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  1. ReefNewby82

    I finally did it!

    Whoop whoop! Now you come to a monthly meeting and admit you have an addiction ; v)
  2. ReefNewby82

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    Work is overrated! Hobbies are better ;v)
  3. ReefNewby82

    Ross's 750g In-wall with Fish Room!

    Wow this is crazy Ross! I think the meeting host post is up or will be soon. You're gonna have to host and show this beast off towards the end of 2019! Good luck with plumbing tests!
  4. ReefNewby82

    2018 INDMAS Holiday Party

    This is always a great time. Count us in! I wonder if Amanda is going to bring a shovel to find her gift this year? Or maybe Craig can bring a bucket for his pink gravel!? Bahaha
  5. ReefNewby82

    Help with nitrates

    I would consider adding a Marine Pure block and start dosing MicobeLift Special Blend on the maintenance dosage. Both can be found at one of your local sponsors and shipped. There are lots of sales to take advantage of during black Friday too. How fast did you stock the tank and what does your bio load look like?
  6. ReefNewby82

    Need advise on new skimmer

    Amanda we have the classic 110 on jenns tank. Skims well, easy to dial in and pretty quiet too. How heavy do you plan on stocking the tank? The octopus essence has a silencer that is 12% more quiet than other RO skimmers. https://premiumaquatics.com/products/octopus-essence-s130-space-saver-skimmer-waq1800s.html
  7. ReefNewby82

    Can bio load be to low?

    You sure can over filter. Your nitrates and phosphate testing over a couple week period should let you know that. Especially without having algae lock those nutrients up. You should get a better idea now the algae had subsided. What is tank size again? How often and what do you feed?
  8. ReefNewby82

    Algae just won’t go away

    yeah looks like you have made a lot of headway. keep it going T! just monitor nutrients and feeding and hopefully you can keep it at bay going forward
  9. ReefNewby82

    Skimmer Anyone?

    Dang that dude is short
  10. Holy cow Bob Vila. I just need this Smart doorbell installed and my 2018 list is done. What time do you want dinner ready this week for you lol!
  11. ReefNewby82

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    Nice shots guys! Thanks for posting!
  12. ReefNewby82

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    Been a month since any pics were posted! Snap a shot today of your tank club
  13. D&D Terminator 2 skimmer - rated for up to 300g I believe Bucket of Tropic Marin Bio Actif 10g aquarium - could be used for QT Maybe a couple other small things also... Unfortunately jenn and I can not make it this weekend due to family obligations. Cznik2 will be bringing our items. Let's make this a great event and hopefully bring some new faces out of the woodwork. It is always better to give than receive...so let's bring the holiday spirit and the INDMAS spirit to Luis's house tomorrow club!
  14. ReefNewby82

    Algae just won’t go away

    Looking a lot better T! Kinda hard to tell with the LED strobing but def looks like you made some headway. Congrats. As far as your chambers go I think that sounds okay. You just need to measure your nitrates and phosphates now...and once you get all that filtration changes done, measure them weekly for a month or so. That way you can tell what your feeding habits and filtration do for them. The bio spheres are a good way to increase bacterial surface area but will take time to build up. That is why you test weekly so you can see their usefulness. Keep us posted!
  15. ReefNewby82

    450 Gallon Wall Tank - build

    wow lots of big tanks going around at INDMAS right now...congrats on the progress. going to be able to house some cool angels and wrasse!