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    Premium Aquatics, Real Reef and JBJ teamed up to raffle off a 45g JBJ all in one tank and stand with 30 lbs of branch rock. Young reefer Will won this and him and his family drove it back to their Florida home. Love it when another teenager makes it into the hobby for little to no investment!
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    Familiar faces down here in Orlando! Lots of cool tanks people vendors and products...will post more pics later. Hard at work cutting more PA decals for tomorrow's day at the event. Chao for now!
  3. 3 points
    JR one of the previous education chairs even came to visit me. Was really glad to see an old friend again...stay fishy INDMAS!
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    I will post pics of my collection for any stick heads that are intrested. I am 3D printing frag transporters for any one that wants to order one they will be $10. They will come in a water tight container and will post other pics latter but PM if you want one as they take 5 hours to make. These are PETG and safe for aquarium use.
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    Here is the aquascaping, waiting to cycle.
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    I’ve got a few frags of my new favorite zoa available. These are high end $60 frags and a steal compared to retail. WWC AOI Zoas
  7. 2 points
    So I have ordered my Simplicity return pump, and Simplicity skimmer. I have also ordered all the plumbing pieces I need to replace the stock valve with the gate valve. It will probably be a week before everything arrives, so there will not be a lot of updates until then. The next steps will be getting my dry rock. I will need to go to Premium aquatics, and hand select the pieces I need to make a really nice tower. I plan on using Marco rock for the build, and then utilizing the Marco Cement to make it one safe secure structure. Has anyone done this before, and how did it work out?
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    Canary blennies are pretty personable middle water column swimmers. They are active and have not noticed perching although we just use PVC pipes at the shop. Definitely bright colored and a good visual pop of color. Seems to eat quite a bit of variety of foods here too. There is also a green canary blenny i have been seeing more on lists that is not as common.
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    I just signed up as new member recently and my wife and I plan on coming tomorrow. We have been in the hobby for about 3.5 years but just started having some better success with our 90 gallon mixed reef tank. Basic story we did lots of the wrong things in the beginning but have turned it around. looking to get a frag or two to add to our tank and meet some people in the hobby and learn.
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    Well my return pump is making a high pitches noise that can be heard throughout the room. Simplicity has been incredible, they sent out some new parts to try, and when that did not work, they are sending out a new body. Incredible customer service. Stinks I go the one bad egg, but with customer service like this that’s ok.
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    Paul Not sure of your other livestock but filefish or peppermint shrimp sometimes develop a taste
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    Dude that’s purdy! I guess I just don’t remember seeing yours in your tank. I’ll have to take a look next time I’m up your way. Hell I’ll be in Japan next month Maybe I can do some LFS shopping 😂🤣
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    I understand the heart ache Paul. You know what would look amazing up there? Some yellow. I can imagine a nice Japanese Fat head Dendro. You could leave the gorg and put the dendro in front of the gorg slightly over the candy canes. They grow like a Duncan colony in shape. Hardy cause they’re NFS. just gotta feed it, but it’s high enough it should catch food daily from fish feeding. I got mine from POTO. here’s a pic of the colony mine came from.
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    correctomundo!! also, this event is for contributing members, as this is an event that is a benefit to the "paid" members. Any "registered" members are welcome to come and upgrade to the INDMAS Member status while they are here. Kyle the membership chair will not be at this event, but as long as i have a laptop or computer access i can assist... That said, dont forget to have your specimens labeled and bring those Blue LED flashlights so we can shine them on these cool aqua-cultured corals from our members! See everyone there!!
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    Thanks for the clarification, I am new here so just making sure
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    Plus one are always welcome as long as it is noted in the thread so the host can make accomodations...
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    @PaulS.46122 looks like the answer is buy zebra stripped Dartfish. People say the Firefish do well short term but will become aggressive with each other long term. Revised list:
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    Menards has clear hose that I got. Can’t remember exactly how much it cost but def less than $8/ft. I’ve had it for a little over 10yrs and just soak it in a bleach/water mix every so often
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    Yes, once parameters are stable I’ll run pods only for a few weeks, feed them phyto and let the population explode. Also I like the mixed idea will they all school mixed?
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    I don’t heat my water before mixing salt or after.i don’t heat at all. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Is there concern? Should I be? @PaulS.46122 Very exciting can’t wait to see the scape!
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    Welcome Aboard.
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    No, I am That's the old vs the new. I also installed lighting
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    Lower Center Tyree Green Polyp Toadstool $20
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    Those look pretty cool!
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    That is a cool poster and an even cooler centerpiece for your reef! Keep us posted 😁
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    Aquarocks sent me a vid and some pics of my piece he’s putting the finishing touches on. Can’t wait to load these plates up with zoanthids!
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    Jenn and I plan on coming. We should have some higher end zoanthind frags for sale. Likely a Rasta frag, some rainbows, pinwheels, Bam Bams and a few others...will post specific after I get back from MACNA
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    Will keep you posted. If you do not take i have another person interested, but since you replied first you have first dibs
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    Few things around the tank if intrested.
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  35. 1 point
    Man I really wish I was coming! Have wanted a green goby for my nano for awhile now. Maybe we will have to do what we can to make it. Oh and @Gonzo620 has some 🔥 coral.
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    A few more frags for everyone. Pink Birds nest $10 ORA Mint Pavona $20 Green Blasto $10 Rastas, Sunny Ds, BEBBs, Blue Tubbs $20 each
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    Not in Noblesville but up in Lebanon. Tell us about your set up.
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    I’ll be there!!! Here’s 3 I’ll bring. Very big Granny Smith frag $30 very big Granny Smith/Sunny D mix $30 Bam bam/Granny Smith mix $20
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    wow, 9 years! That's awesome and a beautiful fish.
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    Beautiful fish! These have always been my favorite dwarf angel. I have a breeding pair and tried raising them - only got larvae to the 2 week point. Still on my bucket list!
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    Unfortunately, as with most meetings, I wont be able to make it due to softball and other commitments. Last year was a good time and was hoping to make it this year, but it just isn't going to pan out. Have a good time everyone!
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