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  1. MrsBugmaster

    Greg’s 30g cube

    Welcome to INDMAS! Nice looking tank.
  2. MrsBugmaster

    Need a little help on cycling my tank

    I would leave it empty. Are you starting with live rock or dry? If dry then add some ammonia from a bottle and live bacteria like these and let it take it course.
  3. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    Ross is picking up the microscope so @ryansweet don't for get to bring whatever it is you want it for.🙂
  4. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    I will not make it to the meeting....sick 🤢
  5. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    I do have the microscope. But I woke up this morning feeling horrible so don't think I will make the meeting tomorrow. If someone is in my area is going to the meeting they can stop by and pick it up.
  6. MrsBugmaster

    More mystery critters

    I agree, some kind of sponge, which are good things
  7. Just saw this announcement. Wonder how this will impact the hobby. I don't buy much fish stuff there but I do buy my bird food there. I better stock up now https://www.wjfw.com/storydetails/20190109204335/petco_announces_it_will_close_drs_foster_and_smith_eliminating_289_jobs
  8. MrsBugmaster

    Algae just won’t go away

    When was the last time you cleaned your water mixing container? Do you have a ato? May need to clean that container also if you have one. Sometimes we forget to clean them and nitrates can build up in them. Test the water in those containers before putting it in your tank.
  9. MrsBugmaster

    Colts Office Tank

    Great theme tank, Brandon!
  10. MrsBugmaster

    Reef pics

    Good looking sps and great photos! Your tank looks great.
  11. MrsBugmaster


    With a short distance move like this I would put the fish in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. Drill a hole in top of lid to run an air hose with air stone and a heater. This way if it takes longer than expected you will not have to worry about the fish getting cold or running out of oxygen. For the coral I would bag them and put in Styrofoam box. Put the rock in a container separate from the fish and corals. Drain water from tank, keeping and transporting as much of the tank water as possible. You could leave the sand in the tank as long as you don't disturb it very much (or else get all new sand.) Transport tank like this with the sand in the it with most all of the water drained. When setting back up use old tank water but slowly and carefully add it back in so not to stir up the sand. Have some fresh salt water made up as well to add some fresh saltwater. I have some Styrofoam boxes if you need any.
  12. MrsBugmaster

    Ross's 750g In-wall with Fish Room!

    That looks amazing! Love the rock work! Can't wait to see fish in it.
  13. MrsBugmaster

    January 2019 Meeting

    I plan to be there
  14. I remember they had to acid wash our basement floors before putting down the concrete overlay, so maybe you need to do something like that in order to make it stick.
  15. MrsBugmaster

    Rock flower anemone

    That's awesome!