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    It's been a month and the room's coming along. I built most of the top section of the desk. It'll be used both for storage and work. I've only built the first of 4 cabinet doors and will wait to paint them and my shelves until it's warmer and I can use my sprayer. I also added a towel ring next to the tank so I can clean up small spills easily. I created a quick spreadsheet for my left monitor as a way to quickly check my most recent water change and results for Ca, Alk and Mg. The nice part is that I added conditional formatting so that as the days go by on my WC and tests the dates go from green to yellow to red. Same thing with my test results, I setup ranges for them that are color coded. The tank's going well too. I have a pair of ocellaris (1 snowflake) that have bonded and go everywhere together. There is also a red firefish, brittle star and 3 frags. I'm trying to accumulate more frags and need to add a cleanup crew.
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    Orange Frogspwan!!!
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