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  1. They can be found here: http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/19059-2020-indmas-board-positions/&tab=comments#comment-130768 All of these positions listed are open. Even though the current person holding some of these positions are running again, anyone can still run for them. If multiple people are running for the same position then the club holds an election at the October meeting to decide the winner. You can also nominate yourself.
  2. Have you tested your water? Maybe something is off.
  3. I use a max jet pump and put clear tubing on the outlet side, throw it in the tank or sump and plug it in. I have a small mark made with sharpie on the corner of tank so I know how much water to remove. (you first have to use bucket or some container to measure out the amount of water you usually change) and run it to a sink. Then I reverse it and put pump in fresh saltwater container and turn it on.
  4. In my experience, the blue reef chromis you mentioned would do better with only 3 for this size tank. I've had 3 zebra dartfish before and they did fine. Although they would hide a lot in the rocks. For a Mandarin, you will have to culture pods or buy them all the time. In that size tank I don't think pods will populate themselves enough to sustain a mandarin. Mandarins will eat 500+ pods a day. Have you thought about adding a pistol shrimp with your yellow watchman goby? I love watching them interact.
  5. Members Only swap means no vendors or stores selling things. So family member is welcome!
  6. Too much of a temp swing from a water change can be bad for the corals and fish. I always heat my water first.
  7. So your not replacing the square valve on the overflow with a gate valve? That's the one I replaced as it is the one that gave me problems.
  8. Have fun! Awesome to see people you know!
  9. A cooler works great or styrofoam box of some kind. Maybe a heat pack if you can find them. Walmart often has some, the hand warmer kind is what I've gotten from them before.
  10. I'm hoping to make this one. Don't have anything to bring though.
  11. I have this tank and one problem with it is the overflow valve. It sucks. It is very hard to get it dialed in and to stay that way. It works fine for a week or two then needs readjusted again and again! Do yourself a favor and watch this video on how to change out the red sea valve to a gate vale. Wish I would of saw this before I set mine up cause it is harder to do after wards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4NHqmnzLL8#action=share
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