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  1. tanknovice

    Fish & Coral/Inverts QT Tanks

    never really thought of running a qt 24/7 beneficial bacteria are not a water column bacteria but rather live in/on something such as rock or sand which would be troublesome in regards to medicating and such. If you want to keep it running 24/7 I would suggest one of the hang on back filters. Again if you would need to medicate this presents own issues but easy to remedy just shut it off You may end up with more cleaning of the tank issues versus benefits just thoughts. Others in the club may have set this up successfully
  2. tanknovice

    Light rail

    much nicer than my 80/20 rail
  3. tanknovice

    HELP - Jebao DC 12000 pump issues

    I have one but would suggest he swap the power brick and controller between the two first to see if he can get one to run Very unusual to have two fail at the same time unless the controller or brick both got wet or a power surge He can reach out to me at 317 730 7049 but I am in Fishers it would be quicker for him to log into amazon prime and get next day delivery if swapping does not get one of them up and running this evening
  4. MACNA is less than 45 days away and I was trying to get a count as to who might be going this year and where you might be staying We are going and staying at Ballys If anyone is still looking Frontier was offering cheap flights and I think Dustin was still trying to sell his tickets Mike
  5. tanknovice

    April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    I guess so....
  6. tanknovice

    New tank

    On the day of original delivery two weeks ago got a call that morning that the freight company could not deliver to the house and that I would need to pick it up. I arranged for a flat bed to meet me at the trucking company on the south side yesterday and got there around 2 much to my surprise when I got there the packaging did not look anywhere near as good. With the legs of the stand bent the pallet broken and the straps broken. Had to refuse delivery called the manufacturer and the insurance claim process has begun. Doubt the stand is salvageable and no idea on the tank had a pretty good dent in the packaging so doubtful on that as well. Once the tank manufacturer gets the tank and stand back they can give me a new timeline. In the meantime I am left with blue tape on my basement floor as a chalk outline for the tank..Definitely to be continued
  7. tanknovice

    New tank

    As many of you are aware I have been planning on my tank upgrade from my current 220gallon to a 4ftx8ft x 30 tank with powder coated stand. I originally ordered this before Thanksgiving with a few changes during this time. It was supposed to be delivered two weeks ago and the following are the pictures of when it left the builder.
  8. You will need to come to the swap to see the complete line up but here are some additional items besides what has been listed above including the fabulous grand prize that was donated by The REEF Our platinum Sponsor 14 gallon bio cube with stand, 24 inch and 30 inch led aqua lights with extra lamps provided by Central Aquatics a platinum sponsor, 2- all event MACNA tickets for this year in Las Vegas, Fragging items and gift certificates provided by Salt Critters a Gold Sponsor, Wide selection of Loc-line products, 7 gallon mini , HOG 1 algae scrubber, Tunze nano stream, 2 part with dosing pumps, Coral magazine subscriptions, polyp lab reef roids, wide variety of DR Tim's products, a wide variety of SERA products, Neptune ATO Kit, Sets of Rod's frozen....... And way too many gift certificates to list. We are closing in on almost $10,000 in total prizes. For the 1st time in an effort to help promote the hobby for the next generation we are having a door prize drawing for a Fluval tank set up donated by Premium Aquatics a Gold Sponsor . This door prize drawing (not a raffle so no ticket purchase necessary) is only for those attendees 13 years and younger. We also have a members only advance special deals provided by the REEF for RPM salt and Premium Aquatics for some RODI filter sets. Please check out the member forums. If you cannot access the member Forums it means you need to join INDMAS for the low cost of $21 a year. But of course the raffle is not the only reason we all go to the INDMAS Frag swap we go... To see Friends and Vendors that we have not seen for the past year. A great speaker a 1st for the INDMAS swap Marc “melev” Levenson check out his website at melevsreef.com. A great selection of corals at the swap from Vendors and hobbyist (make sure to check reef trader as well) . A photo booth provided by Central Indiana Aquatics what better way to remember your INDMAS frag swap experience be it your 1st or 15th. and of course food trucks to help you make it through the day. The only draw back it is only one day and for only 6 hours Hope to see everyone there..... Mike
  9. You asked for it you got it.... The list of Vendors at this years Frag Swap Premium Aquatics The Reef Just Pretty Corals Modern Aquatix The Zoanthid Garden Booyah Clowns MT Reefs Summit City Corals E Vill Corals Simple Saltwater Aquatics Central Indy Aquatics Dirks Aznnuttys Saltwater Connection Motor City Corals Mermaids Cove UnderWaterGardens Whitlyn Aquatics Do not forget if you want to take advantage of the Fritz Salt deal please put in your request in the member Forum, and look for another deal coming soon!
  10. The News we have all been waiting for.... The Grand Prize for the 2018 INDMAS frag swap is the C-VUE 40 gallon aquarium with the C-Ray 200 light by Cobalt Aquatics
  11. tanknovice

    Remote sump room setup

    With the Apex you can program a delay for starting up the skimmer after a loss of power episode so that would mitigate the need to add another 40 gallon breeder On the other hand more water volume = stability
  12. Ross Great idea I would be game
  13. tanknovice

    2018 INDMAS T-shirt Design Contest!!!

    And a not so serious one Any resemblance to any person real or imaginary is purely a coincidence
  14. tanknovice

    2018 INDMAS T-shirt Design Contest!!!

    For your consideration.....
  15. tanknovice

    Clownfish Pregnant

    I did phyto/pods and brine at one point in time very easy to do. Currently have shut down as I am renovating my tank equipment room. I have 1 or 2 florida aquafarms culture disk if you want start up phyto culture just text me probably have a gallon glass jar and air pump lying around as well Live up the road from you in Fishers just text me if you want a crash course and to pick up (no charge) Mike 317-730-7049