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  1. Great looking nano Niki! Love the exposed mangrove too. Was trying to load more pictures but those of you who didnt make it missed out! Art by Niki, street wrestlers, smoked bbq pulled pork nachos, the future of Gosports very own public aquarium, and a bedroom in a bank vault! Thanks for hosting Brian and Niki...very excited to see what is next. Make sure to make it to the Pay it Forward! Very very cool house and little town.
  2. Wow that's crazy! Sounds like it will be a sweet center piece and the zoa list looks nuts as well...looking forward to pics sir!
  3. I have these on all 3 tanks at home...great for water changes too. I keep a cobalt pump plugged in and hidden in stand and makes 5g bucket swaps a breeze!
  4. Wow Tony that didnt take long lol! Looks like a great start up for sure. We sell a lot of the simplicity brand as it is DC, controllable and a great price point. The AI led and nero would be a great pairing for the controllable options as well. I would suggest for us to move this thread to the tank and showcases thread though...
  5. That looks great! Jenn and I planning on going to the meeting but will likely miss the parade...
  6. Have any emerald crabs? I know someone whose emerald was snapping off euphyllia heads just to do it apparently...
  7. Dang that thing is packed G! Rastas are growing like crazy...looking good sir.
  8. You also still have time to join the July field trip tomorrow buddy boy 😉
  9. Here are a few of the many of mine 😋
  10. Bring her with you! She would dig it!
  11. Dont forget to get the payments in club! Visit the indmas store and pony up :v) happy 4th!
  12. Icecap 3k is a good option
  13. Thanks for hosting Craig and Connie. Beautiful home and tank. Some really good chicken and shrimp too! See everyone next month...
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