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  1. Indmas Frag Swap and CMAS swap

    Here you go https://www.facebook.com/Aznnutty/
  2. Red Sea Max E260 Build

    Looks nice. I love my Red Sea Tank, it's a\the reefer series though.
  3. 150cube 1yr later

    Great build thread! Tank looks awesome.
  4. Play Taps

    Sorry for the loss but hey, I would call that a success keeping him alive for 16years!
  5. Grounding Probe(s)

    I would also trace down and replace the piece of equipment that is the cause.
  6. I use an eheim auto feeder
  7. Also giving a away a skimmer delay timer. When power is lost to a system with a sump the water level in the sump will almost always rise up a few inches. When power returns to the system the rise in water level can effect your skimmer and cause it to overflow due to excessive water level right on start up. The solution to that problem is having your skimmer wait a few minutes before starting up. The Reef Octopus Delay Timer will automatically keep your skimmer from starting for 5 minutes to allow your systems water level to go back to normal, before starting the skimmer pump.
  8. Refugium algae

    I run turf scrubbers on both my tanks. Well, one of them is coming in tomorrow, then I will have 2
  9. Aquascaping

    Didn't realize you were referring to Phone uploads. Sorry, can't help you there.
  10. Aquascaping

    With the new update it's easier then ever! See the Drag files here to attach or choose files at the bottom of this window? click on; choose files and choose the file from your computer. Done!!
  11. Blue Light Filter

    Details please, what camera, filter and so forth! That is a great shot you should add it to the calendar contest.
  12. What an awesome presentation! Thanks so much Copps! We must have you back again sometime.
  13. Looking forward to this! It will be a great one!! Open to the public so bring your friends and neighbors!!