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  1. Wow what a great recovery! Looking forward to seeing it at the end of the year! Congrats
  2. Very true sir...you are the one who has to be happy looking at your tank and caring for it. Glad you got it back into a state you are happy with!!
  3. 🎁🎄🐠🐡🐙 Merry Christmas club!
  4. thanks again for hosting Amanda! those angels and butterflies are just gorgeous. Great times as always....
  5. Tomorrow is the big day...getting my Mac daddy beans ready tonight for the smoker tomorrow. Who else is gonna make it so we can watch Amanda dig in a bucket of sand for her white baluga gift?? 🤫😜🤣🐠🐡🐙
  6. Looking good sir. Yes definitely no melting lol
  7. Good looking fish! Thanks for the order and looking forward to seeing it in person soon.
  8. Jenn and i should be there but will be late because she works that day. We will participate in ONE gift exchange and bring a dish.
  9. Wow that is so messed up that someone would do that. Very glad your daughter was there to step in and you as well to find a new home. Very cool of you guys!
  10. I don't have personal experience but they have not shipped in well to the shop. I know they are planktonic feeders in the wild and after time and some diligence can accept flakes and brine. They do well in groups with big enough tanks too. Richard Ross at the steinhart museum knows of keeping them very well from what I understand.
  11. Indeed...thank you to any and all that served! Appreciation is an understatement
  12. Who else is coming? Great door prizes...great speaker...and some great pay it forward equipment. This can not be successful without a great attendance as well. Check your schedules, and call your in laws and tell them you had a flat tire...and then drive to Lebanon for Luis's and his wife's awesome ham sandwiches and rock nems!!!!!
  13. Bristletooth tangs in general are pretty good at algae control and are constantly grazing. Tomini, kole, squaretail are all good choices. I can not speak about the black tang personally but zebrasoma in general are good grazers as well.
  14. Looking nice man. Definitely opened up the scape for more flow huh
  15. Oh nice that is not an easy find! Do you have any white light pics of your new rock piece
  16. That's a lot of neck extensions on that skimmer lol! Agreed nice upgrades for the new build...keep it rolling
  17. That's awful cool of ya Luis!! Thanks sir...hoping we can make it but have an event in Muncie earlier that day. This is another one of those must attend meetings club! LRS Skype plus the pay it forward event...you just might find that Missing link to your current or future reef 😜
  18. This just in: INDMAS goes international
  19. Wow what a *****, yeah get that dude outta there lol
  20. Pretty cool!! Did you recruit anyone for INDMAS while over there 😆
  21. John, do you have any other rock besides real reef? What about marine pure blocks? Real reef rock is pretty dense and not as porous as natural rock like pukani and even synthetic Marco. Perhaps the bacterial surface area for anaroebic bacteria is not sufficient?
  22. Starting to build up the attendees. But this should definitely be easily double this number so far! Let's show Brian a great turnout and check out what he has in store in the OAF labs...you may find something in this meeting to help you with your current set up, breeding or gain some knowledge in an area you didnt know already. With that said... who else can make it?
  23. Awesome welcome to the club...you will enjoy the meeting!
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