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    Who else is coming? Great door prizes...great speaker...and some great pay it forward equipment. This can not be successful without a great attendance as well. Check your schedules, and call your in laws and tell them you had a flat tire...and then drive to Lebanon for Luis's and his wife's awesome ham sandwiches and rock nems!!!!!
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    Door prize #1 You could win will be this mini colony of ORA Mint Pavina. Door prize #2 will be one of the Rock Flower Anemones born during my November meeting last year. Hope everyone that wants come will be able to make it.
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    Hi all. The fall season is kicking off, hope everyone is enjoying their fall weather (finally!), football, and pumpkin flavored everything. We wanted to get this months meeting posted to give everyone time to dig through their closets and attics for any used equipment that you may not be using. November’s meeting will be a “Pay it Forward” meeting where we are asking people to bring their misc items that they would be willing to donate to other members to fill those gaps others may have to get that last piece needed for a new setup, QT tank, sump, etc. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting but only PAID MEMBERS will be eligible to choose items. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We had a great turn out last year for this. We have lots of new members and hope to have a great turn out. We will also be hosting a Skype meeting with Larry DuPont from LRS (Larry's Reef Services, maker of LRS frozen food). He will be discussing food and nutrition with us. This is definitely a don't miss meeting!! We also have 10 packs of LRS foods to give away as door prizes!! Quick note on courtesy: We will be limiting any person to 2 items until everyone has had their choice. Please don’t be the person who takes good will freebies and goes and sells them. Don’t think that needed to be said for anyone I know in the club but there is sometimes that one person. When: Nov 9th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Luis's house in Lebanon (Gonzo620) 1727 Jaques Dr Lebanon IN 46052
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    Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
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    Also, a post from Larry on his FB page. If you aren’t following him it’s a fun read.
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    This just in: INDMAS goes international
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    I don't have personal experience but they have not shipped in well to the shop. I know they are planktonic feeders in the wild and after time and some diligence can accept flakes and brine. They do well in groups with big enough tanks too. Richard Ross at the steinhart museum knows of keeping them very well from what I understand.
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    Indeed...thank you to any and all that served! Appreciation is an understatement
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    Hope everyone made it home safe and that the fish are loving the new foods. Below are a couple articles that Tami Weiss (who Skyped with us about seahorses a couple years ago) wrote about food and staying frozen. Her site is not up anymore so it’s from the archive but should work. https://web.archive.org/web/20160909225950/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-1-the-quest-for-quality-mysis/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161113044512/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-2-the-science-behind-the-food/
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    Bristletooth tangs in general are pretty good at algae control and are constantly grazing. Tomini, kole, squaretail are all good choices. I can not speak about the black tang personally but zebrasoma in general are good grazers as well.
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    I think we've all gone through this at one point or another. When I lived in Florida I had 3 tanks up (2 reef, 1 fowlr) and started having issues. "Luckily" me moving back to Indiana made the decision easy for me to sell everything instead of trying anything else. I was tankless for maybe 2 months when I got back to Indy, found a great deal on a Red Sea 34gal which I promptly made upgrade to everything and stocked it beautifully. That was up for app 1 1/2yrs before I got bored (I'm guessing because of the smaller size) and started making changes. During one of those changes I was moving things around and accidentally crushed my starry blenny, which crashed the entire tank within 2 days. I gave that tank away and swore to never get another one. About a year later I went to a friend's house who had a tank and got the itch. Looked around, found my 75gal and it's been up for 7yrs now. I'm now in the process of upgrading to a 120gal, if I can find the focus to get it done... But it doesn't hurt to take a break if your interests fade or change. That's one of the things I like about the hobby. Yes it's an expensive hobby, but you can always take a break and it'll be there when you get the drive again.
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    We just ordered 10 packs of LRS frozen foods as door prizes!!!! Don’t miss this meeting and bring your cooler to get it home frozen solid!! We plan to have dry ice available to assist.
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    Now all I need is more coral, fish, and time. I will start adding a couple fish to my QT soon.
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    A little closer, left side
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    The tank has had water in it for just under two months and this is what we came up with, please remember I am a terrible photographer. I am still playing around with the lighting and am missing one of the Radians, in for repair or replacement
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    Join us for our November meeting and learn about food nutrition for our tanks from Larry, owner and founder of LRS! Larry makes top quality frozen foods and has been involved in feeding fish involved in the most recent successes in breaking new ground in aquaculture as well as feeding many of the most expensive fish all around the world. Please join us to learn the importance of proper nutrition for your reef as well as many aspects that I think have been overlooked and misunderstood for years!
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    Haha nope but I did wear my INDMAS shirt one of the days we were there. So I did a little advertising. 😉
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    That’s crazy. Definitely adding these guys to the “maybe” reef safe pile. Glad you caught it in action, and thanks for keeping us up to date.
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    Wow what a *****, yeah get that dude outta there lol
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    Well it looks like the blue velvet damselfish is the culprit. I've had frags end up on the sand bed that were sitting on my frag rack. I've been watching and waiting and finally caught him going to pick at a piece and completely pull the frag plug off the rack! Time for him to go!!
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    Pretty cool!! Did you recruit anyone for INDMAS while over there 😆
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    wow, that is a big tank. Thanks for sharing.
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    Looks like a very big tank. There was a documentary I seen on TV that showed some of their shopping areas and one specialized in aquariums. Ones from little 5g all they way up to probably 1000+. They have all kinds of neat things over there
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    Plumbing this time around went as good as it could, I was not in a hurry and I rearranged the skimmer and UV to be more accessible so things went pretty smooth. I also changed from external to internal pumps for this tank and added an additional one to help with all the auxiliary equipment. This eliminated one large manifold system that was complex to build the last time. The tank has a center overflow with all connection inside of it. The (3) two inch drain lines were dropped straight down into the sump with 1/4 turn valves to regulate flow and the (2) 1.5 inch returns were plumbed separately to ensure that if one pump failed then flow would continue between the sump and tank. The skimmer, chiller, calcium reactor, and the Macro-algae Reactor were plumbed to one of the return pumps and the UV was plumbed to the second return pump. I also learned from previous builds to use as many unions as I can, this helped to prevent bad joints. I had the back panel drilled in each corner with (2) two inches holes, one would be used for the closed loop and the other one is what I call the Oh S_ _T hole. This is for the off chance that the drains to the sump clog and would keep the tank from over filling. I will post some pictures later
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    John, do you have any other rock besides real reef? What about marine pure blocks? Real reef rock is pretty dense and not as porous as natural rock like pukani and even synthetic Marco. Perhaps the bacterial surface area for anaroebic bacteria is not sufficient?
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    I’m in the same boat 180 gallon stn of all my sps. Acros, montis, anacropora, stylos, First comes color loss then stn from random spots on the colonies. I’ve checked everything I could. My next move is going to be to add new bacteria/micro fauna by way of live rock or live sand. Hopefully the addition of diversity will reset any Imbalance that’s causing my heart ache. your not alone.
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    looks like it was a smashing good time...
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    The plan was to move some of the coral to my work tank and get rid of the rest. We would then catch the fish and get them to someone with a large tank. In the end the 6 large tangs and rabbit fish were to be moved to a 2000 gallon plus system in Fishers maintained by Glenn of Aquarium Service and Design. The smaller tangs and assorted angels were moved to another tank maintained by Glenn. Without Glenn's and Jeremy's help this part of the project could not have been done. For reference the big dussumieri tang is about 14 inches long and 9 inches tall
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    Now watch in 6 - 12 months I'll be getting rid of the PBT because its terrorizing to many other fish. 🙄
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