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  1. How many members do we have in the madison and Delaware counties. I am in selma which is delaware county. Lets see who is here
  2. reefaddicted

    Acrylic Sump

    Great job. Looks great
  3. reefaddicted

    Water change or no

    The nitrates have remained 20 for over a week. I have had a diatom bloom and that is actually almost cleared up on its own too
  4. reefaddicted

    Water change or no

    Ok friends im 8 weeks in on my cycle. I have had 0 ammonia for 3 weeks. Added dr tims one and only 5 days ago and nitrite will not drop below .25 ppm on an api kit. Current parameters as of this morning Ammonia-0ppm Nitrite-.25ppm Nitrate-20ppm Anh help appreciated
  5. reefaddicted

    Vertex skimmer

    Still having issues with this darn skimmer. Is it possible to have one to large? It worked fine for a week then went totally flat for 2 days
  6. reefaddicted

    How many fish?

    I have had a sixline wrasse once. Cant remember why i got rid of it. And my wife wanted an angel but i wasnt sure they were reef safe
  7. reefaddicted

    How many fish?

    Well i know i want a couple nice clowns for sure. And some sort of goby if i can have without sand. Other than that my daughter wants something pink. I would also like cleaner shrimp. I just want plenty of color and movement in the tank. I guessbi should add the rock was dry when it went in.
  8. reefaddicted

    Vertex skimmer

    When would you turn on the skimmer?
  9. reefaddicted

    How many fish?

    The tank has 35 pounds of rock. I am running small sump with filter sock and vertex omega 130 skimmer. Plannning on weekly water changes. No sand anywhere in the system
  10. reefaddicted

    How many fish?

    Hello i have a 40 breeder and wondering how many fish i can have. Any advice would help
  11. reefaddicted

    Vertex skimmer

    So no chance the skimmer is too large for the tank? I just want to make sure its not too large and going to be a problem.
  12. reefaddicted

    Vertex skimmer

    yeah i was kinda thinking there may be nothing to skim. I took the skimmer out and gave it a vinegar bath and made sure everything was clean.
  13. Lights are gone. Tank and stand is here. Make me an offer.

  14. reefaddicted

    Vertex skimmer

    Ok i have a vertex omega 130 skimmer on my 40 breeder. I am in the earyl stages of the cycle with dry rock. The tank is getting a pinch of food each day. Should this skimmer be pulling skimate at this point? It either does nothing or oveflows like crazy. Too big for my system? Or? Sooo frustrated considering trading it off for something else
  15. reefaddicted

    150 bowfront

    Well thia thread disnt last long. He is going to get a new tank. Decided against the risk