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  1. reefaddicted

    150 bowfront

    Well thia thread disnt last long. He is going to get a new tank. Decided against the risk
  2. reefaddicted

    150 bowfront

    Ok so my brother in law bought a 150 bowfront aquarium. We got it on its stand and ready to fill and noticed that the bottom trim has a crack in it. We have no idea if this will hurt the structural integredy of the tank. Anyone that has any info on this we would appreciate the info that you might have... Thanks im advance
  3. I have my skimmer if your interested I would take $100.

  4. reefaddicted

    Viparspectra 300w

    Does anyone have experience using a Viparspectra 300w led panel for there reef tank? Or any cheap Chinese options
  5. reefaddicted

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    I have considered these however i have just been unsure how well they did with sps corals such as acro species.
  6. reefaddicted

    Best lighting for a 40 breeder

    Is anyone still using metal halide? I have a fixture with a double ended 250watt mh and 2 39w ati t5 bulbs
  7. Ok folks so as the title suggests im looking for your opions on what the best lighting for a 40 breeder would be. I want to eventually have the tank as sps domiant as possible.
  8. reefaddicted

    Additional hobby besides the tanks

    I have been doing rc stuff for a few years but time to sell out and get back to reef keeping as my main hobby
  9. I was going to pay my membership after being gone for 3 years but it says I’m only alowed one and I have already purchased it but I know I have not
  10. reefaddicted

    Getting back in the hobby

    I can understand that. My first tank was metal halide. It was Bright for sure
  11. reefaddicted

    Getting back in the hobby

    May I ask why you are moving away from the led lighting?
  12. Well I have been out of the hobby for almost 4 years now. I’m looking to get started on a tank in the 90 or 120 range. Is it bad I’m leaning with metal halides instead of led
  13. reefaddicted

    hobby grade rc cars

    There's supposed to be a good track in Noblesville. A dirt track
  14. reefaddicted

    hobby grade rc cars

    Oh also do you ever get to the AMA in muncie
  15. reefaddicted

    hobby grade rc cars

    Yes it definitely is expensive my 3 yr has expressed an interest and has a little cheap rc and loves it but he said it's to slow lol.. will probably be getting him a 1/18 scale losi for Xmas