we are not full with that in 2 weeks then we will circle back to those that want a full table
  4. please refer to the frag swap 2020 thread
  5. I have heard from CMRUM 1/2 table Rafael70 1/2 table Gonzo620 1/2 table
  6. Working on it. The problem is a site issue not a login issue
  7. Another great reason to come by..... we still have the 2020 INDMAS calendar available See everyone Saturday
  8. tbabcock used to raise clown fish. You may want to message him also waldend may have some pointers for next time
  9. The first meeting of the new decade is January 11, 2020. Let's start the New Year and New Decade off right with a blowout attendance Where Tank Novice -Mike's house 11809 Langham Crescent Ct, Fishers IN 46037 When 4-6 pm January 11th Door Prizes great education topic Hope to see everyone there
  10. Amanda Thank You for hosting. A great time had by all. Really liked the tank and quarantine setup
  11. They will be at the meeting Saturday and if you cannot make the meeting I live in fishers and can get it to you next week Just let me know either way Mike 317 730 7049
  12. I do not think that the thickness on a 180 makes low iron a necessity. You can also price out the tank with only the front in low iron.
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