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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply. Holidays are almost over!! Anyway currently I am running a 40breeder with a 29gal dog sump. Tank is almost a year old. Lightly stocked with a few frags (test pieces). It’s nothing amazing yet. Dealing with an issue currently. also planning on moving to a 75gal before April. I have the tank getting a few more odds and ends in order before it happens.
  2. Ha sounds like a plan. I will try to get to one asap!
  3. I started reefing back in 2013 but was only in it for a little over year.....life happen, marriage....2 kids.....a move....went through a couple jobs and a few cars. Fast forward to now and I have had a tank set up for almost a year now. I have been talking about joining INDMAS since I got back into the hobby and I finally did it. So whats the next step?
  4. I recently about 5 months ago put one on my tank. I was having a dino issue that I could not get under control! Needless to say they are gone now. I dont run mine all the time to be honest.
  5. Because i was working on trying to get the club a discount up there. I was assuming that a local business would be striving to attract people from the community. I got bitched at for telling customers that were new to the hobby about INDMAS. I was trying to make some positive change to make the company more successful.
  6. and i don't have some kind of grudge against them just thought I would let everyone know about the things that bugged me when I did work there. Unfortunately I still buy certain things from there for some of my other pets but my aquatic business now goes to PA.
  7. Yeah I am a little disgruntled. I got fired for going the extra mile and helping customer to keep her money in the store. And upon further looking into they just needed a reason to express favoritism and give some one else my hours. Employees also get 10% commission on what they sell. Trust me I am not saying that businesses should break even and charge just a little amount to give customers a deal and not make any money. But that kind of markup seems ludicrous in my opinion.
  8. Just though everyone should be informed about something I learned a little while ago. The owner of this company is not focused on developing a relationship with this or any other club in the area. All this man cares about is the moeny, he does not even care about the customer. The markup on live stock including live rock is stupid crazy. There is a 100% markup on saltwater fish and corals. Meaning that 59.99 flame angel was only $29. They charge 6.99/lb on LR. and pay like ~1.99/lb for it. Every once and a while they will drop the prices if items because it has been in the store for to long. Freshwater is even worse, 150% markup. That $9.99 cichlid really 2.99. Now I understand businesses having to make some money. But this kind of markup is insane. Keep your buisness at premium aquatics and the other places that have reasonable prices on livestock and care about hobbyists! I don't have details on dry goods but i will let you know this, a medium size Hydor Koralia PH will run you $70 at uncle bill's while its a little over $30 at premium Aquatics.
  9. I actually have been thinking about bringing up that idea to Brandon, one of our managers. I think the only way it would be conceivable would be to allow it for paying members only and the club would have to create some kind of picture ID club card. I work again on Tues from 1-9 I will talk to Brandon about it then.
  10. Hey guys, someone dropped off a bunch of flyers for the frag swap at my work today. We have a lot of customers come in that have never heard of INDMAS, so i've been spreading the word and passing out flyers. Hope it helps. On another note, I know we cannot compete with the prices of online retailers but we are going to start carrying for premium corals here soon. I wanted to spread the word with you guys. I will let you know when we get some in. I am expecting some really nice Acan colonies this Tues. Uncle Bill's in greenwood. Thanks Guys! If you're ever in the area stop by and holler at Jon T in the fish room.
  11. Hey Bud I'm the guy that sold you that colony of Orange Zoes
  12. Yes I did, We do the ORA order on Wed. So that would be tomorrow. I believe the green mandarins from ORA would be somewhere in the $35-$45 dollar range. I am going to get an exact price tomorrow. We did not have the ORA order form in store this evening. I do know as of tonight we have 3 large green mandarins that would eat mysis from me out of a syringe. If anyone else is need something else just let me know and will check our stock and let you know. We have a really nice Wellso Brain in one of our 240g display tanks. Awesome specimen. For those that like chalice coral we also have a Hollywood Stunner about 4inx4in. Great looking piece. But yeah just let me know guys.
  13. The one in Greenwood, across from the mall.
  14. Alrighty I work today gotta be there at 1. I will do some checking and get back with ya.
  15. Hey one thing with those hydor koralia pumps. Make sure you have the plug plugged in the right way. If you plug them in backwards they will flow backwards. Meaning water will flow in where is susposed to flow and out. Most plugs have a single larger prong to prevent reversing the polarity, but the plugs for my koralias don't
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