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  1. It would be nice to see pictures with all the different ones used.😁
  2. Wow, with that many different shades I would think you could experiment with different ones and even stacking some together, like a yellow and an orange. Play around with them until you get something you like.
  3. Will the calendars be here in time for the meeting?
  4. What is everyone using that has them? IceCap, Polylabs, or other.Thanks
  5. A shout out to Premium Aquatics for special ordering this juvenile flagfin angel fish for me. She is settled in the qt tank and eating nicely. Thanks Brandon
  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house for the Christmas meeting! For those of you that don't know about my tanks I will tell you a little bit here. I have a 34 gal reef tank (LPS mainly) and a 180 FOWLR Tank. The 180 is my "pair" themed tank. Meaning I am stocking the tank with fish that normally pair up in the wild. And some single fish that don't form pairs also. I can explain at the meeting on how I pair them if anyone is interested. Still in the stocking process but so far I have a pair of Interruptus Angelfish, Indian Vegabond Butterflies. Along with a pair of Mocha Clowns, which was a door prize at one of our meetings that one of our very own members bred! My Goldflake/Flagfin hybrid angel recently lost his mate, as well as did my Pakistan Butterfly. (Interruptus Angels can be mean) I have a replacement female for the hybrid angel in QT now along with a Long Nose Black Tang. My QT system will also be up and running for all to see. See you all there!
  7. I will take the green goby, please

    Thanks Amanda

  8. Why do some people have to be such dirtbags!?We have a big beautiful Siamese Cat that needs a home ASAP! Anyone willing to take him? Don't want to take him to a shelter unless we can not find a home for him. He is not neutered but we will be willing to pay for that if someone can give him a wonderful home. He deserves better than the way he was treated!I'll try and give a short version to this long story. My daughter and her friends usually go to the library after school on Fridays. It is right across from the high school. It is kind of a kids hang out for after school. So my daughter and friends go outside for a bit and they see this person by the dumpster dropping a bucket down beside the dumpster. He also has a plastic bag/ garbage bag and when he sees the kids looking at him he quickly throws the bag down and takes off running. Well, when he throw the bag down it made a noise. The kids found a cat inside the bag!! The bucket was cat litter and cat food also inside of it.(how nice of him to leave it with food and litter ) Police came and looked at the library security camera. They saw the person but he was wearing a ski mask and no cars to see him get into either. So basically the cops could do nothing else. So we now have this beautiful Siamese cat at our house that we need to find a home for. The cat is chipped but not registered. It is a big unneutered male cat. He is the sweetest cat ever. We can not keep him as I am allergic to cats and my dog doesn't like cats. Why would someone do this to this poor cat!? It makes me so mad! Here is a picture of him. Please contact me if you would like this big sweet beautiful cat. He has the prettiest blue eyes that don't show up in the photo.
  9. Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
  10. Do you guys think a tomini and a black tang would get along in a 180? My thinking is that way most kinds of algae will be covered.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Tank is getting pretty full so a small group of tomini's probably will not work, only a single. I do like the more rarer fish so maybe I will go with the black tang,which is one reason why I was thinking of it. Do these two both eat the same kinds of algae? Does one eat more different kinds of algae than the other? I need something that is a good algae eater and not too aggressive. Don't won't it hurt my butterflies but also stand up to my interruptus who is a real butt head and more on the aggressive side.
  12. Thinking of adding a tang for algae control. I have narrowed it down to a Tomini or a Black Tang. Does anyone have any experience with either or know which would be a better algae eater?
  13. wow, that is a big tank. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Good choice on the Planet Aquarium brand. Hope the rest goes without problems!
  15. Yeah, I had to get a new one. It was the controller not the pump. But had to buy a whole new pump as this older version of the Red Dragon pumps had no way to disconnect them. The new ones now have disconnect ends on them now. Red Dragon did give me a discount because of it though.
  16. OH NO! So sorry to see this. Don't keep us waiting! What did you do!!
  17. wow, that went quick. I'm not sure which emoji face to use sad or happy , maybe both!
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