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    Thanks for hosting this! I had so much fun!! I found a Marine Betta for $55 and feel so lucky. Brought home a large lobo and a lavendar tang. My husband and I truly had a great time. 😊
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    The layout for the 2019 INDMAS Frag Swap is here!
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    Still bouncing back from the gfo disaster and calcium reactor switch over alk swing.
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    You’ve probably heard this before, but getting your own RODI filter is one of the most important things you can do for your tank. That way you can better control what goes into your water. If you just dose the calcium part of the 2 part, you will be able to raise calcium without raising alkalinity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only dosing one or the other.
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    Hey Salthead!! welcome to the forums and to INDMAS. The PAR meter and all club rentals are benefits of becoming a contributing member. You can sign up in the INDMAS store which i posted down below for you. There are rules and requirements to rent them and you will find those in the Club Rental forum once you are approved for membership and the account is upgraded. There are lots of other benefits to becoming a paid member as well...including door prizes at the monthly meetings, being able to rent the items in the club rental section, and gaining access to the buy/sell livestock and drygood forums as well.
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    Great meeting! I really enjoyed the presentation with Dr Tim. Thanks for hosting Bob.
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    Some new pieces I got at the swap last weekend,
  10. 2 points
    I hope everyone has a SAFE, happy, successful, and wonderful 2019! Nothing but good wishes.
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    Anyone still following? LOL Actually nothing new other than a brittle starfish I got before thanksgiving. Just letting things mature.
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    No, I am That's the old vs the new. I also installed lighting
  15. 1 point
    Those look pretty cool!
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    A few more frags for everyone. Pink Birds nest $10 ORA Mint Pavona $20 Green Blasto $10 Rastas, Sunny Ds, BEBBs, Blue Tubbs $20 each
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    Like the list. You will need to consider culturing pods for the pipefish. cardinals and mandarin will save you time and money. May also look at baby brine shrimp as well
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    wow, 9 years! That's awesome and a beautiful fish.
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    I hope I don’t work too late, but I plan on attending.
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    First 1 is a forest fire digi. Pic 2 is up in the air. I have no idea. But if you’re twisting my arm and I had to guess I’d say maybe a PC rainbow.
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    Just the camera itself. No housing or light strobes. Camera held up well.
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    I’m a tunze fan also. Like the jebao as a cheaper option as well.
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    Thanks for hosting Craig and Connie. Beautiful home and tank. Some really good chicken and shrimp too! See everyone next month...
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    Looks great!
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    Im watching YouTube videos of how to do it an they are saying the same thing! Im not dumb after all my wife will be happy 😁
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    Yeah after looking at a diagram I realized that’s what it was LOL.
  27. 1 point
    @PetesFolly Bob really Wish i could make this one. You know Chanel’s does too. Maybe we’ll come for the after party once the wedding is over. 😁
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    Awe, how cute.
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    👍🏼 Another Nano in the house!
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    Glad ya made it Harvey! Hope to see ya at one of the meetings... Welcome!
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    Euphilia. Some of my favorite. Nice!
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    The February Meeting will be on Feb 9th at Eric's Home (Ericreefer05) In Zionsville. The address is 11541 Buckskin Drive Zionsville IN Eric has a 60 gallon cube tank started in April 2018. Our topic for the meeting in honor of the new tank is how to get a leg up on algae and other new tank syndrome items Lets have a great turnout. and please reply early so Eric has a handle on how many club members will be attending
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    Would love to if: 1. Get a purple Haddon carpet anemone 2. Price- match ($595.00 in this case) 3. 14-day warranty
  36. 1 point
    Hoping to make this one. Should be +1 if I can
  37. 1 point
    Thank you everyone! If you are reading this and find yourself on the fence about volunteering for the first time, please do... many hands make light work!
  38. 1 point
    Jenn and I plan to make an appearance! See you there AJ...you will get your 1 day chip when you arrive : v)
  39. 1 point
    Thanks, was something unique I hadn’t seen before. I did see some on google images, so I’m not the first. I like how it turned out, thanks!
  40. 1 point
    Last week i got the glass installed on the back viewing area and finished some of the drains and electrical. Im waiting on the internet to get installed in the house to setup my smart things switches. Finally I have water!!!!! I just did a leak test yesterday and after 28 hours things are all good. I hope to have all the plumbing up and running on monday to test the rest of the plumbing.
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    Anyone need a skimmer?
  42. 1 point
    I will be there +1. Still in the early part of my new build so I am not 100% sure what, if anything, that I will be able to bring. Hoping to reseal the tank this weekend and get the plumbing figured out so that I can move the new tank to the basement next Sunday.
  43. 1 point
    I’ll be there +1,sorry for the late rsvp. I’ve got a few odds and ends I can bring for the pay it forward too.
  44. 1 point
    Hey whats up Avery...hope you are doing well from your move! I think both of those foods would be good to start with and are smaller sized which is good too. You may check out v2o foods...they have mini mysis, reef caviar and micro plankton. its a soft freeze food and should be a good source of food for the little guy
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    Only thing that worked for dinos for us was dosing nitrates and introducing cyanobacteria on purpose, believe it or not.
  47. 1 point
    I should be able to make this meet. I’ll hopefully have some items to bring.
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    It isn’t super clear on my phone, but that looks more like dinoflagellates than cyano to me. Cyano will usually clear up pretty well with chemi clean or cyano rx. What you have has the bubble strings usually associated with dinos. I’d get a couple second opinions before making a plan to go forward, but if it’s dinos, good luck.
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    I renew because I love helping a local group and honestly I am almost always stuck alone with my two babies so I am useless with meets it’s a way I can contribute.
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