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  1. The problem is usually the air being pulled and not the pump itself. You can do things to help the silencer. I used to put cotton in the silencer on my RO Classic 200, and it helped a lot. Could barely hear it, and it was in my bedroom. You can also buy or make a larger silencer. I would also recommend using some sort of rubber or silicone pad to set the skimmer on to reduce vibration.
  2. Full tank shot. Not sure why it appears so dark. Will have to play with camera settings. The right side is the lps and sps side. I plan on having very few sps, but this monti has been with me for quite awhile. The left side is the softie and mushroom side. This is a side shot that shows the Kenya tree and rhodactis
  3. Here is the full sump up and running. This is my first chaeto harvest. It doubled in size in a matter of weeks.
  4. Haven't updated in awhile. I added a auto waste collector from Bashsea to get my skimmer up and running. I had it draining into an old growler but one overflow was enough for me. I have been running with just chaeto in the sump and had a good harvest during my last water change. The corals all seem to be doing well. I'm still a month away from adding any fish. Would love to hear some stocking suggestions. Here's pics for the time being.
  5. Bending the conduit is pretty easy to do yourself. You can buy the bender at pretty much any home improvement store. The half inch one at Menards is $10. Probably a little more for 3/4". Don't buy the handle because it is ridiculously over priced. Just go pick up a piece of black iron threaded pipe that will fit. Should be 3/4" x 3', but that was for the 1/2". You will end up with a bender for half the price of what they sell a complete one. Then you watch a few how to video on Youtube and you're set. You may want to buy a couple extra pieces of conduit for test and practice pieces. They are only $2-3 and you can always return them if you get it right on the first try. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  6. Yeah. I like them so far. Running them on a spectral control in acclimation mode at the moment. I actually have the corals in there now. They seem to be responding well. Need to get another few pictures posted, but I haven't arranged anything. They're all just sitting there right now. I am gonna need a few more rocks as well.
  7. Side note, the old gyre 150 is creating sand dunes on the second lowest setting. I'm hoping some rocks and corals will break that flow up some or I may have to seek alternatives.
  8. Long weekend of garage cleaning and finishing work. Got the doors on, light hung, water in the tank and sand in. I haven't ran water to the sump yet, but hoping to transfer my corals tomorrow evening.
  9. I have been running the Smart ATO on my IM 25 Lagoon. Only time it gives me problems is when I let it run out of water, which always seems to happen at 3AM. It's pretty sensitive, but has been reliable through several vacations.
  10. It is fairly easy. I have two extra pieces that say there is a learning curve(no pun intended). Luckily, it's also cheap. The bender is the expensive part. It helps to know someone that has one, or work in a metal fabrication company😉. What I like most about this is being able to run my wires through the conduit and hide them. Trying to keep it all as clean as possible.
  11. Plumbing and equipment is in place.
  12. Getting close. Bent and painted conduit for my light brackets
  13. This thing looks great. I'm jealous of the euphyllia garden. I can never seem to keep more than one alive at a time.
  14. Ok, so I am recovered enough for light activity, so I spent yesterday working on my plumbing. I have the manifold done and a part of the return plumbing. I couldn't decide whether I should go with 3-or 4 manifold outlets, finally 4 being just a little tight for my space. I plan to run at least carbon and GFO reactors. There is a third outlet being left if I decide to add biopellets, or some other toy. I also added the 3 way tee leading to the manifold for water changes. I expect to add at least one more union to the other sided of the elbow that heads down. I am trying to make this thing as modular as possible.
  15. Still need doors, but here is the stand with the finish on it. I still need to finish the top and covers that will hide the rear plumbing. You can see the plumbing down to the tank. The kit starts with 2 1.5" drains which is overkill for what I need, and takes up more space than I wanted, so I reduced it to 1". I used a union valve on the refugium side to give me some control of the flow to the fuge. I wanted unions before the reducers to give me access in case detritus gets caught in the lip of the reducers. I haven't plumbed in the return yet and manifold yet, but will add pictures of that when I do.
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