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  1. We were able to see the 90% for about 30 seconds before cloud cover. And was intermittent the rest of the time. Over all got a pretty good view. It was pretty cool!
  2. Who all is planning on watching the eclipse on Monday? Any last minute people like me still trying to find these glasses? I did finally find some yesterday on craigslist (located at 69th and Keystone). Paid $20 for one. I guess my husband and I will share them.
  3. Gone
  4. I would cycle the qt tanks first if fish are not in immediate danger of dying off.
  5. Pending pick up
  6. See my ad on craigslist for my free sectional. You can get a L shaped slipcover on Ebay for around $30 to $60 and it will be good as new. Need it gone by this weekend or it's going to the dump!
  7. Hope some of them make it!
  8. This is what they posted on our FB page about the product. Micro Algae Paste is Phytoplankton / green water but with a twist. We concentrate Chlorophyta Green Axenic Micro Algae cultures, that are grown in saltwater, the same way Nature does. No chemicals, no preservatives but here is the twist - grown in salt water but rinsed with RODI. Safe for Salt and Fresh! So we took on the most difficult market first - freshwater. Some really unexpected results! Our Director of freshwater operations took this challenge and knocked it out of the park! We are feeding ONLY Micro Algae paste to our freshwater Rice Fish and within a week of their arrival, they started breeding. In the last 6 weeks we have collected over 30 Rice Fish Fry and are feeding and growing them out on just Micro Algae Paste. The species are Dunaliella, Chlorella, Nanochloropsis and Nannochloris. All are great for growing Zooplankton - Rotifers, Moina, Brine, Daphnia and feeding refugiums etc. All are full of vitamins and minerals, very nutrient dense. No need for roti-rich or any other supplement. You can also simply feed your live rock - full of natural refugiums! Any filter feeder will also love it - clams, corals, gorgonians. This will simply bring your aquarium exhibit to the next level. And as a bonus, there is a natural symbiotic relationship with micro algae and nitrifying bacteria... we are still studying this phenomenon.
  9. Thanks for the info, but upon closer inspection the tube is cracked so I super glued it for now until the new one arrives.
  10. So I removed the standpipes to clean them out and now one of them leaks when I put it back in. It leaks into the sump so not sure if it is going to cause a problem. It is not the bulk head but the standpipe where it fits into the bulkhead. I took it out and pushed it back in a few times but it still leaks. How do I fix this leak?
  11. We need to get our front entrance redone and looking for a stamped concrete or overlay company. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  12. I am on well water with very high iron and CO2. We had to get a whole house sediment filter( a blue canister on the incoming water line) and a water softener in which we use the low iron salt. We also have a sprinkler system so our well pump has a bigger pump so I didn't need a booster pump for that purpose. However, I did have to get a booster pump because of the high CO2 in the well water. I had to separate the RO unit from the DI unit and run the RO water only into a container and degas it for 24 hours before running it through the DI. I use the booster pump to run the RO water through the DI unit. If I did not do this I would burn through DI resin like crazy. I was replacing DI once a month and that is for a 34 gal tank! This system works very well for me now. I use a "normal" amount of DI resin now. Yes, it is an extra set and takes longer to make water but it works for me.
  13. I am planning to attend
  14. INDMAS is excited to announce John Coppolino, better known as "Copps", speaking event! You don't want to miss this one!! Seating is limited so to reserve your seat please rsvp in this thread. This event is free and open to the public.