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  1. hahndn

    80 shallow

    I have been running the Smart ATO on my IM 25 Lagoon. Only time it gives me problems is when I let it run out of water, which always seems to happen at 3AM. It's pretty sensitive, but has been reliable through several vacations.
  2. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    It is fairly easy. I have two extra pieces that say there is a learning curve(no pun intended). Luckily, it's also cheap. The bender is the expensive part. It helps to know someone that has one, or work in a metal fabrication company😉. What I like most about this is being able to run my wires through the conduit and hide them. Trying to keep it all as clean as possible.
  3. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Plumbing and equipment is in place.
  4. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Getting close. Bent and painted conduit for my light brackets
  5. hahndn

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    This thing looks great. I'm jealous of the euphyllia garden. I can never seem to keep more than one alive at a time.
  6. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Ok, so I am recovered enough for light activity, so I spent yesterday working on my plumbing. I have the manifold done and a part of the return plumbing. I couldn't decide whether I should go with 3-or 4 manifold outlets, finally 4 being just a little tight for my space. I plan to run at least carbon and GFO reactors. There is a third outlet being left if I decide to add biopellets, or some other toy. I also added the 3 way tee leading to the manifold for water changes. I expect to add at least one more union to the other sided of the elbow that heads down. I am trying to make this thing as modular as possible.
  7. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    Still need doors, but here is the stand with the finish on it. I still need to finish the top and covers that will hide the rear plumbing. You can see the plumbing down to the tank. The kit starts with 2 1.5" drains which is overkill for what I need, and takes up more space than I wanted, so I reduced it to 1". I used a union valve on the refugium side to give me some control of the flow to the fuge. I wanted unions before the reducers to give me access in case detritus gets caught in the lip of the reducers. I haven't plumbed in the return yet and manifold yet, but will add pictures of that when I do.
  8. hahndn

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    So to start with, I needed to build a stand. I copied the idea from a guy on another forum. Here are some of the build pics. I started with a heavy duty 2x4 frame. This thing is overkill, but I don't have to worry about taking chances at least. Some of the equipment has been placed for sizing purposes
  9. So I am laid up from sinus surgery right now, so what better time to start a thread for my tank upgrade? Quick history. I used to have a 90 gallon, but for the past 3.5 years I have been bouncing from house to house having to downgrade at every step. My current tank is an Innovative Marine 25 gallon, but my fiance is on board with stepping it up a notch. I wanted this to be an 80 gallon shallow reef, but just don't have the space, so I went through all of my stuff and pieced together the parts for this thing. The plan is to keep going with a mixed reef of mostly softies and lps. I may try some SPS along the way, but I prefer movement. Most of the corals will come from my 25 gallon to begin with anyway. Filtration will be basic. Big skimmer, large chaeto section in the sump, and some reactors. The tank equipment is: -40 gallon breeder drilled with a glass holes 1500 gallon overflow. -20 gallon breeder sump that will be set up: fuge/return/skimmer section. -Skimmer: Aquac ev-180. I've had this thing since the beginning, i know it is overkill, but it's a great skimmer and I can run it externally, which is great for the small footprint of the sump. -Lighting: 2 kessil a160we with spectril control. Refugium light is a par 38 plant bulb I got off amazon. -Return pump: Reef octo DC-3500. -Flow: Not sure, I have a maxspect gyre 150, but it needs all new rotors and bearings since it has been in storage for too long. Plus I have fears that it will be too big. Suggestions welcome on this, but have mostly been trying to piece this together with parts I already had. -At least 1-2 reactors that will be driven by a manifold. I have one TLF reactor now, will likely add another.
  10. hahndn


    I think he's got the wrong culprit. If handling xenia releases palytoxin, I should be dead.
  11. hahndn

    Dry Rock Curing Question

    I know the muriatic acid tends to work a bit better, but I don't trust myself with that stuff. Right now my biggest concern is after several weeks, the water doesn't seem to be cycling. Not sure if I need to add another cube of frozen mysis. My biggest concern is that I never let the rocks dry out after bleaching or used a dechlorinater. Would chlorine leaching out of the rocks prevent a cycle? I rinsed the rocks in RO\DI water for around 2 weeks. I have a bottle of seachem Prime. Should I add it now to be safe?
  12. So I think I screwed up. I had some old live rock and some dry rock I got from BRS. I wanted to do a bleach cure to take out as many phosphates as possible. I made a 10-1 bleach solution and ran the rock in it for a little over a week. I then dumped the bleach water, sprayed off the rock and container, and refilled with RO water and kept the rock in that for two weeks. After that I put the rock in saltwater to start cycling it. The idea here is to get my rock cycled downstairs, so when I finally put my tank in the living room, we aren't staring at an empty tank for 2 months. I threw a cube of food in to start the cycle, and now I am not seeing much change. It's been over 2 weeks, and I just don't see a cycle starting. There seems to be some ammonia, but nitrite and nitrate hasn't moved. What I am worried about now is I never used a declorinator during the rinse, is it possible that bleach is still in the rock and preventing a cycle?
  13. hahndn

    2nd half down 7....let's Go Purdue!

    That was rough, I think I was draining beers at the same rate Kansas was draining 3s.
  14. hahndn

    Indiana Mircobrewers Festival

    I haven't heard of this. I am going to I am going to a German festival this weekend in southeastern Indiana.