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    Use construction adhesive and mount some cleats and a plywood base. FYI IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER COME APART AGAIN....
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    Hello everyone! I’m looking for suggestions. about 1/3 of my display is under LED’s that I chose specifically for my little mangrove shoots. I figured I could grow some cool macro algae on this side of the tank and leave the other 2/3 for coral. Then I got thinking, I wonder if anyone has had any luck with coral under weak light? The front has strong flow, the back has low flow. (Don’t mind the hideous power head, my mp10 broke and I’m awaiting replacement) Maybe some mushrooms? Thanks in advance!
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    First off, very cool setup. I really like when people have a different approach to the hobby. I have a low light tank (was originally setup for a mantis but has ended up housing some “misfit” fish), and the only coral I’ve been successful with have been mushrooms. I have lost pulsing xenia, and a few different zoas in that tank, but those are really the only things I’ve tried as far as coral. I noticed that the mushrooms (ricordea, not sure if they’re Florida, Vietnamese, etc) have lost color since being on that tank, but have reproduced much faster and look “fuller”.
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    Those look nice. I seem to be drawn to chalice but recently saw a Dr.Evil favia I’d love to have. I believe from Sexy corals.
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    My favorite frag mover.
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    So the tank is completely full and operational. Yesterday I got my salinity dialed in to 1.026 and temperature to around 78. After this I Dosed Dr Tim's Ammonium chloride till the ammonia read out at 2ppm. I then added the Bacteria and started the cycle. Also I will post more pictures after school today.
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    Finnex titanium is the only one I've never had an issue with. Previously I liked the Neotherm but after having one melt and burn under water I'm over them. That smell took days to completely leave the house and about 40g of water and 2lbs of carbon later I had stress inhabitants for weeks.
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    NPS (Non-Photosynthetic Corals) such as sun corals, Dendrophyllia (Dendro), Non-Photosynthetic Gorgonian, Rhizotrochus typus (Rhizo), Wire coral ( Spiral coral), some soft corals are low light too. The sun corals and dendros do need to be target feed though.
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    Hey everyone. Thanks again to all the existing and new members that turned out to make the April meeting a great meet and greet! Below is the info for our May meeting, we hope to see you all there again. Kris, OttoReese, will be our host for this month. He has a 93 gallon cube with 2 AI Hydra 26 LEDS and a 30g sump. This is the tank that was won at the 2017 Indmas Frag Swap! When: May 12th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Irvington , IN (SE corner inside the 465 loop). Address to be provided later. Education: Sump and Refugiums We will be discussing the design, benefits and installation of sumps and refugiums. Our host will also have an opportunity to get hands-on and help install a new refugium for his tank. Raffles - Coming Soon...
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    Hope the move goes well any all livestock makes it.
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    Thought i’d share a close up of one of my chalice corals
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    Had a great time out today club! Thank you so much to Tami Weiss from fuzedjaw.com for taking time our of her busy schedule to educate us on seahorses today! We all took some great info home from this meeting. Until next month club!
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    If you havent added water to the sump I would put "pond liner" inside the stand running it up 2-3 in around the inside of the stand. This will hold water and not damage the wood (I know you sealed the seams with silicone caulk but the pond liner will keep the WOOD from getting wet). my 0.02
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    I don't have any first hand experience with them, but this video is full of info. Best I could find, anyway.
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    Man that sucks. Good luck. I guess at least the stand held the water to keep the floors drier. FYI I use these at home for cheap water alarms ($12). https://m.lowes.com/pd/Basement-Watchdog-Battery-Operated-Water-Alarm/1005609
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    Woohoo! Got my plumbing finished! Well almost, still have to complete the drain line, but anyway here is a picture.
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    A little update caught a hair a dino issue cleared it all up about two weeks ago. Emptied a few frags off the rack at the swap.
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    This is how the Miracle Mud will look in the sump... I filled my 38 gallon sump up with Salt water to empty up my bottles to get more salt water for when set it up on Saturday.... I was not able to this past Saturday like I was planning... I ordered some Algae from Algae Barn before I knew I wasn't able to set it up but I have here in the sump with an old twin tube light strip... Fingers crossed this will be running this coming Saturday!!!! Thank God!!! :-)
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    Been working on my plumbing ... Got it pretty much done other than cementing it all together... The design was MUCH better than what I was thinking it was going to be... Pretty Simple and straight forward....
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    A HUGE Shout out to Luis (Gonzo620) for cutting out the baffles for my sump... I was able to spend New Year's day with him and his family and enjoying that gorgeous 180 he has... I got home and was able to get the baffles measured and taped up and then I used Premium Aquatics black silicone to affix them to the aquarium... I am def not the best at silicone but I wanted it to be thick so it would hold up just in case I didn't do it 100% correct... You can see the HUGE Smile on my face now that this part of the project is complete... I wanted a larger fuge area but with my future skimmer with a foot print of 8x10 and my return pumps with a Marine Pure 8x8x4 inch block for the final chamber it ate up a lot of the 36 inch tank... But I am VERY Happy with how this turned out and in huge debt to Luis for his help... I am going to be in huge debt to a lot of you guys for all your help... It is MUCH appreciated...
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    I measured the width of my sump at 11 3/4 inches... Talking with Luis (Gonzo620) he is going to help me out and cut my baffles for me... Thank you so much Luis I appreciate that a lot... This Saturday I will be heading down to Premium Aquatics and getting my sand and miracle mud and at least 1 Heater... I have one that works just fine and will use 2 as a double redundancy in case one fails... Depending on the cost of all that, and what I have left over I will get a Sicce Power head or 2 and if I don't have the funds to get them and at the time of putting water in I have not gotten them yet... Ryan has graciously offered to loan me one of his spare power heads till I can get my Sicce set. I am in a RUSH to get water in my tank and the Cycle started ASAP to be ready for the March 17th Frag Swap!!! Joining INDMAS has been one of the BEST things I have done... I believe I have gained life-long friends and I am looking fwd to many years of Reef keeping and being able to "Pay It Forward" when the time comes to help someone else like you all have wonderfully helped me out... Again, Thank You to every one for your help and advise and support it means a lot to me...
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    DO NOT JUDGE me for how bad this turned out.. lol... But I got a dremel and cut out this horrid looking square for the overflow... I was laying on my back under the tank and tried to cut it straight, and no I was not wearing goggles (shame on me) I could hardly see what I was doing all the sawdust was every where, especially in my eyes... but once sand and rock are in you wont be able to see it.. hahah... I bought this black plastic mesh stuff at JoAnne Fabrics I want to put this on the baffle that is next the the fuge to hold in the Chaeto/Algae from going into the return chamber and then into my display. I seen this on someone's youtube channel and thought it was pretty neat... have a few cut to size and replace them as needed to make sure water flow is good. You can see in the last pic how it could be done. I think this will keep everything that shouldn't be in the return out... and still big enough for pods to slip past.