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    Saltwater Reefin', My Wonderful Wife and Colts football!!
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    58g Oceanic Rimless, 29g sump/fuge and a 25g AIO frag tank

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  1. Great News and Not so Great!

    Wow that's awesome news on the new frag luke congrats! Now on the breaking down tank news...that is a bummer. We have all enjoyed enviously watching your corals grow and color up. I'm sure the next venture will be even more epic though...
  2. Looking forward to the 2018 INDMAS year and New Frag Swap Venue!

  3. ReefNewby82's 58g Tank Thread - New Scape!

    There is a new product out called ReefHD Reef Flux...works and sells very well. I will be picking up a bottle tomorrow as it appears some bryopsis came in somehow and is in my frag tank...
  4. Thanks for hosting Luis and Cheyenne! The tank looked gorgeous and I'm glad you had time to get all the rock painted purple before the meeting too ;v) Great presentation and education too...i know we all walked away with lots of knowledge on sand beds!
  5. Well good to hear Denise! Looks like we have good turnout brewing up here! You all can watch Jenn or I bag up those palys today now :v)
  6. Luis is gonna have a paly punching session going on in his living room it sounds like lol!! Great raffles and discussion this month club! Lets get a few other people to visit Luis in Lebanon tomorrow.... Anyone else able to make it???
  7. You should do that Kent! Work is over rated anyway. ; v) That paly colony is going home with us though....just sayin
  8. yeah this is pretty cool. great to see a few tanks that are set up to mimic the life swimming near the pier too!! thanks for posting
  9. How about the DEC meeting on 12/9


  10. Do it Paul!! We would be glad to have ya....we have some good stuff brewing for this meeting! Does anyone have any questions for Daniel before he wraps up his presentation for us?
  11. If the raffles above aren't enough this month....check out what Luis has graciously added to the raffle this month! He has a colony of gorgeous looking palys he is adding to the raffle! Check these out:
  12. Updated raffles! They are stacking up club Who else is going to be there this weekend? Great topic to learn from!
  13. 1727 Jaques Dr Lebanon IN 46052 Sorry guys! Updated above!
  14. Ross's 750g In-wall with Fish Room!

    Wow this is awesome Ross! Congrats on breaking ground. Will be following along...thanks for detailed write up!
  15. John is great at RC. I always like a diverse clean up crew. I'm personally a snail guy as I don't like crabs pillaging new shells from their tank mates haha. Limpets, nerites, margaritas, ceriths, nassarius...all are great workhorses and clean different areas of the tank.