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    The beginning of a pair of Interruptus Angels!

    Thanks, Brandon and SuP
  2. I got an adult Interruptus angle almost 2 years ago and have been on the look out for a juvenile to pair it with. In February I was finally able to get my hands on a juvenile. After quarantine and observation tank for a while I put her in acclimation box in DT for 2 days. Just released her today. Minor chasing for the first couple of hours as seen in the video, and now they are good! No more chasing or posturing. I really am surprise and happy on how well the introduce went. (sorry for the reflections on the glass and all the micro bubbles in tank) https://youtu.be/ykhJowdcLh8 https://youtu.be/fMlf_42tTEM
  3. Great meeting! I really enjoyed the presentation with Dr Tim. Thanks for hosting Bob.
  4. So at 4 am this morning I am awoken by a fish tank type alarm. One of the hoses on my rodi unit was not pushed all the way into one of the john guest type fitting causing it to leak on the floor. My Leak Controller shut off my rodi unit and sounded the alarm. Therefore I had only a small puddle on the floor to clean up and to reset the Leak Controller. Within 5 minutes I am back in bed instead of waking up to a flood! This little piece of equipment has saved me a few time now. I highly recommend it, or some other brand like, it to all! Here is the one I have
  5. MrsBugmaster

    Jneal 10gal nano

    Nice looking tank, and it does look larger than a 10 gal. I love clown gobies, they are so cute.
  6. MrsBugmaster

    Future Reefer?

    Awe, how cute.
  7. MrsBugmaster

    Quarantine clean up crew

    I qt anything wet, which includes snails, carbs, and corals. Here is a good thread about it on Reef 2 Reef. See the chart in half way down in post #1 I follow this process.
  8. I am planning to attend
  9. MrsBugmaster

    Whole House Filter

    Your welcome, hope it helps
  10. MrsBugmaster

    Whole House Filter

    We are on well water and our well pump runs 75 to 80psi so I don't notice any drop in pressure.(we have a geo thermal water furnace which requires higher psi) We have just one, the sediment filter. I'd like to put a second one on for the carbon filter, by my husband is too cheap and doesn't want to spend the one on having another one installed. We change the filter once a year, which was the recommendation for our system. Our system consists of the whole house filter, a AIO (air injection system) to get rid of the sulfur smell, then into a twin tank water softener.
  11. MrsBugmaster

    Whole House Filter

    We have this one, you can get different filters for different applications (see bottom of linked page) https://www.aquapurefilters.com/store/product/200073.200062/ap801.html
  12. MrsBugmaster

    Sad week for the Indy Zoo

    How sad, our zoo has now lost 2 elephants within a week. Appears to be an elephant herpesviris https://www.wthr.com/article/second-elephant-dies-indianapolis-zoo?fbclid=IwAR0IN3OvlLP-AAmVI11pNWjqkH6DpzelCj-jPktLPCOu9pDKR9BehFHT6Cw
  13. MrsBugmaster

    New to Indy

  14. MrsBugmaster

    New to indmas and new to saltwater.

  15. MrsBugmaster

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Looks great. Love the top down shots.
  16. I seahorse and pipefish tank would be nice.
  17. MrsBugmaster

    NEW TO INDMAS, but not to the Hobby!

    Welcome to INDMAS!
  18. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    Glad to hear it is turning around for you
  19. MrsBugmaster

    Rock flower anemone

    some nice looking ones for sure.
  20. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    I am using Dr Tim's Eco Balance and I also like Dr Tim's Waste Away. Don't add them at same time. Wait a week or so apart. Follow direction closely. Different phyto's have different strains in them so mix it up and don't always use the same thing. No matter which brand you use, read their websites to find out what all they have in them. I like to use Sustainable Aquatic and Algea Barns OceanMagik
  21. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    I've been reading a lot lately on adding the "good" live bacteria and dosing live phyto to help fight algae. Our tanks get "out of balance" bacteria wise with all the filtering we do with skimmers, uv sterilizer, and adding other chemicals and such. One bacteria ends up taking over, consuming, all the others and there is not enough diversity in our tanks for a natural control. We need to regularly dose these things back into our tank, more of a natural way to dealing with algae instead of chemicals all the time. This is something I am currently experimenting with myself.
  22. Just saw this announcement. Wonder how this will impact the hobby. I don't buy much fish stuff there but I do buy my bird food there. I better stock up now https://www.wjfw.com/storydetails/20190109204335/petco_announces_it_will_close_drs_foster_and_smith_eliminating_289_jobs
  23. They do like medium flow, so I think it is ok. If flow was too high I think it would retract and not be out very much.
  24. MrsBugmaster

    Gem Tang Pics

    Looks awesome!