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    Update for anyone who has this question in the future: I have a happy Kenya Tree that has been dropping branches. I figured I’d let a branch float back there to see how it does. It did great! The main tree drops a branch about once a week, which I pick up and put back here under the low lights. Check it out!
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    +1 Cyano isn't fun but not too hard to beat. I would also consider adding to what Ryan said and try siphoning as much off cyano as possible, do your normal water change...then change out filter socks and turn off lights for a few days. Remember cyano is a bacteria...so hitting it from all angles like you would a common cold as seemed to help me in the past.
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    That looks more like cyano than algae. Look into increasing your flow, reducing dissolved organics, and possibly treating with cyanoRX or something similar. As far as nuisances go in this hobby, this is one of the easier ones to treat.
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    Smart ATO is the way to go. I have it on both my tanks, with Wi-Fi outlets (thanks Brandon for that recommendation!). Never had any issues with either one, just clean the sensors whenever I think about it.
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    Sometimes i get the feeling its looking at me and creeps me out!
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    +1 on the outside tube thingy (that’s a scientific term) I would def recommend a dehumidifier to keep things in check. My house in Florida had windows everywhere but still got a little water damage behind my tank because of the humidity. One thing you might think about is the openness (or lack there of) if anything was to happen. ie. skimmer overflows with stankness, polytoxin release, you decide to eat tacos. Taco air is heavy you can’t air out a basement.