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    Thanks INDMAS! Certainly for the raffle prize......but more for your unanimous vote of confidence as treasurer! Haha. My 10-gallon quarantine is now set up and running, and Amanda's presentation certainly influenced my quarantine plans for the coming months! I tabled the bowfront plans I had, and set things up alongside a 3-gallon picotope with a... Halloween Observation Area? Let's take that bristle worm to another thread. Really, I'm looking forward to engaging in a new way... and hope anyone/everyone else reading this will choose to engage this fall with the club in a new way of your own. Ask a question... Post a funny thought you had about the smirk on your goby's face... Geek out with a few others here about any aspect this fascinating hobby that brings us together. Respectfully, -Ben
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    Congratulations to all of you elected this past meeting, and thank you to this board and the past board members for their time and effort put into the club!
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    @Luke33, can you weigh in here? I know you were using t5/led combo and having amazing colors with your sps.
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    Awesome meeting! I was glad to be back among like-minded individuals. I will definitely make better attempts to attend! Thanks, Amanda, for opening your beautiful house to all of the members.
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    Wow great job Kent. Really like the DIY and thought put into this build! Glad you were able to get the pictures figured out too. You needed to show this off!
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    Wow that looks great! Love the stand and aquascape. One day mine wont just be a mess of rocks with frag plugs thrown around it
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    The tank sits at an angle in the corner. I added a narrow passage in the wall (unpainted in the pic) behind the tank that goes into a closet under the stairwell. The opening gives me access to the back of the tank. It’s cramped, but it’s better than nothing. NOTE: It’s true, Bean Animal overflows ARE extremely quiet.
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    Sorry for the loss but hey, I would call that a success keeping him alive for 16years!
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    Ahh man no good to hear. That is quite the good run though for sure...congrats on giving him such a long healthy life!