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  1. I'm going to reactivate your account, but I need to know the EXACT steps you're taking to renew. I don't have that transaction anywhere in our system. I really need to figure out where the failure is occurring.
  2. Reefhappy, I'm going to cancel your current membership subscription. Please try renewing in the store. Thanks, Braden
  3. I think the issue is that Nexus doesn't want him to attempt to add a second subscription to his account. I could probably rectify this by canceling the current subscription, but before I do that, I have a question. Given the current issue with paypal, are we to believe that reefhappy's current subscription is NOT going to auto renew on 11/1?
  4. Eh, my dad's floor still freaks me out. I don't like standing near the tank with several other people at the same time. We've measured and checked the level several times since it went in, but everything is still the same. I think the reason it bothers me is because I, personally, don't know or understand the math that would say 'yes that's safe'. We've just been taking other people's word for it. (Who haven't actually looked at the structure) For your situation my opinion is that that floor is fine. I was jumping up and down on it the other day without even the slightest bounce.
  5. My clowns did this before I had my nems and it REALLY upset the frogspawn. Now that they've stopped bothering it, the frogspawn is 3 - 4 time larger during daylight hours.
  6. Welcome! This group is really amazing, the membership fee is a small investment for the imminence amount of knowledge our members have to share. Hope to see you at a meeting soon! Best Regards, Braden P.
  7. I would post my pictures, but I'm pretty sure we took pictures of exactly the same things....
  8. I'm really curious to know if anyone has actually done this. I know there are different grades of gas (food, medical, industrial, etc.) my specific concern would be the possibility of trace oil in the gas. Thanks, BP
  9. Thanks for the info, I've driven by a few times and thought about stopping. Do you know the hours? (House keeping note, I moved this topic to the Local Vendors area just for organizational reasons)
  10. Hope to see everyone next month a PA!
  11. My 06' Commander had 20% and my 11' CRZ had 10%. I've lived in Plainfield my entire life and never had a problem. I've even been pulled over for speeding in the CRZ and the cop said nothing about the windows. IMO if you do a reasonable tint (20% or higher) you won't have any trouble. The reason they give warnings is likely due to the difficulty of proving it's not a legal tint.
  12. Oh, that's what this thing is? Ha, I have one too! Looks like this (not an actual picture of my coral):
  13. Hello All! I've been really busy lately and haven't had a chance to post about my experience with the Santa Monica HOG Upflow Algae Scrubber that I won at the frag swap! So, first of all, if you're not familiar, the HOG1 is a Hang On Glass Upflow Algae Scrubber. It's a two piece device that has a rough algae growing surface on one piece and two Red LEDs on the other. It's held on the glass by some pretty strong magnets. It's idea is to purposely grow algae inside to consume excess nutrients in the tank (approximately one frozen cube worth of food) (and apparently create free tang food). Here is a stock picture of the device from Santa Monica: I set this device up on May 17th. It's been 45 days, or about 6 weeks. Implementing the device was really easy. This product does require a separate air pump that is NOT included. I purchased a fairly inexpensive pump from Premium Aquatics to fulfill this purpose (ViaAqua Million Air Pump - single outlet 1666cc/m). To complete the installation, I placed the growth material into the water of my sump and the lighted side on the outside of the sump, and attached the air line to my pump. The device can be positioned with the vent holes below or above the water. According to the manufacturer, placing the vent underwater provides 'better' filtration, with the downside of a bubbling sound. I have my vent positioned slightly above the water. The device must be placed on a timer outlet allowing up to 12 hours of daylight per day. The first few weeks had little growth, and I noticed a large 'bald' spot in the middle of the growing material. According to the directions, this indicates there is too many daylight hours per day. I reduced the 'on' time to about 8 hours, however I still saw little growth. I knew going into this that I have a relatively low nutrient system, so I have disabled my skimmer for a few weeks to see if there would be any growth improvement with additional nutrients in the water. Below are the results after 6 weeks in the tank (about 2 weeks with the skimmer off). I would say that it's currently at about 70% growth. I plan to remove the contents and measure their volume after it reaches maximum growth. Interestingly, my water parameters have not changed since turning the skimmer off. I'm still at 0 Nitrates and .00 phosphate, and I'm still feeding twice a day approximately 2 frozen cubes worth of LRS reef frenzy. I may also remove my GFO reactor for a few weeks and see if there is any change in phosphate levels. This is by no means a 'scientific experiment', rather just my experience with the product. It's a neat concept, but I will need to spend more time using it to determine if it's worth the current retail price of $149.99. Let me know if you have any questions! - BPitts2
  14. I've been having some strange problems with my skimmer lately, I unplugged it, cleaned the cup and neck just like I would any other week. Now it's working like a champ. I never will quite fully understand these devices.
  15. Welcome to INDMAS! We're glad to have you here! Hope to see you at a meeting soon!
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