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  1. I was going to pay my membership after being gone for 3 years but it says I’m only alowed one and I have already purchased it but I know I have not
  2. Getting back in the hobby

    I can understand that. My first tank was metal halide. It was Bright for sure
  3. Getting back in the hobby

    May I ask why you are moving away from the led lighting?
  4. Well I have been out of the hobby for almost 4 years now. I’m looking to get started on a tank in the 90 or 120 range. Is it bad I’m leaning with metal halides instead of led
  5. hobby grade rc cars

    There's supposed to be a good track in Noblesville. A dirt track
  6. hobby grade rc cars

    Oh also do you ever get to the AMA in muncie
  7. hobby grade rc cars

    Yes it definitely is expensive my 3 yr has expressed an interest and has a little cheap rc and loves it but he said it's to slow lol.. will probably be getting him a 1/18 scale losi for Xmas
  8. hobby grade rc cars

    Not sure if I want to go nitro but what would you want for it? Do you already have your tank?
  9. hobby grade rc cars

    That's awesome I'm looking to get back into it. Did you run nitro or electric? I'm kinda liking the new lipo options but have never had a nitro either always been told they were hard to maintain and tune
  10. hobby grade rc cars

    Anyone here into hobby grade rc cars?
  11. Does anyone here vape?

    Yes dustin there is a whole different language that comes with vaping when you get to a certain point lol. Just like reefing!!
  12. Does anyone here vape?

    That is great that you made the switch after 40 years of analogs. I'm sure you feel much better now that you vape. I will check out that store when I'm in the area next. I'm trying to get into genesis style atomizes now because I drive a lot and I'm a dropper only. Most of my juice cones from Mtbakervapor.com.
  13. Does anyone here vape?

    Sub ohm vaping is building a coil or multiple coils on an atomizer at a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Cloud chasing is a term that means trying to get the biggest amount of vapor you can in one drag of your vape.
  14. Does anyone here vape?

    Just wondering how many of our members vape. Maybe sub ohm cloud chasing. Just looking for others to share info with maybe local cloud contests
  15. how many hours a day do you run your leds?

    Thank you for all the replies here this has helped me out. I have decided that I was under lighting my tank 4 hours white 8 hours blue.