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    The layout for the 2019 INDMAS Frag Swap is here!
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    Well things are going great! https://photos.app.goo.gl/cEB3xXqVJVXZdjJk8 Thanks to everyone’s advice! I went with prodibio bio-clean bacteria, and with the algae management, water changes, and 72 hours lights out the tank looks like a future tank of the month.
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    Will be posting hilites soon of but the details on the grand prize donated by the REEF Seapora Rimless Frag tank 36x18 x8 with stand and Kessil A160W-E Tuna Blue with mounting ARM We will also have the Neptune APEX controller made possible by Neptune and INDMAS
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    I'll recruit Amber if she doesn't have to work as well. She can do just about anything, even security. She's tiny, but bites really hard.
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    This build has been taking forever and i had planned on having this puppy up and running 6 months ago. Due to my work schedule and busy season i put it off until late fall. Then the sat after thanksgiving my mom had a heart attack and a few days later a triple bypass and valve replacement. I made many trips to ohio to assist with my dad, visit her in the hospital and in rehab.So nothing got done during dec or jan, but family first. All is well now and my mom is doing great! Things are getting back to normal. I wanted to use my retro halides with t5’s but kept trying to figure out a way to build a rack to suspend it all on and then skin it all out. I kept running into deadends. Now that life has settled down i just decided to purchase a fixture instead to make it easier, so i got an ATI 48” 8 bulb fixture from PA (btw great customer service). Now to figure out bulb configuration. Not much more to get besides rock, heater, sand, ato and more salt. So hopefully this tank will get going soon and i will get back to more club meetings.
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    @tanknovice, I'll def get that Brut from you. If you can bring it to the swap I'll grab it then, if not I can swing by and grab it. I can't count how many different renderings of rock work I've sketched or looked up online. It's exciting to plan, but probably the biggest headache I've had for a long time (I don't live a hard life...lol). Don't have a clue what else I'll need...yet. @Gonzo620, I thought about doing a rinse, but with leaving the old tank up with live stuff in it until the new tank is ready, I don't think it'd be a good idea to disturb it and take the chance and things going bad. Maybe I'll just buy a ton of sps and some parrotfish, they'll make all the sand for me! @Luke33, glad to see you still around. No tank but still keeps in touch. He's a trooper! I sort of think the same way about sand in a closed system, but I just can't get into the look of a bb tank. I tried one when I lived in Florida and ended up adding sand after 5 months of running it. I'm having some issues (in thought anyway) because I'm going to use the same skimmer and lights on the new tank. I don't think it'll be an issue since there won't be any coral, or much livestock in the new tank until I'm ready to transfer over, but I'm wondering about cycling with no lights and how diatoms will react to a low nutrient, low-no light environment.
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    Just my 2 cents here. You have a deep sand bed? About the only thing to worry about then is a sulfide pocket right? In that case I’m on your side on error on the side of caution. Considering you’ll still have inhabitants. If not all I see is a bunch of detritus clouds coming out. You could suck it out, rinse it out, and dry it out put it back in as clean dry sand. Use the $$$ for new fish and corals later. But... playing with new stuff always exciting! Lol That sand is very old, I mean it was sitting in the ocean for a bit before it was sucked up and packaged. 😉
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    Hello. Green horn here. How do I get tickets for this event?
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    This year we have not 1 but four Platinum Sponsors The REEF is our Platinum event sponsor and we have 3 other Platinum Sponsors PE Mysis Central Aquatics Coral Magazine This brings us to right at $15,000 in raffle prizes. Make sure to get your tickets early and often Hope to see everyone on the 16th!
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    I was having some small algae issues (just a few strands of hair algae) and couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Everything tested good, with new Salifert kits (nitrate under 10, but detectable, phosphate 0.03 on Hanna ultra low, ca 440, mag 1430). I changed my filter sock, deep cleaned my skimmer and pumps, even pulled my plumbing and cleaned that. I was about to give up when I glanced at my lights (48" SB Reef led) that I've had, and loved, for a few years. The cover that protects the diodes from splash and salt creep was, well, doing it's job. It was covered in salt creep, so I tested PAR at the bottom, center and got under 150. I cleaned the light really well and retested to see a pretty amazing difference at 225. This was a couple weeks ago and I've seen the algae dropping off and my corals looking healthier and brighter since. Just a reminder that when we get tied up in the numbers and the chemistry of the hobby, sometimes it's the little things we overlook.
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    Just some additional items... 8-watt UV sterilizer- 4 stage RO/DI unit- 1 year subscriptions to coral magazine- misc pumps- UV jellyfish print- reef roids- oral glue- sea horse feeders- misc gift cards valued up to $250 dollars- additivesets -sea horse online RO/DI unit -marine pure spheres - DIY overflow kit- misc lights (LED and T5) -2 full conference passes to MACNA
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    If you are available during the swap for a couple of hours it would be helpful Let me know
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    Lemme guess you like the cheating Patriots! My nem...my problem
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    some nice looking ones for sure.
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    Hi all! Update on these guys is long overdue. They’re steadily growing. I have noticed there’s a size difference in all of the nems not sure why. Maybe it’s they all grow at their own rates, or maybe it’s a sign of sex. Not sure but I will be documenting the stand outs. The bigger ones are around 3/8” round. The colors on these guys are really starting to show.
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    Wow...dont be choppin none of that - looks hellanice
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    Here's my rare random full tank shot. Got the camera out to take some pics of frags for ReefTrader and decided to snap a quick photo
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    Bigger size water change...manual removal and treat with ReefFlux/HD perhaps. Turn lights off for 72 hours and follow reef HD directions. Change out all filter socks or filter floss etc
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    Tonight I ended the barebottom experiment. I found that I just love the look and some of the critters that do better with sand. I went with about a 3/4" layer, not too much so I can siphon regularly. I found that there was a lot of snail poop rolling around the bottom even when I got rid of it with weekly water changes. I'd post a pic but the tank's still cloudy. It appears that I've rocked my clowns' world, they're really exploring the space like it's a whole new tank. At least they're going everywhere together so at this point I think it's safe to say they've bonded.
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    Who is getting excited....the swap is now less than one month away!!
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    Hi everyone, hope the reefing has been well these days, I miss it! I just wanted to recognise the fact you all have Sanjay speaking at the swap this year. For anyone that doesn't know this, he is like the Bill Gates of lighting in the reefing world. I will 100% be at this event and everyone should attend this. I just wanted to tell indmas staff that they did an excellent job! I'm pumped! Thanks, Luke
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    Let me know what you want for it and I’ll take it. I like programming challenges
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    Bending the conduit is pretty easy to do yourself. You can buy the bender at pretty much any home improvement store. The half inch one at Menards is $10. Probably a little more for 3/4". Don't buy the handle because it is ridiculously over priced. Just go pick up a piece of black iron threaded pipe that will fit. Should be 3/4" x 3', but that was for the 1/2". You will end up with a bender for half the price of what they sell a complete one. Then you watch a few how to video on Youtube and you're set. You may want to buy a couple extra pieces of conduit for test and practice pieces. They are only $2-3 and you can always return them if you get it right on the first try. If you have any questions feel free to message me.