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    I’m very grateful to Luis for all of his help. We’ll see what happens with the tank. I didn’t know Cyano was a phase. If so I’ve been intermittently in and out of it for about a year. Not sure how to get past that particular phase.
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    John, I am glad to see that you are going to give it another try. I am also happy to see that your found a home for your fish with Luis. He will take great care of them! I am still going through new tank syndrome on my tank so I was not in a position to take them. I am going through the cyano phase right now.
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    You’ll want to siphon as much out as you can, and then use chemiclean. Cyano (in my opinion) is the best problem to have in this hobby, as it’s the easiest to rid of as long as you act fast and use the right treatments.
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    Many thanks to Gonzo620 for coming today to rescue my fish today. I hope they will recover and live healthy fishy lives under his care. I also got some good advice and counseling so I’m not going to take down the tank. Instead I’m going to leave it empty of fish to hopefully stabilize and give whatever germs may be in there time to die out for lack of a host. The recommendation was two months and that sounds fine. I’ll probably black it out for at least half of that time to eradicate any cyano and algae that are hanging around, then if things look ok I’ll start again with a few fish and work up. Thanks again for the help.
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    Finally made my first gallon of RO/DI water!! Thank you all for your help!!!
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    Looks like the metal is the only spot for it. Why can’t you put it in the metal? Drill and tap the metal for a 1/4” quick to 1/4”npt. It’s what I did. Granted I did it into plastic, but it will work the same in metal. Here’s a pic of mine.
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    Hello again all! I'm looking forward to attending my first INDMAS frag swap tomorrow! I also am going to finally start a proper Research Lab System build thread on the forums here shortly. But I thought I would post a couple of teaser pictures now. The first picture is the 120 gallon in wall display tank that sits in the corner of the lab. This first picture is when it went "feet wet" on March 18, 2018. The second picture is of the Phase 1 research system which consists of 4 10-gallon tanks and 2 20-gallon tanks. Total system tank volume is approximately 275 gallons. The Phase 2 larval system will bring us up to over 300 gallons in the near future. I had a great time at that June social and hopefully get to meet more new people tomorrow! Brian
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