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  1. How are you accounting for the one that are already members of the Zoo? I am a member and there will be 2.
  2. MrsBugmaster

    80 shallow

    I have two of the Tunze 5017 top offs and one Smart ATO. I have to say I do like the Tunze better. On the Smart ATO I get alarms quit often and it shuts off and I have to reset it. Never had any problems with the Tunze and have had them for 4 and 6 years now. If you have a sump I think Tunze is the way to go. If no sump the Smart ATO my be the better way. They are more money but you get what you pay for IMO.
  3. MrsBugmaster

    120G Flow Revival

    I have made my own version of the Gyre. I have two powerheads on the same side of the tank up high in the same position and pointing to the water surface. This creates the gyre effect very nicely. You just have to make sure the pumps are big enough and powerful enough to go all the way across the tank. The water ripples across the top on tank then it hits the opposite side of the tank glass and bounces back at the bottom of the tank. You may have to play around with the position a little to get it just right. I have it going side to side, but if you choice to have your front to back you may need more then 2 powerheads. I have it set up this way on my 180 and my 34 gal. Works great for me. I added a picture to see placement of ph's. I get a nice ripple all the way to the other side of the tank.
  4. MrsBugmaster

    Coral War!

    OOPS! One of my SPS fell over on top of my LSP. I think the LPS was winning. Glad I found it in time to save it!
  5. MrsBugmaster

    Where I say Hello, I think

  6. MrsBugmaster

    Save a fish goes big or goes home

    Following along. Looks to be a great build.
  7. MrsBugmaster

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    If the fish died this quick it is more likely brook or velvet. I would treat all fish in a QT tank. And leave your tank fallow for 76 days or break it all down and bleach it and start it over.
  8. So if we have seasonal passes we don't pay to get in or park and can still do the BST correct?
  9. MrsBugmaster

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Looks good!
  10. MrsBugmaster

    2018 INDMAS June Summer Social

    I should be able to make it.
  11. MrsBugmaster

    Cloudy water, crazy skimmer

    My first thought was a bacteria bloom. Need a pic of the white worms.
  12. MrsBugmaster

    One thing after another

    Wow, sorry to hear of your misfortunes. But we can all learn from things like this. I am glad you got it in time! Thanks for sharing this heart breaking experience. And keep us updated.
  13. MrsBugmaster

    Help! My clown fish may have Brooklynella

    Is this fish in QT or in DT? Is the fish eating? Loss of color makes me think it is brook. Also looks like the fish has clamped fins. I would treat with a formalin bath, and then treat with copper and metronidazole together for 1 month in QT. The metro will take care of brook, and 1 month in copper will eradicate ich/velvet just in case is one of these. Products to use for bath 90 Minute bath Put fish in a bucket or container and make sure to use air stone as these meds will deplete the oxygen and a heater. Dose according to direction on package. Pick one of these products: Formalin MS Acriflavine MS Ruby Reef Rally - 90 minute bath, this product contains Acriflavine and formalin (I use this one) Then put fish in QT and treat with copper product and metro combined. (Metroplex contains metronidazole) I use this one.
  14. MrsBugmaster

    The Count

    He looks awesome!
  15. MrsBugmaster

    Holy Pod Population!

    It will be interesting to see how many will be in the filter sock in a couple more weeks.