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  1. Dang that thing is packed G! Rastas are growing like crazy...looking good sir.
  2. You also still have time to join the July field trip tomorrow buddy boy 😉
  3. Here are a few of the many of mine 😋
  4. Bring her with you! She would dig it!
  5. Dont forget to get the payments in club! Visit the indmas store and pony up :v) happy 4th!
  6. Icecap 3k is a good option
  7. Thanks for hosting Craig and Connie. Beautiful home and tank. Some really good chicken and shrimp too! See everyone next month...
  8. Jenn and I plan on attending. Not sure what dish we will bring yet...
  9. Thanks for PMs...got him taken care of!
  10. Hey club...we have a member in need of some help. Rodney has been in the club for a few years now and has blown out his knee. His wife doesnt know the first thing about them or how to clean them up. His two reefs are suffering and need some help. Can someone please PM me to work out the details to go to his home to help out? Rodney is hearing impaired so I would need to communicate with him about a list of items he needs help with and so he can have the water made and have the items necessary. He has everything there...it would just need one or two bodies to do regular maintenance on his systems. Who can help that is in his neck of the woods? Reply here and send me a PM please so we can set something up soon for him...
  11. okay we will ping kyle to look at this - your status showed "registered" so just wanted to give you a heads up. @SilentNight1793 can you please look this up this evening and get salthead up to date? You then will be able to go to the appropriate forums to rent the PAR meter salthead...
  12. Hey Salthead!! welcome to the forums and to INDMAS. The PAR meter and all club rentals are benefits of becoming a contributing member. You can sign up in the INDMAS store which i posted down below for you. There are rules and requirements to rent them and you will find those in the Club Rental forum once you are approved for membership and the account is upgraded. There are lots of other benefits to becoming a paid member as well...including door prizes at the monthly meetings, being able to rent the items in the club rental section, and gaining access to the buy/sell livestock and drygood forums as well.
  13. Wow really cool here Amanda! Glad it all worked out with those two gems...
  14. I know just messing with ya. Barney bounce lol...do it
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