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  1. MrsBugmaster

    Rock flower anemone

    I would be interested in buying some if you are selling them.
  2. MrsBugmaster

    Rock flower anemone

    Awesome, congrats! I just recently set up a rock flower tank in hopes of breeding them...so time will tell. I have bought 9 now, but most are pretty small and they do have to mature before they start breeding. And you do have to have male and females from my understanding. So out of the 9 I have I think odds will be better of having male and females.
  3. Thank you Luis! Your tank is awesome!
  4. I have a 29 gallon tank I will bring if anyone wants it. It is not pretty and could be used for a QT tank only. But it hold water. Let me know if you want it before the meeting today or I am leaving it at home.🙂 I will also be bring a refractometer, magnetic glass cleaner and a few odds and ends
  5. MrsBugmaster

    80 gallon shallow

    I love this shot!
  6. MrsBugmaster

    Ross's 750g In-wall with Fish Room!

    Almost there!! Looks good so far!
  7. MrsBugmaster

    Tank over heating issue

    I put on a new temp probe and that seams to have fixed the problem.
  8. MrsBugmaster

    October 2018 Monthly Meeting

    Something has come up so I won't be able to make it after all.
  9. MrsBugmaster

    Tank over heating issue

    Well, Wednesday the tank temp was reading 84+ on thermometer, and the controller was reading it at 82. I unplugged the heater two days ago, now this morning the controller is reading 78.1 and digital thermometer is reading 80.4 Not sure how accurate the thermometer or the probe for that matter. But showing a consistent 2 degree difference. Would it take two day for the temp to go down 6 degrees? I did order a new probe but have not installed it yet. At this point I'm not sure if its the heater, the probe or the controller. Also since this happened my blue lights won't come on only the whites which is on a separate plug. I can't figure this out.
  10. MrsBugmaster

    Tank over heating issue

    It better not be my 5 year old Red Dragon return pump! Other power heads are only a couple years old. so I kinda ruled them out. The probe is 8 years old so that's why I was thinking of it.
  11. I have a AC JR controller on my 180 gallon. It is set up so when temp is 77.7 degrees heater comes on, and off at 78.1 degrees. If temp goes higher than 80.0 then lights go off. Tank is in my basement which is 75 degrees. The last 3 days the lights are always off and temp on controller says 82. I verified tank water temp is 82 with a digital thermometer. The heater is a Finnex TH-S Series 800 Watt Titanium Heating Element that is abut 4 years old. It has to be connected to a controller in order to work. So what is my problem? The controllers heating probe or the heater? I'm leaning more towards the probe but not sure which one I should replace.
  12. MrsBugmaster

    October 2018 Monthly Meeting

    I will be there.