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  1. There will be an update later on where to get the tickets. It is likely that Ben or myself will be up front near will call with the tickets as they say they cant will call our tickets as they have another event. Got your payment Rosy ...thanks! Will update thread and email members regarding zoo day instructions later in the week. Keep your eyes open club!
  2. Got the payment sir thank you! Quick update! I spoke with the zoo today and they forgot to mention they wanted more time to process the group admission tickets. So if anyone considering getting in on the group rate who IS NOT an indy zoo member...please remit payment by 11:59pm Tomorrow 7/17. We will then make payment and send an email to all the participants with instructions for receiving tickets. Thank you all and looking forward to a fun day!
  3. We have you don't Clint and Craig! We are getting close...this will be a fun day for sure. Anyone who has an INDMAS shirt...please wear them for this event to show your a proud reefer and will be easier to spot each other out around the rest of the zoo! :v)
  4. Great @Rosy See you two there...please make sure to pay at our indmas store so we can submit payment to the zoo. We will add you two to the spreadsheet! Please don't forget club to purchase your tickets! Here is the link: http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/store/
  5. Update! I talked with Sally today and we are able to do (1) BTS tour at 11am to accommodate the 13 folks who preferred AM The rest of the tours will start at 1pm. On both tours....we will meet at the Reef tank by the Tube Tanks in the Oceans department. Please be to the designated meeting area 15 minutes prior to the set times. All INDY zoo entry tickets will be at WILL CALL in case you are wanting to go to the zoo to enjoy it before the Tour. We will have a small raffle drawing at the end of the tour sessions at 1pm. However long that may take....i am assuming 2:30pm to 3pm
  6. I have updated Sally with the current paid total...she will be contacting me back soon to set the time.
  7. I actually had to do 2 treatments of reeflux to notice any changes. I would just follow the bottle and let it take its course. I got antsy and did another tank clean up at the 10 day mark instead of letting it chill for 2 weeks. I dosed after the 10 day mark and that water change...and 2 weeks later algae was gone.
  8. ReefNewby82

    Cyanobacteria, ugh.

    How has this developed the last week or so? Doesn't look like too bad of a bout this round at least. You could definitely feed every other day while you are battling this also.
  9. ReefNewby82

    What did you get

    Yeah I am sure there were a couple folks who got some killer pieces...would be nice to see some pics of how they turned out! We just got a nice chalice frag from a member but we didn't win any raffles this year to show pics of that lol Here is the Miami hurricane...hasn't grown much to speak of though
  10. ReefNewby82

    Need a bigger tank just for 2 corals??

    Yeah def need some more room over there huh! Those plates are invading their space haha
  11. ReefNewby82

    Life under weak lights

    looks like it doesnt seem to mind too bad huh! what all do you use for nutrient export on this tank? looks like mangrove and macro algaes...anything else? just water changes and no skimmer?
  12. ReefNewby82

    Dave's 40 Breeder Thread

    looks nice and clean Dave! kessils look nice for sure...how did the coral transfer go?
  13. Jenn and I just bought our tickets...who else needs to get theirs? Only a little over 2 weeks away!
  14. ReefNewby82

    Issue accessing sale forums

    hey sorry to hear! We will get this looked at and contact you back...
  15. ReefNewby82

    2018 INDMAS June Summer Social

    Thanks for hosting Ross and family! Great food and a great time with like minded people. The door prizes were abundant as well. Really appreciate @Intotheblueaquaticsdonating the Gift Certificate as well!