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    I'm excited for the meeting this weekend. Hope for a great turnout. The meeting doesn't need to be adult beverage free. My mom said she is buying beer. We will have lots of food. All are welcome!
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    Just added to my 35 gallon reef today.
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    Would love to if: 1. Get a purple Haddon carpet anemone 2. Price- match ($595.00 in this case) 3. 14-day warranty
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    Type in Premium Aquatics and see if it works? 🤣
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    use epoxy. not the stuff at the hardware. but a yrue epoxy floor. it will hold up and not fade dull or chip..
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    I would pull the pump out and clean it and remove the impeller and re set it. Sounds like maybe the impeller is jumping a little. Could be a crack in the impeller but hope not. I just put a IM mighty jet in my 25 lagoon and man what a quiet and powerful pump. Price is great too for a controllable small pump.
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