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  1. This just in: INDMAS goes international
  2. Wow what a *****, yeah get that dude outta there lol
  3. Pretty cool!! Did you recruit anyone for INDMAS while over there 😆
  4. John, do you have any other rock besides real reef? What about marine pure blocks? Real reef rock is pretty dense and not as porous as natural rock like pukani and even synthetic Marco. Perhaps the bacterial surface area for anaroebic bacteria is not sufficient?
  5. Starting to build up the attendees. But this should definitely be easily double this number so far! Let's show Brian a great turnout and check out what he has in store in the OAF labs...you may find something in this meeting to help you with your current set up, breeding or gain some knowledge in an area you didnt know already. With that said... who else can make it?
  6. Awesome welcome to the club...you will enjoy the meeting!
  7. Yeah I can't even make water and find time to do a 10gwater change that fast lol
  8. Good to hear Denise! Who else is gonna come check out this special meeting with a great message?
  9. Agree with all of the above bill. Looking forward to the next gen
  10. This will be a cool Meeting for sure! Unfortunately Jenn and I won't be able to make this one as her family will be in from out of state. Who else is going to be able to make it? A lot of good info will be here for new and seasoned reefers!!
  11. Canary blennies are pretty personable middle water column swimmers. They are active and have not noticed perching although we just use PVC pipes at the shop. Definitely bright colored and a good visual pop of color. Seems to eat quite a bit of variety of foods here too. There is also a green canary blenny i have been seeing more on lists that is not as common.
  12. Welcome Kris! Look forward to you checking out your first meeting...
  13. correctomundo!! also, this event is for contributing members, as this is an event that is a benefit to the "paid" members. Any "registered" members are welcome to come and upgrade to the INDMAS Member status while they are here. Kyle the membership chair will not be at this event, but as long as i have a laptop or computer access i can assist... That said, dont forget to have your specimens labeled and bring those Blue LED flashlights so we can shine them on these cool aqua-cultured corals from our members! See everyone there!!
  14. Plus one are always welcome as long as it is noted in the thread so the host can make accomodations...
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