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    We will be there. I have a pretty long list of items I will get posted. Might have a few aquariums, reactors, maybe one complete setup.
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    I have a few Two Little Fishies reactors I will be bringing. As I think of more, I will amend my list.
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    So is Dinoflagellates....Dino Farts? LMAO! 🐟 Sorry, I couldn't resist...
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    It isn’t super clear on my phone, but that looks more like dinoflagellates than cyano to me. Cyano will usually clear up pretty well with chemi clean or cyano rx. What you have has the bubble strings usually associated with dinos. I’d get a couple second opinions before making a plan to go forward, but if it’s dinos, good luck.
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    @Gonzo620 glad to see you are going to make it. You will get to see the nice flame wrasse pair
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    Yea I sure do love the small size. Keeps me in check too. Haha
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    picture freaked out had to edit and add again