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  1. Adam and Brittany's 170 Rimless

    Adam please start a for sale thread for any livestock and dry good thread for any equipment... Hope you get sold...this is a really nice set up everyone!
  2. Let's give a big Shout out to our two Platinum Sponsors for this year so far: Thank you to "The Reef" here in Indy and Central Aquatics out of Wisconsin for their contribution and sponsorship level of $1,000 for the 2018 Annual INDMAS Frag SWap!
  3. coral feeding

    Reef roids or Coral Frenzy are both great for broadcast small particle foods. For euphyllia and LPS some target feeding of brine shrimp or mysis is a nice treat as well and can definitely assist in growth
  4. Oh no sorry to hear Amanda this is going around bad this year...feel better!
  5. Meeting today club! Check out all the cool things going on today at Central Indy Aquatics and let's see you there at 3pm today!
  6. Raffle prizes added: Mag rock jr. 5 lbs. Two little Fishes Stax Rocks (NEW product!) Plus the club purchased some aquascaping goodies to make a gravity defying nano scape! Winner winner chicken dinner!
  7. You are reading it right club! INDMAS has booked Marc "Melev" Levenson to speak for us before our 2018 Annual Frag Swap! We are excited for this opportunity for our members to gain some key knowledge about corals before they enter the frag swap! The topic will be "Coral Pests and How to Treat Them" and this is one of our worst fears for our delicate underwater world. Marc will discuss the best methods for pest prevention in our reefs. This is something you literally can't afford to miss as this can save your reef! We would like to give Marc a warm INDMAS and reefing community welcome by showing him a great attendance before the swap for this talk! Pre-registration for this event starts at 10am. There are limited seats in the class room so don't be late! The talk starts sharp at 10:30am and will last roughly an hour and Marc will answer questions afterwards. INDMAS is excited once again to host another guest speaker to assist in our mission to educate the community about responsible reef keeping! Thanks Marc and we can't wait to see you next month!
  8. Bring the family Ricky...they have a touch pool and a shark!
  9. Hey thanks for posting Ben! I see plenty of room for corals hehe. Looks like you are getting quite the coralline buildup as well!
  10. Hey great news Paul, Denise and Dan! See you all this Saturday...
  11. 2018 INDMAS T-shirt Preorders

    We will take an XL and a medium...can pay cash upon arrival
  12. Looks like we are going to have quite the group here for this so far... Who else can help show CIA a great turnout for this meeting? There will be an interactive education topic this month you won't want to miss out on as well... This will be a fun meeting for sure!
  13. Kimchi's 3.7G Petco Picotope

    love the scape in this pico. the power strips are a great idea...i too will have to get one! thanks for sharing
  14. This event is heating up club! We have some great things going on this year...make sure to budget and get those tanks cleaned up!
  15. 2018 INDMAS T-shirt Preorders

    lets get those orders in club! We will be ordering these in at the end of the month!