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    58g Oceanic Rimless, 29g sump/fuge and a 25g AIO frag tank

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  1. ReefNewby82

    NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

    Looking good sir...nice blasto!
  2. ReefNewby82

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Molly Miller blennies that are aqua cultured are said to eat numerous algaes
  3. ReefNewby82

    450 Gallon Wall Tank - need equipment/stuff

    I cant view that link either. Wow that's a big tank. Congrats on finding that beast
  4. ReefNewby82

    Fish for Frag Tank

    Sapphire damsels....good for ridding acro eating flatworms 6 line wrasse/yellow Coris wrasse - good for ridding general parasites
  5. ReefNewby82

    Acrylic Sump

    yeah i agree....really nicely done mister matt!
  6. ReefNewby82

    Water change or no

    API isnt the most accurate saltwater test but if it is registering I would give it another week or so for the nitrates to eliminate the nitrites. How long have the nitrates remained at 20 ppm?
  7. ReefNewby82

    450 Gallon Wall Tank - need equipment/stuff

    Ask and you shall receive
  8. ReefNewby82

    Rainbow Acan

    aww....my baby!
  9. there is a member who makes sumps and has an expensive machine to do so. send me a PM and i can get you with them if you are interested @kalob On another note, welcome to the club sir! We appreciate you joining and hope you can make it to a meeting to check us out!
  10. ReefNewby82

    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Fridayyyy!

    Its Friday club! Who has a full tank shot to show off?
  11. ReefNewby82

    Light rail

    Wow really clean. Like how it turned out for sure...nice job sir
  12. ReefNewby82

    New fish discovered in ocean depths!

    Pretty cool read here about a new dish discovered... Check it out! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/09/11/three-new-fish-species-discovered-pacific-ocean/1264369002/ Let us know what you think!
  13. ReefNewby82

    October 2018 Monthly Meeting

    Let's give this a bump to the top!
  14. Thanks for hosting Bud! Had a nice turnout and a great coral swap...even with the rain! Glad to meet and see some new faces even this month. Thanks for coming out everyone!
  15. Awesome thanks for helping out Miss Rosy! Let's get those corals in the containers and labeled and will see all of you tomorrow. Great times ahead...