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  1. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    holy cow...its been eating something then! hope it wasnt steakburgers!
  2. jenn and I will be there....looking forward to it!!
  3. It is that time again club!! Our October meeting is just around the corner on 10/14/17 and here is some information for us all to plan ahead! MrsBugmaster (Amanda) has agreed to host the October meeting at her house in Carmel. We will be voting on the new staff/BOD for the 2018 year at this meeting, so we would love to have a great attendance to show support for our nominees! In addition to this topic, we must also vote on a small by law change as well. So lets all show Amanda and our nominees a great turnout...and remember, your votes matter!! When: October 14th, 2017 from 4pm to 6pm (or a little after due to club business) Where: Amanda's house 9710 Towne Road, Carmel 46032 Education Topic: Quarantine procedures - Why, How To's, and Benefits of QT Raffle: 10g QT starter kit....additional miscellaneous raffles TBD *** We will have the club microscope available to use at this event! Do you have a piece of macro algae, crustacean, or other item you would like to look at under a microscope? Want something ID'd or wanna look at the cell structure of a plant? Now is the time...the club has slides available for this event. We will also have new Salifert test kits, and Hanna alk and ULR phosphate checkers at the meeting for you to test your water perams! This is a new benefit of being a member in INDMAS which is a really great resource. New rules for recent club purchased items will be posted soon. Please RSVP here folks! We would love to see you all at this important meeting! There will be some great information for you to all take home with you and we hope you are all amped up for this meeting after seeing the Jon Coppolino event coming up on 9/30 at 1:30pm!!!
  4. Thank you to all of you for checking your schedules to see about hosting October's meeting. Amanda (MrsBugmaster) has agreed to host the October meeting at her lovely home in Carmel! For those of you who have not seen her tanks...she has a 180g FOWLR, and a 34g Red Sea Reefer Series reef tank. The microscope will be available if anyone has anything they will want anything identified as well as test kits if anyone want to test their water. We will make a new post for the meeting change shortly. Thanks again Amanda and those who considered hosting!
  5. Dont forget about to RSVP on our INDMAS calendar as well everyone!
  6. great to hear Troy!! This event is coming up right around the corner! Who else is excited to go to his event and has scheduled time to make it? We will have some items from MASNA to hand out to attendees as well!
  7. Congrats on the house guys! Thanks for the update...the meet is the 14th so we will hope for a meeting at your new home in 2018! So the hosting position is still open then club! We do have an interested party who has hosted previously if no-one else can accommodate. Let's cap this off on 9/17 folks so we can begin preparing for October's meeting. Thanks to all for considering hosting next month's meeting!
  8. Sorry you couldn't make it Paul...was a good time! Thanks for hosting this event Bud and Colleen! Jenn and i both had a great time...the raffles were bountiful and the 125g is growing corals like crazy lately. Thanks again guys!
  9. Just a few hours left before the meet! Get those tanks clean and those corals packed up!
  10. Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! We should have a nice turnout and a beautiful day for this event. Don't forget your coolers and your blue flashlights along for people to use to view the corals!
  11. more raffles added everyone!!! This is a great lineup of products and hope to see you all there!
  12. lol Rosy...thats funny. I am sure we can give him a jump if he boofs it and kills the battery! ha
  13. Playground

    Good to hear!