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    NEW INDMAS RAFFLE TOTAL = $8,908!! keep your eyes on this thread for more details and swap sneak peaks!! This is going to be one Rocking St. Patty Day Swap!!
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    Update on these guys. All is well and they have doubled in size! Found a few more shortly after my first post. A week ago had a couple die do to some kind of slime/bacteria that was covering the two anemone. I think it was caused by some leftover food. With a new total of 20 babies! I hope to not have anymore loses.
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    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone this evening during set up. I apologize for not saying it in person, mainly because everyone was so busy. I’m pretty new to this group and I don’t know many, but everyone was so awesome tonight. Made my daughters week being able to help as much as she could. Cannot wait for tomorrow! Drive safe everyone.
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    Finally made my first gallon of RO/DI water!! Thank you all for your help!!!
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    @Zacagawea7 If you attend the guest speaker Marc Levenson (Melev) I am sure you will get some answers from his presentation as well as maybe being able to talk to him afterwards.
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    Walt Disney acropora frag just donated to the raffle by Simply Saltwater! Yep...my raffle budget just got upped!
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    So I know how inexpensive plugs are, but I still wanted to give it a whirl. I’m totally a DIY guy so why not plugs. Saves me a few buck and can possibly make some too. Started out by making the mold. First I cut a 3”x10”x2” thick block of delrin plastic work was about to trash into 4 strips. Next I bolted them back together with 6 long bolts. Then I drilled a 3/8” holes in a staggered pattern 1-1/4” deep. This will be the stems of the plugs. Once all the 3/8” holes were drilled I used a 7/8” drill bit to make the crowns. I drilled down 1/4” in depth. Next step was the recipe. I have some old clean sand in a bucket in the garage, and I managed to get some Portland cement from the bricklayers at work. I went with a ratio of 3 to 1. 3/4 cup of sand and 1/4 cup of Portland cement was enough for the mold and a few flat disc. I mixed all the ingredients in a empty calcium supplement container that I cut the top 1/4 off. I added enough water to create a syrupy consistency. This will allow any air bubbles to rise out of the mix. Now comes the fun part. I started scooping the mix into every plug hole in the mold. Once they were all filled I smoothed the surface and started to shake and tap on the mold to work out any trapped air bubbles and settle the mix in in every plug hole. Followed by a top off of mix to any low spots. Dry time is two days. And Shazam! Unbolt the mold pry the strips apart with a flat screwdriver, a few taps hear and there and a wiggle of the plugs and walla. Let me know if you wanna try for yourself. I’ll be happy to give any advice about the process.
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    Thank you for hosting Bill. Your aquarium and system are terrific! What a great time seeing everyone, and there was enough food for twice the crowd. Joining Indmas just a few short years ago was one of my better moves, not only for all the collective knowledge, but to meet such a great group of people. I wish all of you a safe, relaxing, and Merry Christmas!
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    Hello Indy! I'm looking forward to coming out next weekend to speak. For anyone that's looking to get some SPS frags PM me your email and I can email a list with photos with what I have. Unfortunately I was a recent victim as all other Photobucket users were and can no longer show my photobucket photos online. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Thanks in advance. Copps
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    JR one of the previous education chairs even came to visit me. Was really glad to see an old friend again...stay fishy INDMAS!
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    Thanks for hosting this! I had so much fun!! I found a Marine Betta for $55 and feel so lucky. Brought home a large lobo and a lavendar tang. My husband and I truly had a great time. 😊
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    The layout for the 2019 INDMAS Frag Swap is here!
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    Thought i’d share a close up of one of my chalice corals
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    I knew we had a lot of people. But it never felt crowded
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    Hard to believe but the swap is almost here 6 days.thanks in advance to everyone who is making this happen. I know you guys put a lot of hard work and effort in to this.
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    @Kyle Curtsinger from past experience bringing kids to the swap can be fun and challenging. I often bring my 2 yr old and 8 month old to swaps I go to and usually don't have any issues if you come prepared with a smaller stroller. If your kids are into the fish and corals, then you should be good. This is just from my personal swap experience with 2 younger ones.
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    Thank you Premium Aquatics for your donation to the 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap! This is a great package.....
