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    I got an adult Interruptus angle almost 2 years ago and have been on the look out for a juvenile to pair it with. In February I was finally able to get my hands on a juvenile. After quarantine and observation tank for a while I put her in acclimation box in DT for 2 days. Just released her today. Minor chasing for the first couple of hours as seen in the video, and now they are good! No more chasing or posturing. I really am surprise and happy on how well the introduce went. (sorry for the reflections on the glass and all the micro bubbles in tank) https://youtu.be/ykhJowdcLh8 https://youtu.be/fMlf_42tTEM
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    Hey Salthead!! welcome to the forums and to INDMAS. The PAR meter and all club rentals are benefits of becoming a contributing member. You can sign up in the INDMAS store which i posted down below for you. There are rules and requirements to rent them and you will find those in the Club Rental forum once you are approved for membership and the account is upgraded. There are lots of other benefits to becoming a paid member as well...including door prizes at the monthly meetings, being able to rent the items in the club rental section, and gaining access to the buy/sell livestock and drygood forums as well.
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    Looks like he’s on a plug. Just pull it out scrape it off. Scalpel, bone cutters , butter knife even could work.
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    Great meeting! I really enjoyed the presentation with Dr Tim. Thanks for hosting Bob.
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    Wow really cool here Amanda! Glad it all worked out with those two gems...
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    Twizzlers the first pic is gorilla nipples not sure on pic 2 but not candy apple reds
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    the first pic kinda look like blueberry pie zoas.
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    Lol! Yeah, that Blenny does not know when to quit eating... Thanks for the frag as well, it is mounted and doing well.
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    Great meeting! Thank you and Marcia for hosting. All Candy can talk about now is fish, inverts, and bacteria! That new poster is really life-like. 🙄 That should be really fun to watch it grow out. Loved all the tangs in there, but that Blenny will have to go on a diet or it will explode! Always fun, Thanks Again!
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    Images are from member jneal 10 gal nano all in one tank. He hasn’t posted anything since becoming a member and i asked if i could show his tank. He agreed. Very simple set up. 10gal frag tank. Mechanical filtration, heater and return pump, a80 kessil light and ato. No skimmer (nothing fits) Corals include ricordia, zoas, miami chalice, rainbow chalice, purple rhodactis, blue discosoma, metalic orange discosoma, teal/green favia, sun coral and jfox Brain freeze. One fish, yellow goby. Black brittle star thats outgrown the tank, limpet, astrea snails and emerald crab. He does 1-2 gal water changes 2-3 x’s per month. Parameters are all in ck.
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    It’s actually a frag tank like what you see at a swap. Shallow. Don’t recall manufacturer, but purchased at cia Here is another pic. Running about one year.
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    Amanda You are correct any type of leak controller is a valuable piece of equipment
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    So at 4 am this morning I am awoken by a fish tank type alarm. One of the hoses on my rodi unit was not pushed all the way into one of the john guest type fitting causing it to leak on the floor. My Leak Controller shut off my rodi unit and sounded the alarm. Therefore I had only a small puddle on the floor to clean up and to reset the Leak Controller. Within 5 minutes I am back in bed instead of waking up to a flood! This little piece of equipment has saved me a few time now. I highly recommend it, or some other brand like, it to all! Here is the one I have
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    I will most likely be coming. I'm a new member that signed up at the frag swap (also recent transplant to Indy)
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    No worries, you know we will be going for awhile. Just have Chanel text Marcia to make sure we are still going strong if you guys do decide to drop by after the wedding. ....stupid wedding!! They should definitely have rescheduled the wedding!! 🤣 We will certainly miss you guys, but certainly understand. I may attempt to do a Friday happy hour again since summer will get going pretty soon and I won't be able to get to all the regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
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    A few more side shots
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    @PetesFolly Bob really Wish i could make this one. You know Chanel’s does too. Maybe we’ll come for the after party once the wedding is over. 😁
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    She had to have a shirt that matched the rest of the family, so I had one made for her. Now she is saying she is going to have a tank like daddy someday, but only one Nemo, and more coral. 🤣 Always a critic. 🤔
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    The deposit is $100.00. Jeremy from Modern Aquatix; however, there is a forum thread on club rental items that will let you know where that PAR meter currently is.