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  1. Favorite chalice

    Holy cow that favia is wicked
  2. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Had a great time out today club! Thank you so much to Tami Weiss from fuzedjaw.com for taking time our of her busy schedule to educate us on seahorses today! We all took some great info home from this meeting. Until next month club!
  3. Favorite chalice

    Miami hurricane
  4. Favorite chalice

    That's a nice piece G. Jenn just got some rainbow sherbet piece that looks really nice. Some wicked chalice out there!
  5. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    We will not be bringing the saw today as there will be too much going on today. We will have the test kits though with us if anyone needs to test their water!
  6. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Looks like we will have a great attendance club! This will be a great educational topic once again this year. A big thanks to @waldend to setting this up. Anyone attending is sure to leave with useful knowledge if they already have or plan to keep pipe or ponies. This education is not a suggestion, however, to rush into keeping these sensative creatures afterwards. They are very time consuming to keep and require a lot of care! Please do additional research as well :v) We look forward to meeting all of you new INDMAS members and have some cool items up for grabs this month! See all of you there...
  7. Majano Help

    A trio of Klein's butterfly would be natural of its mojano and not aptasia
  8. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    New Member Raffle = Plug and Play Media Reactor package valued at over $100!! Vertex Somatic Reactor chamber Cobalt mj600 pump GFO or carbon 1 lbs Half inch tubing and hose clamps
  9. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Less than a week away! Who else wants an expert driven crash course on the coolest species ever - the seahorse!?
  10. April 2018 INDMAS Meeting

    Wow this is gonna be an epic educational lesson in keeping Syngnathidae! Everyone dont forget to RSVP!
  11. New member... here’s my tank

    Nice looking reef Areedy! I too have a HOB skimmer on my 58g reef. Its all about the husbandry, chemistry and passion! Keep up the good work! My 32 photon has treated me well too.
  12. Eric's 60 cube

    Yeah good job my man! You are getting some great lessons along the way with this build! Hey...wanna come plumb my new water softener and utility sink next?
  13. Which Heater Should I Use?

    I personally use the cobalt neotherm. Great heaters ..digital...memory...and not hot to touch when you remove from the tank
  14. What did you get

    Got jenn a couple chalices for her lagoon. Here is one and the otheris a miami hurricane
  15. ID Help - Is this some kind of snail?

    Yep...stromatella. love those guys!