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    I want to say thank you to everyone for coming out the swap this past weekend. I also want to thank all of the hobbyist and vendors. We had a great attendance for the new venue. And a big thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped to pull this together on setup, during the event, and tear down. We have lots of new members and lots of renewals. We hope that everyone will continue to stick around and I really hope to get the forums going again.
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    Meet The Count He hovers in this area of the tank and has a den right behind him. Some say you never make it out if his den alive. Others say nothing at all...what say you?
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    Based on the total count, it was somewhere around the 600+ range. We had 78 new members join.
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    Thank you everyone for attending this year's frag swap, and helping make it another successful year Entrance headcount via wristband: 606 Total 2018 Attendance ~550+ (less Vendors, Hobbyist, maybe a couple volunteers: ~50max?) New Member Joined : 78 Wow!! Renewals : 50+ Income Raffle Ticket Sales : $3,895 Entry Fees : $3,274 This doubled Last Year's Total... Membership Drive and Ed Speaker a success! Many thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this year's raffle a reality. Congratulations to all the winners! Please support these companies with your Hobby $'s this year! Finally,... many thanks to you (us), our membership ...for coming out, supporting INDMAS, and being a great community of people!
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    Swap was great. I like the space we had looks like we have room to grow
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    Thought i’d share a close up of one of my chalice corals
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    Hello everyone! I’m looking for suggestions. about 1/3 of my display is under LED’s that I chose specifically for my little mangrove shoots. I figured I could grow some cool macro algae on this side of the tank and leave the other 2/3 for coral. Then I got thinking, I wonder if anyone has had any luck with coral under weak light? The front has strong flow, the back has low flow. (Don’t mind the hideous power head, my mp10 broke and I’m awaiting replacement) Maybe some mushrooms? Thanks in advance!
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    Sometimes i get the feeling its looking at me and creeps me out!
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    I renew every year. The club has a lot of knowledgeale members. You can ask questions and learn. The swap is always good too. Plus I have made a lot of friends in the club.
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    With the great turn out we had at the frag swap, we gained a lot of new members and had a lot of renewals. Setting up the new members and taking care of the renewals are going to take a little bit of time to get everything updated. Please be patient with me as I am trying to get these done as quickly as I can. It may be a week or so before everything is done. Thank you, Kyle
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    I knew we had a lot of people. But it never felt crowded
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    Another great swap, as always! Thanks, INDMAS! I got some great new corals, although I would not call some of them bargins. LOL
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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to thank Brandon for convincing me to join! I look forward to getting to know all of you!
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    I'm Jeremy, I'm new to indmas. I been reeling for a few years. I got my first tank in 1990 The cool under gravel filter style with bubble pipes that made salt creep look like a mountain of salt. Back in 2000 started a aquaculture facility out in Brazil Indiana. 2006 sold out and moved on with life. Now I'm in southern Indiana and slowly, very slowly building 400+ basement sump reef. So I need help and hope I can add some as wel go. Any who Hello reefers...
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    Those are not pods Amanda. They are water amoeba ;v) You should bring them to me to rid yourself of these useless critters.
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    My Biocube 16 gallon.
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    Really enjoying watching the new branch develop on my gorgonian from @Budman Also, really excited to have the mix of encrusting yellow sponge tied into the base of my anthelia from @tanknovice... I don't have anything else in my tank that YELLOW, and I love it!
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    I have a great announcement to make a great meeting even better. To educate us all in seahorse keeping we will be joined, via Skype, by none other than the Queen of Seahorses herself - Tami Weiss!! Tami is the founder and curator of fusedjaw.com. She is an all around seahorse, pipefish, sea dragon and live foods guru that also was an early admin helping to build seahorse.org. Join us in welcoming Tami and learning from a master!
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    Picked up too many frags between the INDMAS swap and a swap over the weekend in St Louis. Decided to finally make use of this low boy tank I have had in storage. Think it turned out well especially for a behind the scenes frag tank, nothing fancy.
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    The house got a roof last week and windows were delivered today. Hopefully I can install them soon (damn snow!!!!). We are having another child next week and I’m hoping to have all the electrical/plumbing finished this weekend. Then on to HVAC and then I can work on the tank. I bought used 6 metal halide reflectors and 2 ballasts a few weeks back( 4 for the tank and 2 for frag tank). I need to buy 4 more ballasts soon. I also got a nice acrylic frag tank that measures 6’x2’x12” im going to make a big purchase soon of some tunze power heads and a bubble magus b12 skimmer. I’ll post lots of pictures when I start the tank in about 2 weeks
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    A little update caught a hair a dino issue cleared it all up about two weeks ago. Emptied a few frags off the rack at the swap.
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    No tank updates just showing off one of my other hobbies. 3d printed switch plate