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  1. also if you go to spectrapure's website there are manuals to show how it is to be set up to double check yours. Just fine your model. https://www.spectrapure.com/product-manuals/
  2. This is the auto shut off valve. It looks like you have one. Check to make sure it is installed properly. There is a "in" and "out" marked on them. The valve may need to be replaced.
  3. Did you use the underwater hosing for the camera or just the camera itself under water?
  4. I love Hawaii! Beautiful pictures, what camera did you use?
  5. I just bought a Maxspect Gyre XF350 Standard Unit Package. I have not installed it yet, but from my research it is supposedly quieter than the Icecaps. But you gotta get the new 300 series. The new 300 series are quieter and easier to clean.
  6. I would not recommend Bone Dry. We have used them twice and was not satisfied with them. Just had someone else come and fix a leaky spot that BoneDry have fixed twice now. But my new guy only does repairs not whole roofs. I would vote for hard woods also, more expensive if you get real hard wood and not the laminated wood, but worth it in the end! We got the 3/4 inch planks and it can we sanded down and refinished several times when needed, and will last 50 plus years. And they come in so many different colors now too. Or the tile that looks like wood is pretty cool too.
  7. he is showing as a "registered" member not a paid member so maybe that has something to do with it?
  8. wow, you got some huge colonies! Looks great.
  9. I'm Edge, with replaced Internet Explorer a couple years ago.
  10. Thanks for hosting Mike. Love your future sump set up. I will be nice once it is all set up and running.
  11. It is recommended to leave tank fallow for 76 days not just 60.
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