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    My last tank was a 210 with regular glass and now I have a rimless with the same thickness glass but low iron and the difference is very noticeable to me and I would choose low iron if costs are not outrageous. It is probably a hundred or two difference for the front panel to be low iron unless someone is really trying to mark it up.
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    Really good info to know for future reference. Thanks!
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    I do not think that the thickness on a 180 makes low iron a necessity. You can also price out the tank with only the front in low iron.
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    Personally, I think it’s worth spending a small amount on low iron, but isn’t a deal breaker for me. The clarity is there but not enough to pay an outrageous markup compared to a “normal” glass tank.
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    @PetesFolly I have not received an email for it. If you can double check. [email protected]
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    Yes you will need to save a copy and then you should be able to upload it to custom ink
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    Just bought my calendar!
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    Yes we should have the calendars at the party. I will work on getting the calendar into the INDMAS store for purchase. We will also have the calendar pictures posted up soon. I do apologize for the delay. We were working on making the pictures high resolution so they turn out great.
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    These were shot with the App. All current photos on my instagram are as well. @tehSAC_reef
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    Yes you definitely could. If only I could find the box lol. I have one shade of orange taped over a Wyze camera that I can check in throughout the day and one laying loose to hold over my phone for pics.
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    I love my polyplab filter. Use it on my iPhone X.
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    Looks I’ll be able to make it now!! I’m in for the gift exchange.
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    Check out Aquarium Camera by John Ostler. It’s a phone app that digitally adds the gel filters to your phone. Other than that one, I have the polyplab filters that I loved until I upgraded to the iPhone 11 pro. Now the physical filters don’t fit the camera structure with the 3 lenses
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    They have been ordered
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    I got a pack of gel filters off amazon for like $8 and use the orange. I just hold it up in front of my phone camera or tape it if needed. I’m cheap...
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    Mike and I will be there and we will both play beluga
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    I’ll be bringing a gift also. santor33
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house for the Christmas meeting! For those of you that don't know about my tanks I will tell you a little bit here. I have a 34 gal reef tank (LPS mainly) and a 180 FOWLR Tank. The 180 is my "pair" themed tank. Meaning I am stocking the tank with fish that normally pair up in the wild. And some single fish that don't form pairs also. I can explain at the meeting on how I pair them if anyone is interested. Still in the stocking process but so far I have a pair of Interruptus Angelfish, Indian Vegabond Butterflies. Along with a pair of Mocha Clowns, which was a door prize at one of our meetings that one of our very own members bred! My Goldflake/Flagfin hybrid angel recently lost his mate, as well as did my Pakistan Butterfly. (Interruptus Angels can be mean) I have a replacement female for the hybrid angel in QT now along with a Long Nose Black Tang. My QT system will also be up and running for all to see. See you all there!
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