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  1. MrsBugmaster

    NEW TO INDMAS, but not to the Hobby!

    Welcome to INDMAS!
  2. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    Glad to hear it is turning around for you
  3. MrsBugmaster

    Rock flower anemone

    some nice looking ones for sure.
  4. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    I am using Dr Tim's Eco Balance and I also like Dr Tim's Waste Away. Don't add them at same time. Wait a week or so apart. Follow direction closely. Different phyto's have different strains in them so mix it up and don't always use the same thing. No matter which brand you use, read their websites to find out what all they have in them. I like to use Sustainable Aquatic and Algea Barns OceanMagik
  5. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    I've been reading a lot lately on adding the "good" live bacteria and dosing live phyto to help fight algae. Our tanks get "out of balance" bacteria wise with all the filtering we do with skimmers, uv sterilizer, and adding other chemicals and such. One bacteria ends up taking over, consuming, all the others and there is not enough diversity in our tanks for a natural control. We need to regularly dose these things back into our tank, more of a natural way to dealing with algae instead of chemicals all the time. This is something I am currently experimenting with myself.
  6. They do like medium flow, so I think it is ok. If flow was too high I think it would retract and not be out very much.
  7. MrsBugmaster

    Gem Tang Pics

    Looks awesome!
  8. MrsBugmaster

    Help, my Clown Fish are in trouble

    Was the fox face quarantined? Maybe it brought in some disease or parasite?
  9. MrsBugmaster

    Mag test kits

    I need to get a new mag test kit and was wondering what everyone else is using for mag. I was using the Red Sea kit but wondering if there is something better/more accurate?
  10. MrsBugmaster

    February Meeting

    I will be there.
  11. MrsBugmaster

    Greg’s 30g cube

    Welcome to INDMAS! Nice looking tank.
  12. MrsBugmaster

    Need a little help on cycling my tank

    I would leave it empty. Are you starting with live rock or dry? If dry then add some ammonia from a bottle and live bacteria like these and let it take it course.
  13. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    Ross is picking up the microscope so @ryansweet don't for get to bring whatever it is you want it for.🙂
  14. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    I will not make it to the meeting....sick 🤢