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    Here are a few of the many of mine 😋
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    This was my second trip to the Big Island since 2004 and the reefs are still amazing. First few pictures are above water and the rest are from various stops at Red Hill & Kealakekua Bay.
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    Still bouncing back from the gfo disaster and calcium reactor switch over alk swing.
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    Sorry slight glare on pics
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    First 1 is a forest fire digi. Pic 2 is up in the air. I have no idea. But if you’re twisting my arm and I had to guess I’d say maybe a PC rainbow.
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    We will plan to attend. I may also have an extra 40g breeder and a few other tanks laying around
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    also if you go to spectrapure's website there are manuals to show how it is to be set up to double check yours. Just fine your model. https://www.spectrapure.com/product-manuals/
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    This is the auto shut off valve. It looks like you have one. Check to make sure it is installed properly. There is a "in" and "out" marked on them. The valve may need to be replaced.
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    Just the camera itself. No housing or light strobes. Camera held up well.
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    just finished a 25 gallon water change. post your tanks
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    I just bought a Maxspect Gyre XF350 Standard Unit Package. I have not installed it yet, but from my research it is supposedly quieter than the Icecaps. But you gotta get the new 300 series. The new 300 series are quieter and easier to clean.
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    Upcoming meetings and events July 7/13 INDMAS Field Trip August 8/10/19 GosportAquarium September 9/14/19 RETRO Frag Swap Tyler tbabcock67 October 10/12/19 Ocean Aquarium - Brian Plankis November 11/9/19 Pay it Forward Luis Gonzo620 December 12/14/19 Holiday Party Amanda Mrsbugmaster Thanks to Craig for hosting the summer social in June The July field trip details are as follows The Indmas field trip will be Saturday July 13th from 9-6 . This will seat 25 people and we still have openings. The cost is 30 each. The pickup at 9 will be at Redemption located at 7035 E 96th st in Indianapolis be there at 9 bus will leave at 9:15 We would be looking at the following in this order *Premium Aquatics at 10:00 Taxman 12:00 (food available) *Modern Aquatics 1:15 CenterPoint Downtown 2:30 *The Reef 4:00 Redemption 5:15 (food available) There is room for a cooler for livestock and a cooler for your favorite beverage Look for special deals for attendees from the local fish stores denoted with* Please confirm your attendance and go to the store link on the website to pay via pay pal check out the thread here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18944-july-road-trip/ The August meeting will be at the Gosport aquarium in Gosport Indiana. This coincides with the Gosport festival. More details to follow but let’s make a day of it! Save the date 2020 Frag swap will be Saturday March 14th at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds Remember to check out all of the forums at INDMAS.org. Feel free to post a question or if you know an answer to post it as well. As always if you have any ideas as to how we can make the club better or if you have a concern on something please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The current staff members can be found here http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/18301-welcome-2019-indmas-staff/ Mike Miller (Tanknovice) [email protected] 317 730 7049
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    I’m a tunze fan also. Like the jebao as a cheaper option as well.
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    Icecap 3k is a good option
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    so i work right down the road from jeremy but before my schedule was 11-7 tues-sunday. So the only day that i could of went was sunday and that usually didnt work because of home responsibilities. As far as calling to make an appointment, to much hassle especially when there are other places open that i could walk right into. Now its a different story because i changed careers. I guess now that you know the whole story it makes sense huh.....
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    No offense to Jeremy at Modern, but those are better hours than his. 🤷‍♂️
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    It's worth the drive. You will know exactly what your getting and you can ask how the fish has been doing since arrival. Is it eating? Does it look stressed? Etc. Ryan makes a great point in that you can work with your local vendors since they do have the ability to order specific fish for you.
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    Yeah would definitely recommend you put your own eyes on a specimen you’d like. I’ve also never ordered fish online but my time on the forums has shown signs. Blue Zoo Aquatics is a trusted site. https://www.bluezooaquatics.com/index.asp Live Aquaria is also good but only from the Divers Den. https://m.liveaquaria.com/diversden/index.cfm?cmpid=IB-_-HP-_-061719_HMP_HERO_DD.jpg-_-mH2
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    I agree with Mike. Make a list of what you’re looking for, call one of the local shops and ask them what they can get, and for how much. If no one can get you what you’re looking for, then try online vendors. But I’m almost positive that one of the locals can get just about anything you want.
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    I have never bought a fish on line I know that you are in Muncie but a trip to one of the local Fish stores will be worth your time Most of them can order what you want and you can at least look at them before putting in your quarantine
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    I never got to go up there because of the odd hours. My go to place is modern aquatix at least Jeremy has reasonable hours or operation.
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