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  1. Not sure if it is just my phone but I can't see but two columns of the chart?
  2. Jenn and I are in...this is going to be awesome!
  3. Same with P.A. - we are using tiny pic until we decide what to do. Grrr
  4. Here is a cool shot of the behind the scene tour today. Thank you to all of you who made it down here today! Lunchtime and then the souvenir shop afterwards before heading time. What a fun day!
  5. Oh no Branden. Sorry to sure Miss Gwynn isn't happy huh. Hope your injury heals well and you recover fast!
  6. Thanks for the info Scott! Today is the day....see you all there!
  7. Looks like everyone is driving separately. See all of you there safely. Newport Aquarium 9 30am meet at will call 10am start the behind the scene tour
  8. Okay club the July Newport Aquarium Field Trip meeting is tomorrow!! We have 14 people signed up and paid for. Please meet at will call between 9:30am and 9:45am at Newport. Our tour behind the scenes is at 10am. After that, we can go our separate ways or stick together and tour the main attractions. I don't know about you guys and getting pretty excited!
  9. Saturday is coming up quickly this week club! Anyone plan on riding together to save on gas?
  10. I have been a Reefbreeder fan for a few years. Have a photon over my DT, and superlux over frag and Jenns tank. Nice color, growth, price and customer service...
  11. This fun event is approaching quickly club! Since it doesn't appear anyone is staying the night in Kentucky...lets see if anyone can ride together. To those of you who have already pre-paid....chime in here if you may be interested in car pooling, and what part of the city you live in. See all of you there next Saturday! 9:30am at Will Call at Newport Aquarium 7/8/17
  12. Thanks for hosting Troy! The new tank is an awesome set up and your clownfish reefs are gorgeous! Jenn and i had a great time...
  13. Getting close...see everybody there. Mike, we will bring your dad's glasses today. If anyone is interested I have a few rainbow acan frags I can bring to sell today...
  14. Good to hear Amanda! We're getting there club, anyone else? We have to purchase food tomorrow and need to have the correct amount. Please dont forget to sign up for your dishes too! Can't believe it is Friday already, and furthermore can't believe it is time for the INDMAS Summer Social already! This is a fun event and look forward to seeing you all there Saturday!
  15. Wow we wondered what happened to that critter. Covered in chocolate perhaps.... I think there is a big colony somewhere cuz I swear I've seen another one or two of those queens around here since then. Pretty wild, so after they hatch do you make a glass shadow box and put sand in and dump them in or what?