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    This frag made it home great! Edges are all healed up and this is the first pic of it.
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    Hey I think it would be cool if everyone took pics of their frags NOW, and then maybe every 2 weeks or every month and see the different growth we all get. Would be a neat experiment since they all came from the same frag. Brandon - what were the tank parameters on what the coral is used to? What kind of lights is it used to? What kind of flow and where in the tank were they at? Anyone interested?
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    Iphone camera doesnt do the colors justice, but they pop in person. Looking forward to the INDMAS frag swap soon.
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    Congrats on the new house!! The Electrical: I always try to have at least 1 20 amp circuit for the tank. If there is a option for 2, then thats better. I try to put Heaters and return pump on a circuit by itself if possible. Floor Jacks: Most of the time I try to run the beams perpendicular to the floor system with a 4x6 for support. In extreme cases, ill do this twice. https://goo.gl/images/8d4tkr
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    I originally wanted BRS colored PVC blue with the Schedule 80 Grey fittings. But that was going to cost me a TON of $$$ So I went to Menards and got the white Schedule 40 PVC and will be painting it with Flex Seal Spray Paint... I am not happy with the Flex Seal spray paint... It comes out in Globs almost like silly string... I had to shake off the excess on this 90 deg angle... I have the 2 PVC Pipes in to keep paint out of the inside so I can cement it together... I do actually like the dried finished results but it is VERY HARD to work with... I took the return PVC outside the other night and sprayed it but I was not able to shake off the excess like I did with this smaller piece... so there will be runs and drips that I will have to cut off or just leave as is... The return that is on the back of my tank will ALL be Black to blend in with the painted apart of the tank to not be as noticeable... Anything that is viewable from the stand, the PVC Pipe will all be Flex Seal Blue and all the connectors will be painted Flex Seal Black... I got the Black at Menards but was not able to find Blue so that was ordered on Ebay and praying it will be here tomorrow so I can get this project FINISHED!!!! This will be my last thing to get done... once the plumbing is cemented I will be able to put WATER IN MY TANK Next Saturday January 20th 2018!!!! IF I had to choose again on the spray paint I think I would have not used the Flex Seal and chose Krylon Spray Paint... I have seen a lot of people use it on YouTube and possibly would have been much easier to work with... But If you all choose Flex Seal I would Test Spray it on something so you can get the idea how thick it comes out so you don't get a thick globby surprise...
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    Been working on my plumbing ... Got it pretty much done other than cementing it all together... The design was MUCH better than what I was thinking it was going to be... Pretty Simple and straight forward....
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    If the weather holds off, or the roads are not awful, I believe my family and I are going to come down and check the swap out.