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    Here are some pics of my 35 cube. Nothing spectacular in my opinion, but thought i’d share. Guess my pics are too large as i could only add two
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    Thanks INDMAS! Certainly for the raffle prize......but more for your unanimous vote of confidence as treasurer! Haha. My 10-gallon quarantine is now set up and running, and Amanda's presentation certainly influenced my quarantine plans for the coming months! I tabled the bowfront plans I had, and set things up alongside a 3-gallon picotope with a... Halloween Observation Area? Let's take that bristle worm to another thread. Really, I'm looking forward to engaging in a new way... and hope anyone/everyone else reading this will choose to engage this fall with the club in a new way of your own. Ask a question... Post a funny thought you had about the smirk on your goby's face... Geek out with a few others here about any aspect this fascinating hobby that brings us together. Respectfully, -Ben
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    Just starting up a thread on one of my smaller tanks that I have. Currently running a 13.5g fluval Evo tank. Everything is stock on the tank other than a fluval 15g wavemaker and an aquatic life nano skimmer (highly recommend). Current occupants: Lubbocks wrasse, blue/green chromis, and a rainfords goby. Inverts are a few hermits, a few snails, 2 sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab and a porcelain crab. Corals, I have a mix of different zoas and palys, red gorgonian, different mushroom (Yuma, richordea, discoma), a few torches, octospawn, and a bunch of other stuff. Water changes are done weekly. I am looking to add more color to the tank with future zoas and other corals. This tank is also home to a bunch of baby sexy shrimp that were born on 8/10/17 at 11:36 PM. woohoo!!!
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    You’ve probably heard this before, but getting your own RODI filter is one of the most important things you can do for your tank. That way you can better control what goes into your water. If you just dose the calcium part of the 2 part, you will be able to raise calcium without raising alkalinity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only dosing one or the other.
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    Looks like he’s on a plug. Just pull it out scrape it off. Scalpel, bone cutters , butter knife even could work.
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    Will be there. Anyone want any Xenia or Kenya? Will trade for anything - beer, hugs, high fives.. You name it
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    My husband and I are planning to be there. Rosy
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    Tank was one heavy task. Thank you to my brother and cousin who helped me move the tank on to 4 dollies, and move this from the store to the trailer. It is possible to move a 1000 lb. Empty tank with 3 people and the right tools.
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    So i started the tank this week. Fiberglass in 2 weeks and then epoxy.
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    Woohoo! Got my plumbing finished! Well almost, still have to complete the drain line, but anyway here is a picture.
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    Welcome to the Club! Great job with the tank. It looks great!
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    Haha. Sure thing. I should warn you that any project not related to my fish tank is never completed. My wife keeps giving me projects and I finish about 85% of it and get bored. You would think she would learn to not give me projects. But nope almost every weekend...
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    Ben, You can put me down for Friday and Saturday. I will just need about 20 minutes on Saturday to do my quick browsing of corals.
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    Reeftrader.com is up and ready for you to post those frags! Pre-sell your corals on this site and you will have more money for raffles! We just secured the grand prize already...keep your eye on this thread club!
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    I can do Saturday 2nd shift, 3XL, they shrink or I grow!
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    Hobby Table Map and Room Photo updated... sorry for the way I described the location. I'm just so excited for the secondary room (right behind the wall behind the hobby tables), that I didn't realize how that description downplayed the awesome place where you will be set up! Photo snipped from the location's google maps entry, but I believe is taken from the perspective of about where the hobby tables will be. Someone correct me if I've grabbed the wrong room photo.
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    Wow that looks great! Love the stand and aquascape. One day mine wont just be a mess of rocks with frag plugs thrown around it
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    The stars have aligned, and Ill be able to make it, along with my Jr. Aquascaper.
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    Yes I am finally getting this tank wet. I ran a dedicated outlet to the tank. Repainted the room and in the process of adding water. Now I need to hang my lights.
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    I think the problem should be solved now. Members should be able to upload 5 MB photos and 10 MB movies. Please try uploading and report back.
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    Done. Paying members now have 5x the amount of message storage. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Is this compatible with tapatalk. Or is that option gone with the upgrade. I find using tapatalk easier. As photos always worked on it and notifications were instant. Also I was having issues where when I opened a thread on the new site it went to the first post. This is fine but on a long running post it will be annoying.
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